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Directory:Blue Eagle Alchemy Project

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Pure Energy Systems News

June 12, 2014

Blue Eagle Alchemy, with alchemist and Josef Tyles and CEO Martin Burger, a There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1]. They are turning beer bottles into gold.

After writing that, Martin provided this correction:

: Reviewed your blue eagle page and find it a bit misleading to say we turn beer bottle glass into gold. We use silica dioxide as an artificial barren seed ore crystalline Interferometry phase change step down for super light, creating the elemental bloom condition for the precious elements to be created.

John Milewski, who is a regular speaker at the Events:2014:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference has been involved in this project.

Thanks to Directory:Alan Smith (U.K.) of the U.K. for bringing this to our attention.

The video explains:

: "The process starts by wet grinding beer bottles in the hammer mill from the local bottle recycling company. The ground glass is weighed and mixed with other minor seed ore components and put in a crucible, which is inserted in an insulation pack and placed in a microwave oven for micro smelting. The microwave ovens are modified with process technologies, permitting us to control the temperature profile at the desired target for the particular metal we are making. Seed ore is held at temperature for an hour and a half setting the prescribed precious metal bloom condition, and then quench poured into a pail of water. At this point, it can be reground and hydraulically separated to recover the gold or ran through a fire assay to determine the yield of the burn. [...]

: "This commercial process produces very high commercial yields. Convention would have it, that this is totally impossible. The substrate that we use -- the waste products -- for our seed ores contain zero parts per billion trace elements. These are barren. [...]

: "At a time when the Earth's resources are being depleted faster than ever in our history, this Blue Eagle technology will ultimately lead to a Dial-a-metal frequency production of precious elements. It will simply be much cheaper and cleaner to create new elements, than to mine them and dig them from the bowells of the earth.

: "The Blue Eagle technology is temperature- and frequency-specific. When these conditions are set, and achieved, we create what we call an 'Elemental Bloom Condition'. In that condition, these new elements are formed.

: "Repeated lab trials to date have shown this process to be very economical and, in fact, the yields that we're talking about far exceed the richest gold mines on Earth today. Typically, a rich gold min might be anywhere between 1/4 and maybe at the highest, 1 ounch per ton of gold yield. We're talking, from waste product, seed ores, ranges of yields from 200 to 400 ounces per ton. [...] We haven't even found the upper limit yet. We know there are further gains and further yields to be achieved.

: "We're working with kitchen microwave ovens here, not suited to the process. When we have the funding and the support, we will be able to use specifically engineered and designed apparatus, and take these yields even to higher numbers.

The following description is included with a video posted two months ago.

: Amazing Alchemical Gold Making Technology eclipses what is popularly known in science and produces gold from barren artificial seed ores under LENR conditions. Bottom line is the proof is in the metal and as a former sceptic myself I can appreciate that position. What has been surprising in sharing the development story is how many of these authoritative fools dismiss the possibility, without even looking at the data. Notwithstanding the objections from the conventional scientific perspective, we do in fact have a proven precious metal making technology, US Patent Pending, and we see an executable technology pathway to industrial smelter scale with precious metal production price points near that of Aluminum.

: This is a game changing metals technology development that will ultimately lead to a clean "dial a metal" production without the need to mine metals from the bowels of the earth. Canadian technology developer, Blue Eagle Refiners Inc. is in due diligence process with to fund a pilot plant as the first step to scaling this new technology to smelter scale.

: 2014 will be the year Gold will break out of the bankster manipulation grip.

: We’ve seen 20 years of what is now obviously gross manipulation of the precious metal markets in a desperate attempt to preserve the dollar as international reserve currency. This effort has had to go to greater and greater extents to keep the price of gold down.

: The US falsely claims to still have 8000 tons of gold in its possession. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul asked to see the gold and was told he was not permitted to see it. They steadfastly refuse to conduct any independent audits. Fort Knox is empty, the Fed’s bullion vault is empty, and it took months for Venezuela to repatriate its NY stored gold reserves. Germany is now asking for its 1500 tons and after more than a year the US could only deliver 5 tons. Together China India and Russia pretty much grab up the total annual production and a well placed insider analyst friend of mine from Shanghai tells me the Renminbi will become a metal backed global currency soon.

: The US Fed printing presses are smoking hot from printing trillions of US dollars and there will come a trigger point event to bring it all down (likely in treasury yield rate crisis). Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the global fiscal reset is long over due and the inevitable gold price spike will be dramatic (my sense is that this bounce will go to over $5 K / oz).

: All in all it is a good year to be a gold making technology start up company, the patent has been filed and we are proceeding with the first of a series of pilot plant scale ups.

: For further information contact Martin Burger CEO at []

: Martin Burger, CEO

: "2013, the year we made large visible gold beads,

: 2014 will be the year we pour gold bars"

: Note: The Company has ground floor private placement shares available to screened qualified investors (sophisticated/accredited).

If you're wondering why they need investment capital if they are making gold, bear in mind that they are not to that rate of production. 200-400 oz / ton is the ratio.

Official Websites - not created yet


I'm going to be interviewing Martin Burger on the radio show on Thursday, 3-4 pm Pacific [GMT-7], June 26, 2014


90037448 - by Martin Burger posted April 2014


US Patent Pending Precious Metals Making Technology

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Image:Blue-eagle extracting-from-insulation sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Alchemy / Directory:Cold Fusion > Directory:Blue Eagle Alchemy Project - The process involves taking beer bottles, running them through a grinder and crucible, then heating it and placing it in a microwave oven for 1.5 hours in a "precious metal bloom condition", then quenching in a pail of water. It is said to involve an LENR phenomenon. (PESWiki June 12, 2014)

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Martin Burger

Phone: +1 778 233 3042

Email: []


Directory:Blue Energy - Martin Burger's earlier project -- tidal energy.