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Directory:Bob Boyce Water Fuel Cell Prior Art

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The following was compiled by Bob Boyce on December 16, 2009.

Archival data to prove the history of my origin of the design, predating Bob Potchen and his involvement.

October 2002, Part III describes technical details that differentiates my series cell design from the pre-existing series cell patent of William Rhodes. This 2002 communication with Sterling was done via private email, reprinted with my permission.

[Historicity documented at]

January 2007, Michael Couch publishes article about my series cell design

[Historicity documented at at]

September 2007, Michael Couch publishes another article, about the D9.pdf

[Historicity documented at]

November 2007, Another update by Michael Couch

[Historicity documented at]

And of course the primary document itself, where I allow license and royalty free use of my designs, for personal use. Patrick Kelly has older versions with earlier dates if needed to establish dated proof of my IP. This is the document that Bob Potchen used to learn about my designs.

The homepage for my own group, where I declare the copyright for all content.

: "The entire contents of this group are (c)copyrighted by the respective authors or sources, and are NOT to be copied, published, or posted, by anyone, in any manner, without prior express written consent of the group owner, and content author or source. This includes, but is not limited to, all posts, files, and photos, contained within this group." -

[Historicity documented at]

If more is needed, I also have the original drawings for my sealed series cell designs, which is the base unit that "TheCell]" is based upon. Those drawings I do not publish or share, but they are available for court, if required.

Bob Boyce

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Historicity of the D9.pdf document

On December 17, 2009 2:53 PM Mountain time, Patrick Kelly of wrote:

Hi Sterling,

May I draw your attention to the fact that the D9.pdf document which you point to on the web site has a note at the start stating that the date it was written was 12th June 2005. That statement is to establish the date that Bob released the information into the Public Domain and that statment does not change when the document is updated as there is an additional date recording the update timing.

As your web page is speaking about the dates, it might be worth drawing attention to this fact as it is nearly two years before Michael Couch decided to write an article about it.

The fact that it was released four and a half years ago and that there are literally thousands of copies scattered around the world, downloaded years ago and displaying that date most definitely establishes Bob's publication date.

All the best,