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Image:Bourke 400 Cubic Inch Engine 100.gif

The Bourke engine, first demonstrated by inventor Russell Bourke, in 1932, but lost in the politics of wartime manufacturing, optimizes the 90 degree optimal torque angle for converting combustion to movement, improves fuel efficiency over the 4-stroke engine by 300%, while (depending on design) reducing wear, noise, vibration, as well as cutting noxious emissions to nearly zero because of its efficient use of the fuel. Numerous contemporary replications have demonstrated its viability. It is a technology long overdue. Bourke may be to engines what Tesla is to radiant energy -- a scientist who did not realize the actuation of his revolutionary technology in his day, but whose technology may be the salvation of the 21st century energy needs.

Apparently, the Bourke design has shortcomings, which PowerPedia:Melvin Vaux, who worked with Bourke, has addressed in a series of patents produced in the 1990s.

This approach to fuel economy may be more plausible than the vaporizer technologies, which create pockets of highly explosive fumes. The Bourke engine can easily, and perhaps even optimally, run on hydrogen (which can be produced from water), as well as Biodiesel or other less clean but renewable fuels such as methane from garbage.


"The Bourke one-stroke engine has cooperative pistons which are connected to one rigid connecting rod that shuttles through an oil-filled sealed crankcase. There are only two moving parts in the engine -- the piston connecting rod and the crankshaft. All other parts found in the conventional engine have been discarded." (source)

"It will run on ANY fuel with a hydro-carbon base, needs no repair, and the oil in it is good for life since it is sealed-clean with an oil-seal aroubd the connecting-rod. ...There's no smell, smoke, noise or vibration when my motor is in operation." (Bourke, answering question as to why his motor has not been developed [too disruptive to powers that be].)


Could run everything from a motorboat to an airplane or ANYTHING that uses an Internal Combustion Engine. Russell Bourke built a chain-saw using his design. 4ci, 30ci, 400ci or ANY combination.


Would be a blow to the parts, repair and gasoline industries.

Slipper Bearing

Bourke also developed the slipper bearing, which has been copied by major companies, but he never received compensation. It only took Boeing 5 years to patent it. Jets don't blow-up when the bearing wears out like they used to. Thank you, Russell Bourke.


TeslaTech Resource Center | Bourke Engine Plans 30 cu. in. design, 1995, by Exotic Resarch, 31 drawings, sold by TeslaTech. "Revolutionary single-stroke hydrogen cycle concept provides clean efficient power in a compact, lightweight package."


Image:Vaux engine by Constant Pressure 100.gif
Constant Pressure Engines directs its R&D efforts toward Melvin Vaux's patented design, in conjunction with Vaux. Also working on the Saddler Radial Engine.

: "Melvin Vaux has had one of his engines tested at Marquardt Corporation in California. They found the engine to produce near zero ppm hydrocarbons and near zero ppm nitrogen oxides."

"We have switched our focus to the four cylinder engine. ...A unique scotch yoke allows for the piston to dwell at top dead center for a longer period of time than conventional engines. We believe that this promotes more complete combustion of the air fuel mixture and produces lower emissions."

Website - home page

Products - Vaux Engine and Saddler Radial Aircraft Engine

Engine Room - Gallery


Constant Pressure Engines

65 Lightcap Road

Pottstown, PA 19464

[610] 495-5457

Image:Bourke 30 Cubic Inch 2 Cylinder Engine 110.gif

Bourke Engine Com LLC aims to educate about and manufacture the Bourke Engine.

: "Russell Bourke's Ingenious 30 Cubic Inch 2 Cylinder Engine. Only 2 Moving Parts! High Torque / High Horse Power! Light Weight All Aluminum Construction! Multi-Fuel Capability! 0 Harmful Emissions! Perfect For Many Applications! Generators / Pumps / Hybrid Electric Drive Systems And More!"

Website - listed first at Google. They are working on a commercially available unit.

Bourke 30 Cubic Inch Engine Specifications - list of engine attributes

Page 1 - introduces history of 4-stroke in comparison to the Bourke, and why Bourke was not adopted by American Motors Company, with whom Bourke was contracted.

Russell Bourke And His Simple Super Efficient Engines - Newspaper article (reference not given) from Penngrove.

Animation - cross-sectional animation of the Bourke 400 cubic inch 4 cylinder engine. 200 HP at 2000 rpm. High torque design.

The Bourke Engine Documentary (requires free sign-up to access some pages)

Products - books, and sign-up to be notified when Bourke engine is production ready.

Video Clips

An alternative to Bourke Design by Zigler

: "The Bourke Engine Project L.L.C., will be extensively testing Roger's prototype engine (Click "Project Status" button) to verify Russell Bourke's claims about his engine. Some of these claims have already been verified with the testing done to date (Click "Test Results" button). There are five (5) preproduction prototypes being built (Click "Project Plan" button) and will be extensively tested to further verify Russell Bourke's claims about his engine.

Image:RogerRichard BourkeEngine 95w.jpg

Replications, design, theory, instruction.

"Bill Hart is a genius and knows everything about this engine."

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Bourke Engine Forums


Engine & fuel engineering - The Bourke Engine


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