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Directory:Boondee Electron Generator

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Image:Supa boondee perpetual electron generator 300.jpg

Supa Boonee Perpetual Electron generator.


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Official Website

How it Works

:"Magnetic ion moves from bottom of the machine to the top of the machine, the flow rate is driven by mechanism of 6 volt DC electron pump. When the electron accelerate flow it generates powerful electricity through electron core (the copper bar)."

Output: A/C 200 - 235 V / 2.75 Amp



(2.47 Minutes) Free electricity Free energy with Boondee Electron Generator

This is a new invention of Supa Boondee, it is called the Perpertual Electron generator, it has a complex mechanism that moves and flow the magnetic particle ion, during it movement it produces electricity. I can measure the electricity from 200 volts to 235 volts. It uses a 6 volt AAA battery to operate in the beginning. When the mechanism is auto run it then generate powerful electricity. This is the prototype we have not yet produced for distribution. Invented date: 28th October 2008, Bangkok - Thailand by Supa Boondee. (YouTube October 28, 2008)

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Independent Testing

This is a prototype.



Company: Boondee


In the News


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Contact Form

Supa Boondee Shop

3/336 BanPrachanivej 1, Building 2, 5th floor

Tessabarn Nimit Nua Rd, Ladyao, Jatujak district

Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Tel: +66-2-5805286