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Powder is preferable to pills.

1 tablespoon per 15 gallons (US)

1 pill per 8 gallons (US)

Don't over-use.

You might want to crush your pills into granules.

Powder Preferred over Pills

Here are some reasons to use the powder instead of pills

You get 20% more product for the same amount of money

The powder dissolves almost immediately

The improvement results are more consistent with powder

The one advantage pills might have over powder is that you can just push it through the splashguard on your tank, and you don't have to use a funnel.

Don't do the

BP now advises against the first dose being double. This might help kick-start the results, but it also tends to dislodge gunk rapidly from the fuel system into the fuel filter, causing secondary problems. In at least one case, this caused a fuel pump to fail. The pump was already on its last leg, and this created the stress situation to push it over the edge. We don't want to see the BP product playing that kind of role.

Diesel Versus Gas

Use the same amounts for Diesel as for Gasoline.

Do not use pills with Diesel. Only use powder.

Heating Oil

Same proportions as with Gasoline.

Filling Procedure and Tips

Keeping the bottle inside a ziplock back will help cut down on the smell emitting from the bottle.

You should use disposable gloves if possible to avoid touching the product, as the mothball smell does tend to linger on the skin. Such gloves can be purchased very inexpensively from most markets. e.g. $4.00 for a box of 100.

Alternatively, you can use a paper plate as a funnel, then throw the paper plate away.

You can get a plastic funnel from an auto parts store for around $1.50. Get the kind designed specifically for the fuel tank. They have a long end to penetrate past the splash guard into the tank nozzle, and a side-ways tilted fill section.

Be sure to keep a record of how much fuel you use, your mileage, how much product you used, so you can chart your performance.

You can expect the numbers to go up and down as a result of the driving situations, temperatures, variations in fuel, etc.

Don't forget other tips for achieving good mileage:

Keep tires fully inflated

Good driving habits (not jack-rabbit starts don't pump accelerator even driving speed)

Make sure your car is tuned

Make sure your air filter is clean

Keep up on your oil changes

Usage Directions

'Disclaimer: Use only as directed by BP. This page is not an official BP site.'

Important Instructions on using BioPerformance Fuel:

1. Make sure you know how many miles per gallon and/or miles per tank you are currently getting before using any BioPerformance Fuel.

2. Use 1 pill per 8 gallons 1 tablespoon of powder per 15 gallons. (1 teaspoon of powder is roughly equal to 2 pills).

3. Keep a close record of your miles per gallon or miles per tank usage when you begin using your dosage of BioPerformance Fuel. Don’t depend on the computer in your car to give correct calculations, please calculate the miles per gallon by hand. This is very important to get the correct percentage of savings. You can save up to 25% or more using BioPerformance Fuel.

4. You will begin seeing results with the first tank, but it takes 4 consecutive, complete tanks to get to the optimal results.

5. Keep the pills in a cool place at room temperature. They should be kept in a fresh place, out of the sunlight, and in an airtight container, since direct sunlight will activate the enzymes and the air will spread their intense aroma.

6. If any pills break in shipment, they are still perfectly good to use.