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BioPerformance Dealerships

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BP Dealers - Bioperformance is Back and growing like a weed. We have many of the Top Leaders on our team. If you are looking to join the #1 BioPerformance team look no further that our team. Would you like the to be the leader for your State? We offer FREE support, FREE marketing materials, and when you join as an Area Manager, FREE Classified Advertising in your Local Newspaper! To learn more call: 1-800-707-1217, or to sign up right away: Click Here to Join - Former BioPerformance Site wishes to extend an offer to all Bioperformance (and other)distributors. New Company is on the market and pre-launch begins soon! Click here to learn more! Member Capture pages available as well at - We will set you up with a FREE site before you join the team and offer you 200 FREE leads. You can give it a try with NO money out of your pocket. A win/win situation. If you don’t make money you don't pay money. I know if you follow my coaching and make some effort you will make money. Then when you join the team we will set you up with another FREE website like this one. 646.290.9339 check this out too Our team is growing and we would like you to be on a team that has support just shy of 24/7 and supplies you with tools to duplicate what we do. Call me today to see if this is the right team for you. Bill Wynne 888.295.3951 Do you need to learn more about the Product, Company, Compensation Plan? Talk with you soon. looklooklooklook - Dr. Peter Lindemann's dealership site. He is best known for his book: "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity" ( IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A TEAM WITH TOTAL SUPPORT - STOP! We are creating a "power leg" and will build your team WITH AND FOR YOU. We offer FREE LEADS, FREE WEBSITE(and training)and FREE TEAM SUPPORT help. Call or email NOW for an update and introduction,along with today's free offer from the MILLENNIUM TEAM. Al Frosio 1-888-248-9977 There are three ingredients that make a company work. These three are a great product, a great service, and a great marketing team to promote the product. I have personally found that BioPerformance has all three of these. Call me because you deserve to have some fun. Call me to get your free sample. Ask for John at 414.737.5326 Our team has a great upline that is there for you 24x7. They work from home so they are there to help you succeed. We have a great edge on the internet market. My sponsor and I are dedicated to helping you like he has me. We offer you free & full support to make you succsseful including a free websight, free leads, free phone suport & all the infor. you need. Let's work together & make this happen. Less than 5 month old company, made over $23million & paid out over $15million in commissions. WOW WOW WOW!!! Call me'(Ron)today @ (423)762-5277 or (706)820-9521. - FREE site when you join the team. Join as an area manager and receive a $100 rebate when you enroll two other distributors at the manager level or higher and remain on autoship. Rebate will be sent after 2nd autoship cycle. Sucess breeds success. Our team is ready for you to join. If you have any questions, call Mike at (850) 261-3410. Are you looking to be a part of a cutting edge product that is network marketed here in the United States that has been in Europe since 1989? Work from home, make your own hours. Everyone knows someone looking to save money on the high prices of gas and to boot it helps the enviroment. You will be set up with a free website, spanish websites to come, free coaching, as well as other online marketing tools. The proof is in the product, call me for a free sample. 1-413-628-4685 Are you ready to go into Canada with the BioPerformance business plan and product? We are a team forming in Canada and are looking for people to join our team. When the door opens to Canada we want to be ready. Join our group and get a FREE team website with a Canadian flare. 888.295.3951 Join our Team in Minnesota and help keep the environment cleaner and we teach you how to make money doing it. Integrity Alliance group is here to grow your business. Call Curt at (651) 231-1314 Great Opportunity! - Part of a team inspired by ecologically safe product, saving fuel, saving money, making money, making people happy. Carol Rios 828-698-4936 - BioPerformance Site for stay-at-home moms! Join our team for a free website, free leads, free marketing tools, free advertising materials and free training! We work together to succeed. Ask for a free sample - Call Jennifer at (423) 432-2444 We have a growing group of stay home mothers that are growing in BioPerformance. We help eachother to succeed. That is only when any of us has success. When others succeed. Call me, Svetlana at 404-474-7343 an amazing product just what we need now that gas is over 3.00 a gallon and climbing. e-mail is - BioPerformance Independant Business Owner Site! Sign up now and get your marketing and advertising tools, free web page with unique URL, and start making money now! - A movie clip on the BioPerformance Business Opportunity. One of the fastest growing companies in America and the goal of BioPerformance is to create 1,000 millionaires! Reduce harmful pollution, increase power and mileage with this new energy technology. - Looking for a few motivated associates who want to represent a unique fuel additive, BioPerformance fuel pills/powder, that increase performance, decrease emissions, and increase gas mileage up to 25% and more! Finally a product worthy of our efforts! Now it's truly UP TO YOU! Call Jim at(559)240-4612 (in CA) or visit above website for info, retail product to try, and for personal distributorship with free website [@ Area Manager level]! - Tyler. Join the Power Team where Your Success is Our Goal! email - Ordering ID# 9539177Purchase Product Here Become A Distributor Today Helping taxi fleets and limo companies tackle the high cost of gasoline with savings of at least $5.00, often $10.00 per car per shift. [private testimonial, not BP claim] - Saving up to 25% or more on Gas and Diesel High Growth Downline 800-617-7018 - Breakthrough Fuel Saver Launched 12/05 Gas or Diesel up to 25% or more savings You now can: Save Money at the gas and diesel pump stations, Reduce Our dependence on foreign Oil, Reduce Air Pollution and Make Money with BioPerformace Fuel Additive. - up to 25% or more savings with all hydrocarbon-based fuels, including diesel! Incredible business opportunity. We will be building our team deep, focusing on 3 or 4 legs. WE OFFER FREE SAMPLES IF YOU ARE SERIOUS! Sign up with us and we will also give you FREE hot leads to work from Cutting Edge Media and other sources! Tel: 1-(888) 883-7176 Fax: 815-301-9036 - "Reduce toxic car emissions, save up to 25% or more on gas" -- Monica Leal 210-658-7639 Are you an extra miler? Check out this site! Our organization doesn't waste time with 3 way calls, one on one presentation and other time wasting methods. We help you get qualified leads from people asking you to contact them. We will show you why we have the over a 95% closing ratio on setting appointments. No other organization can show you this. - New York & New Jersey team. ''PURCHASE PRODUCT with FREE SHIPPING Special discounts to fleet owners. Ask about advantages of BioPerformance in powder form. Call or email your questions about the fuel Pill and the Business Opportunity. - Ryan Brancheau's dealership 515-993-2115. Up to 25% or more savings with all hydrocarbon-based fuels, including diesel! Incredible business opportunity. - Of course there will always be people leary of such great claims when a new product is unknown. I did not believe it was possible when I was introduced to it but it works! So I became one of the newest Area managers. I hope that I might be able to help you too. If you want to try it or look at a great opportunity you can contact me at one of the following links. email me at [] THANKS DICK - Looking for doers, not whiners. Ask for Scott Common @ (334) 391-4224. - Does the product work? Absolutely! I have a 94 Montero with 151,000 miles. With the product I went from 14 to 19.2 and still climbing over 7 tanks of fuel. Savings $19.50 per tank! My BMW 1992 750IL with V-12 motor, before 9 MPG, Now 16.6 and climbing!Both run better and have more power! I give my customers money back if they have not seen a 20% improvement!

How To Save Gas Tips - Here is a secret that will save you 25% or more on gas each and every tank.

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Bioperformance - Get in my power team ASAP for massive spillovers! -Join a husband and wife team with a desire to a build business. We offer you our support, encouragement and passion. Our savings convinced us, we went from 33 mpg on a 207,000 mile Celica to over 41 mpg in 3 weeks. If you are wanting to grow a business, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact Karen via email Thank you for joining us. Can you save 30% on your gas bills?

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