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Pure Energy Systems News

November 12, 2014 (Bo's 10th year wedding anniversary)

Bo's company, EcoTec Integrations, has set up many distributorships over the years, both foreign and domestic. He is a huge exotic free energy fan.

Bo has owned and operated several multi-millon dollar enterprises connected to automotive and product distribution models. He is a diesel engine expert spanning several decades, with the last decade focused on hydrogen-on-demand systems to improve performance and reduce emissions. He has international business acumen in several sectors of diesel applications using hydrogen on demand.

Since 2009, Bo has focused his attentions on distributed power generation, PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) hydrogen production, and advancements in emissions reductions and overall engine performance improvements. His participation and creativity in the development of PEMFC technology has led to major advancements in the hydrogen-on-demand industry. One of his main interests has been distributed power generation using H2O as fuel.

Bo’s Specialties include: PEMFC and HHO hydrogen combustion assist technologies for over-the-road transport, mining, marine, rail, farming, power plant generators, stand by generators, commercial boilers/burners, emission reduction and air quality improvement projects and fuel-less generator technologies. He also brings complimentary techs to bear which work well to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions when combined with hydrogen assist.

He also has a lot of Canadian government and business contacts.

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Biographies - Bo DuBose – Chairman of the Board Bo DuBose - Chief Technology Officer CTO & Director of Industrial sales H2HYPOD

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Bo DuBose

(Lima, Peru)

Skype username: bo.dubose1

+51 1 448 1164 (home office)

+51 992 995 400 (cell)

+1 305-910-0182 (USA - accepts messages)

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