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Image:Steve Ryan BiosFuel motorcycle water 200.jpg

New Zealand inventor, Steve Ryan, claims to have devised a method of using water used as fuel directly, in contrast to using water as a source of Hydrogen, which then serves as the combustable fuel. More recently, the company has developed a proprietary catalyst that enables water to mix with waste oil to provide fuel. The mixtures are in process of being tested by the EPA in the U.S., the results of which are expected in January or February of 2008.

Mission Statement : Bios Fuel is involved in bringing about, through Research & Development, the eventual goal of free energy for the population of this planet we call Earth. (Ref)


Official Websites

How it Works

"Simply put, Bios Fuel splits the Water Molecule to produce Fuel." (Ref)


60 Minutes


Water Powered Motorcycle from Australia - Incorectly labled New Zealand Television documentary. ("60 Minutes" October 13th, 2005)

The following synopsis is derived from the documentary review found at Keelynet.

The inventor frequently emphasizes that his invention is " . . . a water-based fuel " (rather than the conventional electrolysis inferred on the web site). He also talks of the "entrainment" of hydrogen in the water.

The inventor is shown pouring a small quantity (about two or three hundred ml) of ordinary tap water into a container about the size of a standard car battery. There appeared to be two wires coming from two opposite faces of the container. The container's other faces were about half an inch thick, with some circular objects at their tops, and they were orange in colour. They also clearly have the words "HDD Cooler" printed on the edges (number 8 wire?). The interviewer confirmed that the device did not contain batteries and it was not plugged into a power source of any sort.

The inventor then connected the two wires together and it was left untouched for something like forty minutes. While the interviewer was allowed to observe the process in the container, the inventor did not permit it to be filmed. The water was then poured out of the container into a glass beaker, and a sample of it given to the interviewer for analysis. The rest was poured into a small tank (about the size of a small thermos) mounted on a motor bike, where the petrol tank would normally be. The original tank had been removed, making the entire top engine structure and the fueling procedure visible.

The bike was then started and filmed being ridden up to 50 mph on the highway, and at lesser speed around a commercial courtyard. According to the inventor, the carburettor had been only slightly modified. This was confirmed by a mechanic in the documentary.

Mark Joyner test


10 min.

Man Runs Normal Car on Water Based Fuel - Mark Joyner has a skeptic view and test the technology. (MarkJoyner May 13, 2007)

Inventor: Steve Ryan

Image:Steve Ryan BiosFuel 150.jpg

When asked why such a phenomenal discovery has not come from academia, he responds that a lack of formal education has freed him from limitations in his thinking about what is or is not possible. If he had gone to university he'd have been reading textbooks that would tell him what was not possible and he'd likely have believed it. Without that influence, he explores options to find out on his own whether they work or not he's trying things that others might immediately dismiss as impossible because they were taught that it could not be done. He has been working as an inventor for at least 5 years.

Bios Societe Corporation Limited

Bios Fuel is a Registered Trade mark of Bios Societe Corporation Limited

(A Private Registered Company, In Wellington, New Zealand)

In the News

Google News > BiosFuel

Image:BiosFuel ToyotaLandcruiser solarchallenge2007 95x95.jpg

Diesel Drives 3000 km on Water and Waste Oil - Bios Fuel Corporation of New Zealand drove a Toyota Landcruiser across the Australian Desert from Darwin to Adelaide, running a virtually unmodified diesel engine on 40% Water and 60% Waste Mineral oil as part of the Greenfleet Class of the Panasonic World Solar Challenge. (PESN Nov. 7, 2007)

Image:Steve Ryan water fuel 95x95.jpg

Fuel from water becoming reality says Kiwi firm - Bio Fuels founder Steve Ryan says hydrogen fuel can be released from water blended with waste oil, and plans to prove the abilities of the new fuel by driving 3000kms on it. ( Oct. 13, 2007)


See Talk:Directory:BiosFuel

Like John Andrew and John Worrell Keely?

On July 22, Esa Ruoho wrote:

I wonder if this has anything to do with this quote from Callum Coats/Viktor Schauberger book "The Fertile Earth"..

: In 1917, John Andrew demonstrated this to the United States Department of the Navy. Accused of being a fraud by the investigating commission, he put a few drops of a crystal-clear concentrate into ten litres of both freshwater and sea water and challenged the investigators to test the mixture in an internal combustion engine. Boiling with indignation, he then left the test laboratory. When the test motor started, the significance of this ideal source of power became quite apparent. A subsequent search for the inventor found him murdered in his living room. So the discovery which that atomic wizard, PowerPedia:John Keely, had made prior to John Andrew was lost for the second time.

[comment by MSH: Note that the 60 Minutes television video about the motorcycle running on water begins with the "de rigeur" assertion that all stories about inventors being murdered are merely "conspiracy theories" (a "meme" commonly used to get viewers to switch off their thought processes and "buy" what the speaker is saying). The message to the public that of course this is not happening. With this lie, the news anchorman frames the report to create the impression that conventional fuel is the only kind based on science, and that nobody should believe that this water fuel is real, and that stories about inventors being threatened or murdered are false. However, during the report, an independent mechanic and a long-time engineer both testify that water is in fact being put into the tank. The engineer states that if there were any form of octane he'd be able to smell or taste it, and there was not. The mechanic says there's no room in the machine for a different tank, and -- being conventionally trained -- he comments that he wouldn't believe water is being put in there if he didn't see it himself. Further, Ryan is taking safety precautions, mentioning that he has a team watching his back, mentioning driving only old vehicles, strange hits on his website, and so on. It may be that going public is a way of enhancing safety by being high enough profile that people will notice if he's suddently silent or withdraws. As an individual he seems very confident and is not the type to back down.]

Having been derided and scorned all his life, PowerPedia:John Keely took his secret to the grave destroying his hydro-pneumatic vacuum-pulsation machine before he died in 1898. With this machine he repeatedly produced a cold vapour which was triggered by a pressure of 35,000 kg/cm3 (1,262,295 lbs/in3). Such a force relegates all petroleum fuels to obscurity.

to which i got the response:

A Google search turned up the following links regarding John Andrew...

and also got sent a related article which also mentions john andrews

Archie Blue, Stanley Meyer, Steve Ryan.. - Archie Blue and his Water-running Car. - Who was Archie Blue and why should you care?

Resembles GEET

On Nov. 7, 2007, NEC member, Congress:Former Member:Mark Anthony Dansie says:

This resembles the Directory:GEET Reactor by Paul Pantone technology in behavior, and what we know of the set-up is consistent with the GEET set-up.

Additional Resources

Google > BiosFuel

KeelyNet on BiosFuel



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email: []

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