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Directory:Bogdan (of Russia) Fuelless Generator / QMoGen

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we reported on four days ago. They use this same image on their home page.]]

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

December 6, 2013

Here's another Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over (self-looped motor-generator system with energy left over) in Russia, which Deggary of India brought to my attention.

On their home page, they list four different sizes of "Fuelless Generators" for sale: 1000-Watt, 1500-Watt, 2000-Watt, and 5000-Watt, ranging from 65,000 Rubles (~$1971 USD) to 110,000 Rubbles (~$3336 USD), a very reasonable price, even if it were a fuel-requiring genset. Add to that their claim that no fuel is required, no sun, no wind -- just free energy from the wheelwork of nature -- and you have something truly remarkable, if it truly what they claim.

They say that the return on investment compared to a fuel-dependent generator is just three months.

I've forwarded this information to three of my Russian contacts, and they are looking into it.

One red flag is that they claim that "The device does not require maintenance or repair." Anything with moving parts is going to require maintenance and/or repair. Even solid state devices degrade over time. Without a time frame, such a statement is just hype.

Official Websites (Translation by Google) - In addition to the "Fuelless Generators", their product line includes voltage regulators, batteries, wind turbines, windmill rectifier chargers, sine inverter, wind turbine tower

Fuel-free generators, Wholesale 10 pieces


none yet

Website Translations

Home Page translated by Google

[Product listing]

Information about company

Our sites:

Alternative Energy.

Fuelless Generator - a new type of electric generator of the 21st century, collecting and simultaneously giving away electricity.

If you take only the price of gasoline generator (like products) and compared with the price bestopltvnogo generator (like products) - is fuel-free generator of the same capacity would be more expensive than gasoline.

And if you take the price of gasoline generator + price of gasoline devoured them, it would be 2-3 times more expensive than the fuel-free generator.

Does not require any fuel.

Alternative Energy - a set of promising methods for the capture, transmission and use of energy, which is not so common as traditional, but are of interest because of the profitability of their use and, as a rule, a low risk of harm to the environment.

This section of scientific and technological inventions related portal dedicated to alternative energy, namely:


combined heat and power

alternative energy sources

Due to the depletion of fossil fuels and lots of environmental damage associated with its production and use, become extremely relevant activities on the development of new physical principles of electricity generation from natural sources it, where its reserves are inexhaustible.

Possibility of using this source of energy was first proved Tesla, when he in 1931. demonstrated publicly collected unusual public power generator, which provided the movement of the motor car 'AC power 80kW without any charge and use of moving parts. The question where does the energy Tesla replied, "From the ether around us."

Dismissive attitude to this discovery by the official academic science has led to the fact that it was forgotten. Understandable great interest in his work re-emerged in many countries since the 90 - ies of XX - th century. In Germany (Hamburg), even created the "Community Technology Development free energy (GFE)», which proclaimed its goal the use of natural energy, Tesla discovered, which he called "radiant energy." As a result, lasting over a number of years of research in the 2003 base model was patented transducer "radiant energy" known as TSEK work on improving the design of which are ongoing.

In the United States, hydrogen energy as the most priority of alternative energy, to the rank of a national project, conducted within the framework of long-term international partnerships and in large volumes is publicly funded. Received the support of U.S. Department of Energy and work on cold fusion.

Large-scale studies are conducted and. elsewhere. It can be assumed that the implementation of such projects the standard of living and security of States will be based on completely different principles than those formed at the moment.

The latest Russian initiative to take on a leadership role in the development strategy of global energy security and certainly assume global leadership in the development of new Russian energy technologies.

Name Nikola Tesla became known only in recent times. Serbian immigrant considered a genius of all time for the greatest inventions, whose number exceeds the number of the Da Vinci inventions. It is assumed that everything was created after Tesla - belongs to him. And in truth, Tesla created things, the functionality of which are still not fully understood. But now we do not talk about all of Tesla's inventions and talk about fuel-free generator.

One of the non-fuel generators Tesla, it represents a kind of generator principle of operation is similar to the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect. The metal (aluminum or copper) foil direct a beam of sunlight. To conductive foil is attached, the second end of which is soldered to one of the legs of the condenser. The other leg of the capacitor is grounded through a wire buried in the ground. Then you will notice a continuous flow of electrical energy, which is produced only in the daytime, or under artificial sanctification.

The current course is not large, but the tension can get almost any. Such a device is not found technical application but it is easy to repeat the craftsmen. Similar principles can create a sufficiently powerful generators of sunlight and get a lot of current, but such a device would have huge sizes, so it's easier to use solar modules. Although Tesla machine has some advantages - there is not used scarce parts and semiconductors, as it is cheaper than solar fotopreobrazovatelnymi modules, and the lack of this generator - a small capacity.

The second type of non-fuel generators, Tesla's inventions - is a magnetic generator. This type of generator has a small efficiency, but it is quite possible to get a suitable power supply for home appliances.

5 kW Fuelless Generator translated by Google

Fuelless Generator - 5000

110 000 RUR

Under the order, 15 days

Detailed description

Type: Electric

Startup type: electric

Engine: asynchronous

Number of phases 1

Rated power 5.0 kW

Maximum power (W) 5500

The number of sockets 220 B-4

Exit 12 has

Noise Level (dB) 47 dB

Block start there

DimensionsL (WxHxD) mm 725h570h690

Weight: 68 kg

Build Country: Russia

Warranty: 2

Battery Battery BOSCH SILVER 95Ach S4 ASIA filled (included)

Generator does not need and does not depend on fuel and has nothing to do with the energy of the sun and wind.

It saves our nearest environment from air pollution because it smokeless. Since it uses no fuel, and there is no smoke that is produced by the combustion of carbon in the fuel.

The device does not require maintenance or repair.

Generator saves a lot of money that would have gone for the purchase of fuel.

Fuel consumption on a gasoline generator for 12 hours.

Per hour worked 5-kW gasoline generator consumes - 3.1 liters.

Respectively, for 12 hours - 37.2 litrah36r / L = 1339.20 rub.

Per month (30 days) would amount to 40 176.00 rubles.

Cost GENERATOR ENERGO EA 2000I order - 45000 rubley.

Payback fuelless generator 5 kW and an average third (three) months of work.

I think the benefit is visible.


: To: Sterling Allan

: Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2013 8:20 PM [Mountain]

: Subject: Re: another Russian QMogen

: Hello

: I asked my friends in Moscow to visit this seller

: We'll see results.

- - - -

: To: Sterling Allan

: Sent: Friday, December 06, 2013 12:10 PM [Mountain]

: Subject: (QMoGen) Bogdan Fuelless Generato

: Hello Sterling.

: Translation is ok, we can read it in Russian. I also asked some my friends to visit this author to speak him. Now we have his reply about collaboration: he will build demo unit to bring in Moscow office for testing, before payment.

: I hope it is workable!

In the News

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Image:Bestoplivnyy-generator-5000 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Directory:Bogdan (of Russia) Fuelless Generator / QMoGen - They list four different sizes of "Fuelless Generators" (QmoGen self-looped motor-generator with energy left over) for sale: from 1000-Watt to 5000-Watt, ranging from 65,000 Rubles (~$1971 USD) to 110,000 Rubbles (~$3336 USD), a very reasonable price, even if it were a fuel-requiring genset. (PESWiki December 6, 2013)
Image:Vitaly Shilov QMoGen sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over > Directory: Vitaly Shilov QMoGen - Here's another QmoGen (self-looped motor-generator with energy left over). This one is from Russia. They appear to be in production and for sale. They list a 2 kW system for sale for 60,000 Rubles (~$1,806 USD) and a 5 kW system for sale for 100,000 Rubles (~$3,010 USD). (PESWiki December 2, 2013)


Quoting from their Contact page

Title: Alternative Energy

Contact person: Bogdan

Phone: +7 (926) 903-94-80

E-mail: []

Address: Russia, Moscow, Trifonovskaya d.14

This is the map they show:

Image:Bogdan map 650.jpg

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