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Notice: This page is a publicly editable site, and allows views by both proponents and skeptics.

Testimonials (can be attributed to the Naphthalene)

Moth balls used to be used to improve fuel octane, and showed improved mileage in some cases. That is probably why these people saw the improvement that they did.

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Moderately Scientific

Tests at Accredited Laboratory (pdf)

Note: It is unclear to many on the net whether these tests are credible or applicable to the claims made by the company. It is also unclear where these tests were conducted, or if they were conducted at all. Note that BP supporters widely debunk negative tests by these same measures.

Personal Testamonials

"I ordered the pills, and before I tried to sign anyone up, I had to test them for myself. My 1993 Dodge 1-ton dually has a Cumins diesel engine, with standard transmission, and a 3.54 differential ratio. I pull a 34' car trailer with my Dodge. My average load is 2 cars, plus the trailer which makes the entire vehicle, weigh about 17,000 pounds.

I averaged out my mileage for 7 tanks of fuel, prior to the pills and the average mpg, was 10.25.

"The first tank of fuel that I added the pills to, gave me fuel mileage of 12.58 an increase of 2.33 mpg. An increase of 22.73 %. The 2nd tank, gave me 12.34 mpg an increase over the average, of 20.39%. The 3rd tank, went to 13.55 mpg an increase of 32.2% over the average. The 4th tank, gave me 13.55 mpg again. Each tankful since, has given me better than 13 plus mpg. This is with an engine, that needs to be tuned up and the fuel filter needs to be changed. When I get that done, I believe that the numbers will be even better.

"Based upon the numbers I have, the fuel savings in dollars using the increased mileage figure, would have saved me about $1,600 in fuel costs in 2005. I know that 2006, is going to be a better year financially because of the increased fuel mileage, that I've been getting. You can bet, that I'm going to pass the word along. Not only to the guys I work with, but every trucker on the road. It's about time, we received a break." ---Larry D. Baker, South Dakota

"Just wanted to let you know the outcome of my 2003 Dodge Durango, 8 cyl, 4 wheel drive.

PreTest - 15.2 mpg

1st tank - 15.3 mpg

2nd tank - 15.9 mpg

3rd tank - 16.8 mpg

4th tank - 17.4 mpg

5th tank - 17.8 mpg

6th tank - 18.2 mpg"

---Chuck Jabara, Missouri

"Before trying these new fuel pills I took a road trip to Oklahoma City and got 17.6 MPG in my 2004 Chevy Suburban. I just completed my first tank of gas using the new fuel pills and I got 20.3 MPG - a 15% improvement on the first tank! I am curious to see what happens in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tanks. However, what impressed me most was the emissions test results I received when I got my state inspection on Saturday. After one tank of gas using the fuel pills the Suburban's harmful emissions are almost non-existent. The table shows the results right from the Emissions Report for Hydro-Carbons, Carbon Monoxide, and Nox Gases:

Results at 25mph Results at 15mph

Standard Current Reading Standard Current Reading

HC (ppm): 126 5 129 7

CO (%): 1.38 0.00 1.08 0.01

Nox (ppm): 1,106 21 1,196 10

The proof is in the pudding!"

---Joe Taylor, Texas

Basic Reports

I own a 1997 Chrysler Concorde and before Bio Performance Fuel my vehicle was getting roughly 19 - 20 miles per gallon, after I began using Bio Performance Fuel my mileage increased to 28 miles per gallon and I also notice a difference in the performance as well. This product will change the world and the way we consume fuel(s)." ---Winston Flood, Texas

· As told by Jerry Jorgensen from Nebraska.. "Lyle and Virginia Cordle own a 2005 Lincoln. It went to a solid 23 gallons per tank from 18 mpg. Prior to a trip they were going to take from Arkansas to Las Vegas, the car started to run a little rough. Lyle had the fuel filter changed and for the heck of it, he ran 2 tanks without the pill. His miles dropped to 21 mpg. He then put in the pills and it went to 26.6. These are currently all road miles. Lyle and Virginia live in Arkansas."

Note: BioPerformance Fuel cleans out your tank, so you may need to have the fuel filter changed after using it. This product does so much good to your vehicle and the environment! Make sure your car is on the pill!!

"Wow!! I couldn't believe the gas I've saved and I am only on my second pill, it is just great. I have been all over the place and normally I was having to stay home a lot because of the Gas Prices. Thank you so much!" ---Gina Schoen, Kentucky

"We drove a 2005 Hyundai Elantra on a 202 mile round trip. On the way up, without BioPerformance Fuel, we got 42 mpg. Freeway driving, no AC. On the way back, we added 1 ½ tsp. of powder to a full gas tank. Freeway driving WITH AC we got 63.5 mpg! That is a 50% savings. That is an extra 21.5 gallons of gas." ---Lynea Weatherly, Texas

"Being in sales is never easy. Either you buy into everything or you are the pessimist. Well that's me! I said, "there is no way a pill or powder is going to increase my gas mileage." Boy was I wrong! I have a computerized odometer and as my mileage went up something didn't look quite right. My range on my available miles per gallon was also going up when it is supposed to go down! My first tank was only 2 miles more per gallon. I say only because it is now up to 5 miles per gallon after 3 tanks and I am hoping to go up even more after my 4th and beyond. That is more then a 20% increase in total miles. This product is amazing. I will be telling everyone I can about this product as well as the opportunity in helping others save as well. Thanks Bio Performance!" ---Woody Pizzi, New Jersey

"I am so pleased with my new gas mileage!

1st 15 gal. saved 1.5mpg

2nd 15 gal. saved 3.5 mpg

3rd 15 gal. i am still on and saving 5.8 mpg

at this rate after the cost of the pills I am saving a substantial amount of money and still have another tank before the story is complete. I just drove back from Bowling Green, KY to Veedersburg, IN, which is 304 miles on 10.6 gallons of gas. HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!" ---Nelda Martin, Indiana

"It seemed I would never get good mileage from my Chevy S10. The normal was 14 mpg city and at best, 20 on the hghiway. I switched to the powder and continued to check my went up to an average of 20 mpg. That is combined city and Highway driving. I am more than impressed. This average increase of 6 miles per gallon will save me about $800 annually. Added to those savings, I anticipate there will be a very handsome income at the end of this year as well.just telling everyone I come into contact with the awesome improvement in performance and mileage I am getting. This is WIN WIN WIN all the way." ---Patrick J Hatwan, Nebraska

"I love this product!! The first time that my wife and I used the booster-shot we received 5-miles per gallon increase. The next time we had 5 ¾ miles per gallon increase, and the next (which is by far the BEST) WE HAD 6 ¼ MILES PER GALLON INCREASE. This is the best thing EVER!! The 6 ¼ miles per gallon was not with the booster-shot, and this was interstate miles. Thanks for your GREAT product I look forward to continual benefits." ---David S. Turner, Tennessee

"My mechanic has a truck that he told me keeps failing inspection for emission. I told him about the pills and explained how they would help lower emisisons and get his truck to pass inspection. After giving him the pills to try a few weeks ago, I stopped by for my oil change this week and asked him how he made out at inspection. He told me he passed the emissions test this time using the pills. When I asked if he put in the pills and drove around for a while before going through inspection, he said, "No, just drop in the pills and went to inspection and passed!" Now I know for sure these pills work for emisison problems!" ---Joe Santone, New Jersey

"I am a Realtor.....I drive a lot! My Diamante usually gets around 325 miles a tank. 1st Tank of using the pills (which all I did was plunk them in my tank before filling up)! I got 381 miles...that's 56 more miles on my 1st tank! I am now getting 425 miles a tank and I am on the 6th tank of using the pills! That's 100 more miles a tank! That's huge! And my car is running like it's brand new again! Every tank gets better than before! Thanks BioPerformance!" ---Terri Morgan, Texas

"My starting mileage was 15.2 mpg without any pill. I doubled the dose in my first tank as recommended. I got 418 miles on 25.25 gal., which is 16.6 mpg. Second tank I doubled the dose again as recommended. I went 438 miles on 24.6 gal., which is 17.8 mpg. Third tank I put in regular dose (3 pills) and went 393 miles using 22.3 gal. which was 17.62 mpg. a little drop from my second tank, I thought I had topped out. But I was stuck in traffic for about an hour in Birmingham, AL. Three tablets in my 4th tank took me 453.4 miles on 23.6 gal. which is 19.21 mpg. WOW! 26.3% INCREASE!!!!! My fifth tank I got still another increase to 20.1 mpg for a whopping 33% INCREASE..THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! This was all interstate driving in a 2002 Avalanche Z66, red and really good looking truck. The cruise was set between 75 and 80 the whole time. I didn't change the air pressure in my tires, didn't change any filters, all I did was use the pills. I was very skeptical at first, but my wife had told me I needed to sign up to help a good friend. I live in Alabama and work a couple of days a month in NE Ohio. So I was willing to try anything to save fuel. I am so glad I tried the PILLS. The car will be on the pill from now on!" ---Pastor B. Hampton, Alabama

"My mileage has gone from 15 to 19.2 miles per gallon, the performance has greatly improved and I saved about $14.00 on the 4th tank using the Pill." ---Mike Meeks, Alabama

· "I have a 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche truck, after finishing my 5th tank of gas I have increased my mileage from 15 to 18.1mpg. I shared the information with my chiropractor and he wants in. Is this exciting or what!" ---Richard J Lapierre, North Carolina

"My husband drives a new Ford Truck. His truck was idling rough. After the first tank the rough idling was gone. The second tank we picked up an extra mile per gallon. The third tank we picked up an extra 4 miles per gallon. I drive a new Lincoln Aviator. The first tank I picked up 1.2 miles per gallon. My second tank I went from 15.9 to 20.1 miles per gallon. We are very happy with the product." ---Carol Myers, Oklahoma

· "I wanted to tell everyone on just my 2nd tank of gas in my 2003 Ford Powerstroke Crew Cab with 35" tires and 170 extra horsepower from superchip and banks power chip that I got almost 75 more miles out of a tank of diesel which was a little over an 11% increase. I just about immediately noticed how much quieter and better my truck ran on just the 1st tank!!! Trying it now in my Ford Escape and seeing results already!" ---Jeff Henry, Texas

"Rarely do products in MLM type organzations hold their weight or have return value. The Bio Performance Fuel is the gift that keeps on giving, from a product performance standpoint, and from a retail value standpoint, not to mention some serious income potential. My 2005 Chrysler Pacifica went from 17.4 to 23.4 mpg after 3 tanks of using the Bio Performance product. My 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi pick-up has not only went from 10 to 14 mpg (city driving only I might add), but I have seen an increase in performance in the engine itself. I am so sold, I am now part of a growing and exciting team of professionals here at Bio Performance. For those who may doubt it, like I did, there is one answer, use the product and see for yourself. Save on Fuel and make money and share it with others, there is no downside to that! ---Doug George, Nebraska

· "I am without words as to how amazed I am with the product! I saw a 10% increase in my gas mileage. On my second tank I had zero improvement, in fact I had less mileage on a full tank! But boy oh boy on my third tank I was able to go an extra 116 miles on a full tank! I have a 2005 Toyota corolla and I usually get 286 miles on a full tank town driving. On my third tank I went an amazing 402 miles all town driving! I'm now on my fourth tank with the product and I can't wait to see the results. The funny thing is I'm

so excited to see the results that I just go out driving for no reason just to burn some gas!

This is incredible guys and thank you Lowell and Gus for making this product and business available to me!" ---George Kissi, Ohio

"I recently had to travel from Missouri to Ohio. I had only just finished my first tank with the pills and was looking forward to seeing what kind of difference I would see. On my first tank, strictly in town driving, I went from 21 mpg to 26.4 mpg or a 25% increase. I was totally excited. 26 mpg is what I was averaging on the interstate before the pills. I was very thorough in tracking my miles and gallons of gas purchased on the trip and when I sat down to do the figures I was truly amazed. You see, we had gotten caught in the snow storm that recently cut through the center of the country on that journey. On tank # 2 we were stuck in stand still traffic for 3 hours with the motor running and we still got 28.3 mpg on that tank! Talk about awe struck. On tank # 3 we were able to keep moving until we were blown off the road and into the snow in the median. We were only there for about 20 minutes but we still managed to achieve 35.2 mpg on that tank of gas!! As I stated before, I usually get @ 26mpg on the interstate so 35.2 is very outstanding! That was a 35.38% increase! I can hardly wait to see what happens after continued use. I will keep you updated as we go. OH! I saved an entire tank of gas on that trip using the pills!!!" ---Jerry Wayne Thompson, Missouri

· "We just finished a test on our first tank of diesel in our first 50 miles, we have experienced 23.6% better mileage and it is a brand new 2006 GMC D Uramax." --- James and Melissa Briscoe, Kansas

"I drive a 95 Ford Tarus station wagon w/3.8 motor its got 72,456 Miles my first tank I could see an increase in the horse power and the exhaust smelled different. I received about 3 miles more a gallon. On my second tank I have received 9 miles per gallon this is such an amazing product!

"So to sum this up I've gone from right at 15 miles to the gallon. On my first tank using the product I got just over 18 miles per gallon and on my second tank I got 24 MILES PER GALLON!!!

"Who wouldn't want to use or be a part of these savings!!" ---Bill Miller, Missouri

"I went 100 miles further on 1 tank of gas for a savings of 6 gallons. That equals 6 x $2.00 (per gallon)= $12.00-$2.00 for two pills = total savings of $10.00 each tank of gas!" ---Althea Ashworth, Texas

"I was given some BioPerformance Fuel to try. After the second tank the savings went up 28%. That's an extra five miles per gallon. I just signed up!" ---Thanks, Michael Rutan, Michigan

"I put the booster pills in my brother's Mercedes and he was very thrilled with the 84 miles extra he gained from one tank. I put some more in his second tank and he got 84 miles extra again! I also put a booster sample in a Pastor's Cadillac here in Tampa. He had a two hour drive home. He called my cell phone and left a message that he was amazed at the result. He normally gets 23 mpg and on his trip home he averaged 28 mpg!" ---Gil Howard-Browne

· "This product is GREAT!!! It took me only a quarter of a tank yesterday (Nissan Maxima SE, 1991, 6-Cyl. Sports Car) to drive from Mission, TX to South Padre Island (1.5 hrs. X2) and back. Before using the pills, I'd wasted a whole Tank-Full of gasoline to drive to the Island and back! Thank you very much! May God bless you and yours always!!!" ---Maria Zaleta, Texas

· "The gas mileage in my "91 Chevy pickup truck increased from 14 mpg to 18.5 mpg on my 4th tank - a 24% increase!" ---Paul Norman, Florida

A 1 Distribution Services (P.U.C. Registered)

"The Oldest Distribution Service in Pittsburgh"

Monroeville, PA



"ON 12-3-05, I RECEIVED SOME INFORMATION FROM A FRIEND OF MINE ABOUT SAVING MONEY ON GAS AND I WAS ALL EARS. The product has been sold in other countries since 1989 but was introduced to the STATES this month and what I heard sounded TOO GOOD to BE TRUE. THOUGH THIS IS A NEW PRODUCT TO THE USA, it HAS A PROVEN TRACK RECORD and can be used with any petroleum-based fuel... GASOLINE, DIESEL, JET FUEL, HOME HEATING OIL, etc.

"I DRIVE A 2003 FORD WINSTAR WITH OVER 197,000 MILES ON IT AND WAS GETTING ABOUT 18 MILES PER GAL. So I anxiously awaited my pills' arrival and when I got them, immediately put 1 crushed pill into my tank. (I have since learned that I should have used more initially to help clean the engine)

"Within a very short period of time I noticed major differences in the way the van was running. Here in Pittsburgh we have some major hills and previously the van would bog down when I needed the extra power to easily shoot up these hills. The BioPerformance Fuel Pills "tuned up" my van and gave me the get up and go that I really missed. With my second pill (I am using one for 15 gallons), I noticed some mileage benefits, and now am consistently getting 21 miles per gallon on a regular basis (BETTER THAN a 17% increase in MILEAGE.) Also let me clarify that gas consumption for courier drivers is different from most people, because we seldom shut down from the time that we start in the morning until they are garaged after the run is over (the vehicles are left idling continuously in the parking lots while making deliveries and pick ups).----If I used it in the fashion that most people use their vans, I'm positive that the mileage improvement would be MUCH BETTER!

"This might not seem like much to you but it is HUGE FOR ME as we use at least four fill ups weekly. Including the $1.00 wholesale cost of each pill at $2.19 a gallon this represents close to $1,000.00 in savings per van this year, and more, as I'm afraid that I won't be able to find gas that cheap anymore as it has already jumped more than a dime above that at most stations around here in the last couple of weeks. NOTE this is my first experiment with the product and if it produces similar results PER VEHICLE! What if I had 100 courier vans running deliveries? That would be a $100,000 in corporate savings yearly!

"What fleet owner wouldn't be excited about that?

"Not only am I excited about the performance benefits as I can now pull onto the parkway with confidence of being able to stay safely ahead of continuous oncoming traffic but the savings will create significant impact on my bottom line. The huge environmental benefit of reducing gasoline dependency and pollution emissions at the same time sure makes this a win, win, win product."

Hal Heiter, Pennsylvania


"P.S. I tried the pill in my snow blower and it went from being on its dying wheels, to being a mean machine again.

This Is The Real Deal!"

"Wow, the pill really works. I just returned from a trip to North Carolina from Harrisburg, PA with my uncle Bob. He wanted me to drive his 1990 Cadilac DeVille with 133,356 miles on it. I put 6 pills in and by the time we got to NC we went from 18 mpg to 22.3 on the first treatment! The car runs on premium, but I put regular unleaded and it did not "ping", plus my uncle noticed a smoother ride! May I ask you a very important question, is your car, truck or Motor Home on the pill?

My Mentor Bill Bailey who mentored Les Brown, and great Jim Rohn called me today and said, "My Buick Park Avenue with 124,000 miles on it got 30.1 mpg after I used 4 pills. Before using the Bio Performance Fuel, the best I ever got was 24 mpg. I am now a believer, and will never allow my car to be without this product again! I've seen a lot of things in my 75 years, this is above the rest, it's something everyone wants, and needs. I am impressed with the leadership of Lowell Mims and his staff." ---Dr. Stan Harris, Pennsylvania

· "I was a skeptic about these "fuel pills" when I first heard about them but I was intrigued enough to attend the Friday night Founders kick-off meeting and decided to give them a try personally. I am just on my second tank of gas, so I haven't yet completed the 4 tank series, but I was quite impressed with the results I saw with the first tank. See the testimonial below:"


Joe Taylor, Texas

Evidence is Mounting that the New Fuel Pill Reduces Harmful Emissions By Up To 90%

"There are 194,000 miles on my Ford Explorer. After using the pills in 2 complete tanks, I went from 11.1 MPG to 16 MPG! That's a 45% savings!!!" --- Danny Johnston, Virginia

Doc Fog had a taxi to take him to his hotel this past Friday in Louisville, KY. He shared BioPerformance with the taxi cab driver, and gave him some product to try in his taxi. He told the taxi cab driver that he was leaving on Sunday Morning to fly back home. On Sunday Morning, when Doc Fog was ready to go back to the airport, he went outside his hotel to get a taxi, and guess who was sitting there waiting for him to come out of the hotel???? It was the same taxi cab driver he had sold the pills to on Friday!!!! The man said to Doc Fog, "I didn't want to tell you this on Friday, but I am the owner of the Yellow Cab of Louisville. I tried the product and got a 15% savings. That 15% savings will save my business over $25,000 per year in fuel!!!! I want in now!!!"

"I just put the 4th tank full of gas into my 2005 Dodge Caravan with the pills. My car's computer is so confused that it keeps increasing the range per tank. Today after I filled up the range was 438 miles I then drove 30 miles home, over the mountains, and when I arrived home the range was reading 439 miles!! I felt like I was in some kind of time warp!

This van would need to have it's tank filled after 3 1/2 round trips to Grants Pass from my home in Selma, Oregon. The trip is about 30 miles one way and is over a mountain pass. Each trip is an all day affair as we try to run as many errands as possible per trip. Gas is not ever cheap here. As a result all trips are a combination of city, highway, and mountain miles.

I have increased my range and decreased my gas purchases significantly with these pills. I can't wait to start introducing my friends to them. My mileage has increased by at least 20%. Thanks for bringing this product to us!"

---Pat Schieber, Oregon

"STOP THE PRESSES AGAIN: I reported on Monday 12/5 that my Dodge Neon had gone from 20.2 MPG before the pill to 26.8 MPG after the third fill up. A 32% increase. Well here is the rest of the story!!!!! On Wed. 12/7, I had to take a trip to Salt Lake from my home in Elko, Nevada. I was still on my Monday fill up and it looked like I could make Salt Lake before I had to fill it up again. That trip takes me over a 7,000 peak. The whole trip was made in sub freezing weather. The first thing I noticed was a dramatic increase in power. This little 4cl. took those mountains like it had an extra 100 HP. But here is the rest of this amazing story. When I got to Salt Lake, I still had just over a quarter tank of fuel left. I didn't fill it up until I got nearly half way home. I had to calculate my MPG on the spot. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS: I bumped it to 29.9 MPH. I have gone from 20.2 MPG without the pill---to 29.9 MPG with the pill. A 49+% increase. I am totally blown away!!!! I have gone 200 miles on this, my 5th tank of gas and it is still climbing. I am speechless!!!" ---Phil Dike, Nevada

"I just got 49% increase in mileage on tank four (1997 ES300 Lexus sedan). This went from 16.3, to 19.3 and 20.6 but today it was 24.3. I was a bit astonished, since I have heard a lot of hype in my day but this is giving America a break right when it is needed. I am very succeptible to ozone and CO pollution. This year I got very sick from it. So, this reduces pollution dramatically and I would use it if it only did that, but at 49% savings! This is INCREDIBLE!!!" ---Bob Sims, Texas

"On my first tank of gas my mileage increased about 15%! I'll be sure to update you after my 4th tank. I drive a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am approaching 95,000 miles. The car was running so badly that my wife refused to even drive it... now, however, one of my sons even noticed that the engine seems to run quieter. Bioperformance Fuel is an amazing product!!! I look forward to being an Area Manager, and truly believe that BioPerformance, Inc. is going to change the face of business in ways that we can't begin to imagine." --LeVon Perkins, Georgia

"GREAT meetings this weekend!! I came back all fired up, but the best news of all was when I got home and filled up my gas tank, I discovered a better report than I thought. In my 1995 Lincoln Town Car with almost 300,000 miles on it, I started out with 19.3 mpg without our new "miracle" pill. On the first tank, I got 19.58 mpg, and then went to 19.45 on my 2nd tank, but on my third tank I went to 20.07, and now after my 4th tank, my mileage is 27.40, that's a 42% increase in my gas mileage!! I've got several people to contact this week, as they want to sign up!!" --Mike Schooley, Kansas

"I just wanted to let you know that I have used the gas pills for 3 full tanks now. I started with 20.2 miles per gallon. After the first tank, I increased to 21.7/gallon. The second tank went up to 23.7/gallon and the last one increased me to 26.8/gallon. This is awesome. I am now on my fourth tank and hope to increase it to close to 30 miles a gallon. So far, I have a 32.6% increase. I drive a 2003 dodge neon. I live at 5500 feet here in Elko, NV. I am very, very excited about this product and am going to tell anyone and everyone that I come into contact with about it!!" ---Phil Dike, Nevada

"Never Ever did I refer to a pill in a positive way until now. Just got the results from my first tank full in my 91 Lexus LS 400. Remember, this car has over 300,000 miles on the original motor. I was getting 298 miles to the tank (19 gal), because I do nothing but around the town type of driving, but now I just clocked in 338 miles in one tank. These pills took me an extra 40 miles! That's pretty cool man. I'd say they're worth they're weight in gold!!! Thanks again!" ---Pat Garrett

"This stuff is totally amazing. My 98 Avalon was getting 24 mpg before the pill, now I am getting 29 mpg after 4 tanks with the pill. I can't wait for this company to launch! I am going to be one of those 1,000 millionaires, so watch out everyone!! Thank you so much for bringing this product to us. The time is right!" --- Frank Paris, Tennessee

"Before BioPerformance Fuel....21 miles per gallon. First tank full using BioPerformance Fuel - 25.8 miles per gallon. Second tank full using BioPerformance Fuel - 27 miles per gallon." ---John Peregoy, North Carolina

"I did another mileage test while traveling to one of our son's for Thanksgiving. Before using the product, we were getting 26-28 mpg on our 99 Malibu, this was a 160 mile trip and we got 33 mpg! We got a 20%-30% SAVINGS!!! The fuel tablets are really remarkable!!" --- Pastor Warren Harkins, Oklahoma

"On my 4th tank of gas using the gas pills in my Buick Park Avenue, my mpg shot up to 29.5 from 24 mpg!! That's a 25% savings!! I don't know how they work, but I know first-hand these pills work just from using them! It's like electricity, you don't know how it works, you just know it works when you turn the lights on. You don't know how these gas pills work, you just know they work when you put them in your tank, and they are so easy to use! I LOVE USING THESE GAS PILLS!!" ---Danny Johnston, Virginia


Jimmy Apperson from Georgia reports a.... 23% savings using the product in his Chevrolet Van!!!

Bryan Stephenson from Alabama reports a... 22% savings in his very first tank using the product in his 2005 GMC Diesel Pick Up 4- Wheel Drive Truck!!

Kevin Weber from Alabama reports a... 20% savings in his very first tank using the product in his 2006 Ford F350 Diesel Pick Up 4- Wheel Drive! Truck!

Scott Chandler from Alabama used to get 16.8 mpg before using the gas pills, and now his diesel truck is getting 22 mpg!!! That's about a 33% SAVING!!! And... this was just his 2nd tank of gas using the pills!!!!! Stay tuned to hear Scott's exciting testimony when he returns from a road trip!!!! Note: Scott was the #1 seller of Direct TV satellites making over $1 million per year... and now he is on board with our company because of the TREMENDOUS, Incalculable Market Potential!!!!

"Lowell, I filled up for the 3rd time Friday night. The old truck (1995 Ford F-350 with a 7.3 Turbo-Diesel) is doing better all the time. As you know I used to get 15 MPG before the pills and now I just got 19 MPG!!! I think it is making gas! I put the cap on tight so it doesn't start running out on the ground. HA! HA! Now that my old truck is hooked on the pill, I will have to be a pill pusher too, just to support the old truck's habit. So come on Lowell Mims, let's have that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" -- Bob and Margie Langley, Kansas

P.S. Lowell, this is Margie and I am equally as excited as Bob is. I believe with all my heart that this is going to get us out of the "rat race" and make more time for us to do what we feel that God has put in our hearts to do. I am checking my mileage and will start using the pill in my car next week when I gas up. I can't wait until this thing is launched!!!


P. S. S. Oh no! Her car will be hooked too!!


"It's a beautiful day here in northern Illinois and I'm doing well with the "pills". My 03 Avalanche has gone from about 13 mpg to right at 17 in city driving (30% savings!!) and 17.9 up to about 21 on highway. My wife's Focus has risen nearly 25% after two tanks in city-only driving. Thanks for a great product!!! Keep me informed of your progress in the marketing and the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!" --Bob Stouffer, Illinois

"My savings at the pump is almost 19%!! What does that mean since I still take the same $52.00 to $53.00 to fill up? Well, since I'm going further, it means that my cost to go the same distance before the pills is now only $43.12 with the pills. That's a saving of just about $10.00 per tank less the $2.00 for the pills/powder. NOT BAD!!!" ---Bob Grayson, Delaware

"STOP THE PRESSES!!! Lowell, if you thought I was excited yesterday with my 19% savings - wait until you get a load of this. On my long drive from Florida back to Delaware, using the powder, I tried an experiment. I slowed my cruise speed from between 70-75 mph down to 65. My mileage shot through the roof - I couldn't believe it. In the past two days, I have gone from 20.7 mpg to 25.5 mpg - NOW up to 29.5 mpg. I'm getting over 500 miles per tank. Using my formula - that's almost a 30% savings at the pump. How good is that? So - below is my order for 400 PILLS!!!" --Bob Grayson, Delaware

"Hello Lowell, I just wanted to touch base with you on the gas pills. My mom, Carolyn Carter and I discussed purchasing these pills for a little while. I'll admit, I am some what of a skeptic....I just knew it was a hoax. However, I did purchase the pills. The first time I used the pills I noticed I did seem to get better gas mileage. With the 4th tank of gas I noticed, I kept driving & driving on the same tank. When I finally filled the tank, I had driven 392 miles. That is about 50-55 miles further than I had been able to drive prior to using these pills!!!" ---Karen Winters, Texas

"We just returned from a 2,600 mile trip. When we started we got 11 mpg and now we're up to 16 mpg using the pills which we believe is awesome for a conversion van!! When it comes to in-town driving we used to have to fill up once a week with all the driving we do with the kids. Now, since we started using the pills it's about every week and a half!" --Aaron & Angela Collins, Wisconsin

"I drive a 2005 Toyota Solora. I normally get 22 mpg in the city. On my last fill up using the powder, I got 33.2 mpg in the city!! I love the powder, and wouldn't be without it! Also, I always have to fill up every 5 - 6 days, but I was able to go an extra 3 days and fill up on the 9th day! I got a 51% savings on mpg and on number of days!!!! My husband is a retired minister, and the savings we are receiving from this product is a huge blessing to us. There is no doubt about it, this is a miracle product. Try it, you won't like it--- You Will Love It!!!" ---Miriam Yeager, Oklahoma

"You don't need a Hybrid when you have the gas pills. I should know because I used to own one!!!" --- Miriam Yeager, Oklahoma

"I have a 1998 Chrysler Voyager, and I put 2 pills in my first tank and went from 272 miles per tank without the pills to 301 miles with the pills! That's 29 more miles on my first tank of gas using the pills! That's over 10% savings on my first tank!! This pill really work!!!!!" --Pilar Cordova, Texas

Pastor from Wisconsin reports... "I just got back from a conference in El Paso, TX. Before I left, I filled up my tank and gave it's first booster. My wife drove my truck Mon-Wed taking our grand kids to school and back. Last night I drove to Milwaukee to pick something up, and I still have a little over half a tank left. I'm not meticulous about keeping mileage, but I know I should have less than half a tank left. Looks like the pills are working!"

"I'm getting an additional 100 miles per tank using the gas pills. I calculated my gas mileage, and it has increased from 13+ mpg to over 18 mpg!!! That's in my 6,000 + Lb. truck!" --Bob Smutek, New York

"I'll give you a knock your socks off testimonial. OK, I'll admit it. I was skeptical. I have a gigantic Yukon Denali and this thing sucks gas like there's no tomorrow. I put 30,000 miles on it the first year I had it and 6,000 miles the 2nd. What does that tell you? At 13.6 mpg, who can afford to drive it? It cost me over $70.00 to fill up the tank a few weeks ago and it's gone in 2-3 days. I hoped these magic pills would work, but honestly, I wasn't holding my breath. My Denali is equipped with a trip computer, so it's pretty easy for me to tell what is going on with the mileage. It provides me with instantaneous range figures that don't lie. I gassed up on the way home to the tune of $53.00, dropped four pills into the funnel I bought, then went out to dinner, picked up the kid at the in-laws, and drove back home, about 60 miles or so. When I got about 5 miles from home I happened to look down at the "Range" counter, just out of curiousity. It read 379 which I found strange. I am used to looking at this when I fill up and it never read more than 352 before. So I thought to myself, hmmm . . . I just picked up an extra 27 miles on this tank from these pills. Not bad I suppose.

Then it dawned on me . . . I didn't add the 60 miles I had already driven! It appears that I have already seen an additional 87 miles out of one tank of gas!!! But wait, there's more to the story. While I was driving home, the range counter was changing which is normal. I usually watch this giant gas sucking machine suck up the fuel like no vehicle I have ever had. Well, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but the range counter was not going down like it always does, it was going up!!!! By the time I got home, it read 381!!!! I am dead serious. This is not a joke. So I'm up to over 90 additional miles and I still have another 380 miles range to drive. Will it keep increasing? Am I crazy or does this stuff really work? I called a friend immediately and we began laughing about my new found fortune. Any guess what he wanted to know? Where do I get mine!!! Tomorrow I am dropping some more pills into my 4 Runner. I get about 18 mpg now, but I'm guessing that's about to go up. My family spends about $600 a month on gas, so if I can cut it to $400 or so, I can afford a new car!! Probably a Honda Civic!! Or a Hummer! Gas prices? Bah humbug!! Thanks for the blessings." --Bob Ulrich, Oklahoma

"I got 2 mpg better on the first fill up using the pills. Please, please let me know as soon as you can about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT concerning these pills. I have talked to some people about it and every one I talk to wants in. This thing is HOT!! Keep me informed. I can have 100s of people involved in a short time." Bob is now receiving a 20% savings on his 2nd tank using the pills as he continues to report...... "I put the pills in a 1995 Ford F-350 with a 7.3 Turbo-Diesel. I filled up for the second time tonight and it got almost one more mpg. Up from 15 mpg to almost 18 mpg!!" Bob is now on his 3rd tank and continues to report... "My truck is old and has a lot of miles on it. In addition to a 20% savings and I am not even through my 3rd tank yet using the pills, I have had a big improvement in performance. It is starting better, it accelerates much better and over all performance is better. The old truck is running better than it has since I have owned it. Even if I didn't get a 20% savings, I would still use the pill just for the added performance. Its great!! Lowell Mims you are as bad as the drug dealer when you gave me the gas pills and now my old truck is hooked on them!! Just kidding, Brother, we love you and what you are doing for us. I am going to be the best giver at my church, and we are going to make big bucks with this product!! Come on let's have that BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!" --Bob Langley, Kansas

"Upon leaving on a road trip, I used pills going, but on my way back, I had no pills left. It took ¾ of a tank more on the way back, with no pills, than it did going. That is more than 25% savings!" --Cinthia R., Texas

"Before using the pills I was getting 240 miles per tank and now after using the pills I am getting almost 300 miles per tank. That's a 25% savings per tank in the city!" --Frank Colliard, Texas

"I have a 2002 Silverado pickup. I've been using the pills for 4 tanks and I went from 420 miles per tank to 491. Amazing!! I recommend these pills to anyone!" --Andy Astupalski, Texas

"I have a Toyota Sienna brand new and I am getting savings of over 20% per tank. This is great!!!" Bijou continues to report after using the pills in several tanks... "My initial miles per tank were 240, and now I'm getting 62 miles more per tank (302 miles), that's 26% savings per tank, and that's city miles!!!!" --Bijou, Texas

"I gave a friend of mine a sample of four tablets for his three taxi cabs, and now I have a guy who wants to buy tablets for all his cars. he gets more than 15% savings!!!" --Octavio Flores, California

"U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E PRODUCT!!!! I used to get about 12.1 mpg in town with my Mercury Villager, but today... it skyrocketed to 16.7 mpg in town!!! That's a whopping 38% savings!!!!!!!!!!! Ask me if I am excited... and words can't describe how excited I am!!!!!! And... Lisa is more excited than me!!!!!!!!!!! We are both in complete shock to say the least. Now, for anyone wondering if this product really works... all I can say is--- The Proof Is In The Pudding, just try the product... and see first-hand what happens! Don't be surprised if you are in complete shock too!! Simply put..... we are now addicted to this phenomenal product!!!!!!!! We don't want to ever be without it." --Lowell Mims, Texas

"I was getting 230 miles per tank and now I am getting as high as 305 miles per tank. That's 33% more miles per tank!! I never want to be without these pills!!" --Sofia Muldoon, Texas

"I recently had a road trip to Houston and normally I get about 235 miles per tank, but using the pills gave me 370 miles per tank!!! That's a 57% increase!!!! The couple traveling with me were in shock and were begging me to let them use my pills. I told them to buy their own... these are mine!!!" --Gus Romero, Texas

"I have gone 275 miles on half a tank of gas.... I can't believe it!! I normally get 23 miles per gallon, but I am getting well over 30 now!!!" After his 4th tank of using the pills, Billy continues to report, "Now, after 4 tanks of using the pills I am getting 32 mpg. That's a 40% savings!! I have never seen or experienced anything like this in my life! My wife and I praise the Lord everyday for this product!!! --Billy Thomas, Georgia

"Just a few words to thank you for letting me try your "fuel reducing expense pills." I own a 2001 6 cylinder Ford Explorer that used to run for 355 to 360 miles per tank. After using the pills the tank lasts for 400 to 420 miles, which is a 18% savings! I will continue using them on a regular basis. I am so excited when I am fueling and dropping the pills into the tank I feel as if I am the most intelligent guy at the gas station as if I had a secret that is of my own! I will encourage all my employees, friends and relatives to use them. Thank you again!" --Rafa Vilaclara, Texas

"I drop one pill, cost $1, in my gas tank per fifteen gallons of fuel and save $$$. Optimum gain is 35% or better after the fourth tank of gas. Some have reported a 37% increase in gas mileage. I'm only on my second tank of gasoline using the pill. I went from 23 highway miles to the gallon to 25 highway miles to the gallon. That's nearly a 10% gain. If my mileage doesn't improve any, I'm already ahead of the game. One pill @ $1 is carrying me 30 miles further per 15 gallons of fuel. That's a savings of 1.2 gallons of gas. At $2.70 per gallon, I'm saving $3.24 for the cost of $1. That's a 300% return on my buck. That makes this a no brainer, folks." --Karl Lewis- Deridder, Louisianna

"I have been using the pills in my 2001 Ford F150 for 2 months now and also on my lawn machines. I have been getting 25% savings per tank, and this includes me hauling a trailer with my lawn machines. I recommend using these pills! They really work!! " --Rafael Frias, Texas

"I drive a 2002 LTZ Trailblazer 4x4. I received a 12% savings on my 1st tank of gas using the pills and I am now up to over 30% savings!! Before using this product, I was getting 280 miles per tank, and now I am getting over 80 miles more per tank, which is over 360 miles per tank. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that EVERY human in America will want this product!!!! I'm more than ready for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming in a few weeks!!!!!!!! I'M EVER READY!!!!!!!" ---Ken Williamson, Alabama

"I have used the gas pills on all of my 3 cars, 2005 Honda Odyssey, 1999 Mercedes M430 and my 2000 Porche Carrera. I'm getting an average of 20% savings per tank in the city. Great product!!!!" --Joaquin Serra, Texas

"I just did my first tank in my wife's car, the Lexus RX300 SUV. We got 20.9 on the highway without the pill. We got 23.04 using two pills!" --Bob Sims, Texas

"I drive a Lexus ES 300 sedan. Before using the pills, I got 16.3 mpg, and now I am getting more than 19 mpg. That's a 20% savings! Most of my driving is a four mile commute through heavy traffic from my home to our business downtown. It is stop and start, waiting at lights and burning gas without moving. Still I got a 20% savings and this is just my 3rd tank using the gas pills!!" --Bob Sims, Texas

"I just did my 4th consecutive, complete tank using the product in my wife's car, the Lexus RX300 SUV. We got 20.9 mpg on the highway without the pill. We got 25.26 mpg on our 4th tank. That's over a 20% savings! This speaks for itself." --Bob Sims, Texas

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