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Directory:BioPerformance Fuel

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BioPerformance Fuel Additive

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BioPerformance Fuel additive increases the mileage up to 25% or more on most vehicles. It also increases horsepower and reduces the emissions by catalyzing a more efficient burn of the fuel. Coming in powder form, it is added in small portions with each fill-up to the fuel.

On May, 2007, the company was shut down by the Texas Attorney General's office. Then on May 17, 2007, the company was back in operation, both in accepting new associates as well as selling product. There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2], the TX AG took until January of 2008 to begin issuing refunds of the $7 million to the individual distributors who requested it. Until then, they were just collecting interest on it.

DISCLAIMER: BioPerformance, Inc. does not endorse, review, nor approve the contents on this page nor do they accept legal recourse on any unapproved material.

NOTE: Most of the information on this web page was compiled prior to the company being shut down on May 17, 2006, then re-launched on May 17, 2007. Some things need to be updated.

Required Statement of Caution : "This product contains naphthalene as an active ingredient. Short term exposure, inhalation, ingestion or dermal contact with naphthalene is associated with hemolytic anemia, damage to the liver, and neurological damage. Please store in a ventilated area at all times." (Statement the Texas AG requires BP to post.)

Company Information

Official Website

Dealer Sites

As of May, 2006, there were in excess of 50,000 dealers, each with a replicated website.

Directory:BioPerformance Fuel:Dealers - A listing of a few dealers who have posted links to their sites from PESWiki. List yours, if you wish.

Previous Website

NOTE: The following no-longer-active (they all redirect to the home page of the new website:, and thus have been reformated to display archive copies as archived at To know what the original url was, just remove from the beginning of the url.

Image:BioPerformance splash globe 200.jpg

Before the shut-down in May, 2006, each person who joined the company received a replicated website with features including the following. - Record-breaking MLM due to a product that works very well, which everyone needs, which is in high demand and involves continual consumption, backed by a strong distributor support network.

Purchase Product - $75.00 per bottle of 80 pills or per bottle of 200 grams of powder.

Intro Video - Describes product and sales plan.

Product Information - About the additive

Testimonials - Listing of testimonials for which the customer provided a signed There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] attesting the truthfulness of the statement to the best of their knowledge.

Tests at Accredited Laboratory (pdf)

ISO 9000 Lab Test 1

ISO 9000 Lab Test 2

Income Opportunity - "My goal is to create 1,000 millionaires," -- Lowell Mims, President

Conference call schedule - Live call 865-362-4150 Pin Code: 2620#. Monday -Friday 10 AM (PST) and 7 PM (PST) and Sunday 7 PM (PST).

Interview - Scott Chandler and David Bass describe the business opportunity.

Dealer Compensation Plans - Three plans. Commission set-up requires mail-in of sign-up payment check, auto ship set up, activation of left and right leg, listing of at least five customers. For PES Network Use ID#3741891

News and Information - News about the need and about the company.

Company - Mission statement, chief officers.

Company Founder, Lowell Mims' Website
Image:Lowell Mims ministries 120h.jpg - Lowell Mim's main line of work as "an internationally known church growth evangelist for 17 years. His weekly travels have taken him into over 1000 churches across America and many foreign countries. He has ministered in hundreds of cities and has flown over 4 million miles. He and Lisa reside in Dallas, Texas with their 3 beautiful daughters."


BioPerformance Fuel alleges to be non-toxic (see caution note above). It is also said to be a non-flammable biodegradable enzyme catalyst. It comes in pill or powder form. The company and many customers claim that this product improves gas mileage, increases horsepower, significantly reduces emissions, leading to gas savings of up to 25% or more.

Retail cost comes to about $2.00 per 15 gallons gas wholesale: $1.50. The company says they can save you up to 25 to 50 cents per gallon every time you stop for gas.

BioPerformance Fuel is sold through multi-level marketing (MLM), headed by Lowell Mims, a preacher. The gas pill has been around for nearly 50 years, born in Mexico, but has not been successfully marketed until now. BioPerformance, Inc. more than doubled their sales each month from Dec. 2005 through Feb. 2006, when they reported $4.3 million in sales for one month. April sales are over $9 million. As of April 30, 2006, the company had 50,000 members.

Shut down May 17, 2006 on charges of being a pyramid and for the product being toxic and not working as claimed upheld in a hearing on May 30. A jury trial was set for Sept. 18, 2006, then postponed to Jan/Feb(?) 2007.

An agreement was struck on Jan. 23, 2007 forcing BioPerformance to pay several million dollars compensation and banning them from making unjustified marketing claims, although with no admittance of any wrongdoing on the part of BioPerformance.

The company resumed operations a year after they were shut down.

Synopsis of Temporary Shut-Down

May 17, 2006 - May 17, 2007

Summary articles regarding the shutting down and resuming of the company.

BioPerformance Fuel resumes one year after Texas AG shut-down - Pill/powder product, said to increase mileage and horsepower, and to decrease emissions is now back on sale -- and now admitted to contain Naphthalene (moth balls). (PESN May 18, 2007)

Image:TX v BP-Vindicated 95x95.jpg

BioPerformance Claims to be Vindicated - Federal Test Procedure and Highway Fuel Economy Test protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency show that BioPerformance fuel additive increases mileage and decreases emissions, contrary to Texas Attorney General accusations that shut down the company last May. BioPerformance claim this as a victory. However, skeptics note that the test does not quote a percentage economy gain. (PESN Jan. 23, 2007)

Image:TX v BP 95x95.jpg

Texas State Attorney General Shuts Down BioPerformance - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on May 17 filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order and asset freeze against Texas-based BioPerformance, Inc. (PESN May 17, 2006)

Texas AG Hypocrisy

On Sept. 18, 2007, BP independent distributor, Christy Brule wrote:

"The Texas Attorney general took 7 million dollars from Bioperformance allegedly to use this money to refund Bioperformance Distributors. It has been 7 months and there still has been no refund checks issued. Texas is sitting back collecting interest on the money claiming to protect consumers."

On Sept. 19, 2007, Christy wrote:

I am 100% sure that no one has recieved checks. I am a distributor and I have not recieved my check despite many, many attempts. I also have spoken to many of the BPI management and top teams and they have not recieved checks, nor have their downlines. I spent a few hours yesterday sending this same email to all the news reporters and sites that posted stories about the Bioperformance settlement. I am hoping a little public publicity helps push them to do what they said they were going to do.

On Sept. 21, 2007, Christy wrote:

I had a meeting today with some top management from BPI, and they found out that the Texas Attorney General renewed their mutual bond on the 7 million dollars for another year. This means the money won't even be availalbe until May of next year. They also recieved a letter stating that they have recieved claims from less then 10,000 distributors and they would not be paying anyone over $500. So they are planning to pocket [at least] 2+ million. They have also recently sued Mary Kay, Mannatech and Sony (in the interest of consumers) for millions in settlements that they will keep. I wish some investigative reporters would look into the Texas Consumer Protection Agency as it all seem crooked and unethical to me.

On Sept. 23, 2007, former BP distributor, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan wrote:

If any company were to act in this neglegent manner, they would immediately be reported to the Attorney General's office.

The TX AG web page about the BioPerformance matter says: "We are in the process of reviewing thousands of complaints as quickly as possible. Consumers will be notified of their eligibility for restitution in the coming weeks."

What they don't say is that many of the "complaints" were not complaints but merely former distributors wanting the money owed them because the TX AG office froze the BP bank account last year and that many of those former distributors are still working with BP.

Not only is the TX AG not acting in a timely manner, but they are misrepresenting BioPerformance.

Had they allowed BP to issue the "restitution" checks, I bet it would have been completed within a month, if not a couple of weeks. But no, the TX AG insisted in the settlement that they, the TX AG, be the ones to issue the funds.

On Sept. 19, 2007, I phoned the TX AG's office to ask about the non-issuance of "restitution" checks. The person I spoke with said they would get back to me later that morning. I never received a return call.

A few months back, I asked the TX AG who we can report them (TX AG) to, and they said, "The United States Department of Justice." It seems a few calls and letters and visits would be in order.

On Sept. 24, 3007, BioPerformance CEO, Ernie Land wrote:

I daily speak about this…..the Municipal bond that was funded by the $7.4 mil from the old Bio is not due to renew until next May 08 and in the meantime the AG’s office gets the interest, but can’t touch the principal…you take a guess when the poor end consumers might get what they are due. I am also told they have violated no federal law which allows them 1 year from the settlement date to refund.

On Oct. 16, 2007, former BP agent, Monica Leal wrote:

I called the AG office, Consumer Protection Dept. 512-463-2185 to check on the status of the BP refunds. I was told they MIGHT be sent out sometime in November, or at the very least they'd be able to give me more info at that time. She said they had over 12,000 claims and "it's just taking a long time." She also said that we'd be getting SOME of our $$ back and in some cases all of it, but not necessarily all of it.

On January 30, 2008, former BP agent, Monica Leal wrote:

'Got my Bioperformance refund today!!! Finally!

They didn't give me what I asked for (earned commissions) but they did give the amount for PRODUCTS PURCHASED.

My son applied around the same time I did, but has not gotten his check yet. I hope it arrives soon.

Purchase Product

The company does not sell product directly, you must purchase through a dealer.

Directory:BioPerformance Fuel:Dealers - not comprehensive, and not up-to-date.

Join Business

There are three entry levels into the business, all of which must be done under an existing Directory:BioPerformance Fuel:Dealers.

Independent Business Owner (IBO)

The cost to become an IBO is $29, which gives you the replicated website. This also enables you to purchase product at "wholesale", but does not give you any income from business sign-ups under you, or their product sales.


Joining as a manger costs $149 and gives you revenue from new business sign-ups, and commissions from their product sales and downline sign-ups. It includes four bottles of 40 pills or powder.

Area Manager

Joining as an area manager costs $499 and provides much higher commission levels. It includes thirteen bottles of 40 pills or powder.

Recent Sales Figures

Reported by company email, March 5, 2006 April 29, 2006 May 7, 2006

Total Sales for December, 2005: $760,962.00

Total Sales for January, 2006: $2,163,941.00

Total Sales for February, 2006: $4,331,050.00

March: ~6 million

April: ~9 million

May: company shut down for by Texas AG

Product v. MLM Sign-up Stats

Source: email from Lowell Mims to distributors May 2, 2006 PES Network stats.

As of May 3, 2006, with around 48,000 distributors, the volume of retail customers was 98,963, which comes to two customers per distributor. Of those ~99,000 customers, 824 came through the replicated websites. So 1% of the customers came via the replicated websites, and 99% came through personal contacts.

"Customers" include everything from someone who purchases just a few pills to try out, to a commercial account purchasing large volume. Total sales come to $23,377,790.77. (includes sales to distributors), coming from 110,899 orders, which comes to an average of $210.80 per order.

The PES Network stats for the month of April are around 330 visits per day to the replicated site, clicking through from four PES Network sites which garner around 25,000 page views per day, bringing in around 1 customer a day.

Shipment Delays

There are several factors that play into the delay in shipping. The company has had a hard time keeping up with the explosive growth, but is doing its best to address this issue. Presently they give themselves 21 business days to deliver product.

Some of the fulfillment centers the company has contracted with did not perform as they said they would. The bank draft system they are using for accepting monies takes several days to clear, leading to the shortest shipment time of 9 days (plus the time of transit). The company thinks this shortest possible delivery time of 13-15 days will be acceptable to the customers.

On April 27, 2006, the company announced a new manufacturing facility with greatly increased production capacity. 300 tons per month, with three machines and three 8-hour shifts. Already, BioPerformance is the largest user of UPS in Dallas.

Product Information

On May 25, 2006, company president, Lowell Mims, told distributors:

: "Obey the policies and procedures and continue to NOT make any of the following claims:

: 1. Will reduce the emission of gasoline or diesel powered vehicles

: 2. Improve gasoline efficiency or fuel economy of gasoline or diesel powered vehiclesor

: 3. Are safe and non-toxic."

Usage Directions

Directory:BioPerformance:Usage Directions - Moved to separate page. Includes recommended gas and diesel pill/powder dosages.

How it works

How do the gas pills work?

The gas pills allegedly have the property of modifying the fuel’s molecular structure and liberating the energy contained within. These claims are questioned with the revelation that the product is primarily Naphthalene (mothballs).

Here is what was claimed prior to this revelation:

• This is achieved by Brownian motion which consists of the molecular movement of the components of the polymeric chains contained in hydrocarbons.

• The volatility or evaporation of a liquid fuel is determined by the air/vapor ratio that can be achieved at a given temperature. This is the result of the FLASH POINT (the temperature at which the quantity of vapor is enough to form a mixture of air and flammable fuel). Each type of combustible has a different flammable point according to the norm ASTM D92-52 and D93.

• Now, when lowering the flash point temperature, one can obtain a dew point, with more evaporation, achieving an air and fuel mix with a bigger energy saturation. This produces more heat value with less combustible and a better and more complete combustion mix. The effect of the gas pills allows to diminish the combustion point increasing the concrete characteristics of evaporation that all fuels have at normal pressure and temperature. This is why we obtain a flash point at a lower temperature, increasing the amount of burning gases.

• The gas pills have the property of modifying the physical state of these fuels, accelerating the breaking of molecular connections.

Disclaimer Statement on Bottle

The following statement appeared on the bottle of BioPerformance Fuel by BioPerformance, Inc., as of Feb. 2006. Bold emphasis added.

Fuel Additive

Reduces contamination and gives a better mileage performance.

Disclaimer: BioPerformance, Inc. guarantees the use of BioPerformance Fuel to be safe to use in any internal combustion engine. If BioPerformance, Inc. can be shown in any test to have damaged any internal combustion engine, BioPerformance, Inc. will replace the damaged parts of the engine for free of charge. Any and all testimonies are NOT intended directly or indirectly to guarantee you in any way with similar savings. The testimonies have not been proven in any way by BioPerformance, Inc. to be true, because they are simply people sharing their results from using BioPerformance Fuel. The testimonies are valuable replies from your fellow Americans. Each reply is believed to be true in its content. These stories are not backed by independent research, so you must evaluate them for yourself and then let us hear your own story. Every person's results can be different using the product. BioPerformance, Inc. doesn't guarantee anyone any results using BioPerformance Fuel. If they so desire, people can simply use the product and see first-hand what kind of results they will get. Every person's outcome with the product will be totally different than what is shown in the testimonies.

Registered with EPA

PA 40 - CFR 79.23 NO. 1932-0001

(All additive products must be registered with the EPA. It does not imply endorsement of any kind.)


A company has to be in business for a year before they can register with the Better Business Bureau. BP just started last Nov/Jan, 2005. As of May 9, 2006, BioPerformance Inc. has only 1 negative complaint that is still under investigation.

Better Business Bureau of Dallas - a number of negative reports lodged and addressed


Not for Human Consumption

"Not for human consumption. Keep away from children."

: May 11 2006: Last week one of my children, a two-year old, accidentally opened a bottle of BioPerformance Fuel pills and ate one. At that time, I was not concerned as the WESH I Team's news "report" was not well-known. I had not seen it yet. We gave him some charcoal tablets and lots of water, but he appeared fine. Sunday May 7, after we became aware of the I-Team "report", my son found the bottle again and ate another one!! This time we freaked out. According to the WESH I-Team my son had eaten mothballs! Mothballs - contain Naphthalene - which is highly toxic and a known carcinogen (cancer causing agent), so we immediately called the Poison Control Center. They told us to look for signs of poisoning - sweating, pale & cold skin, nausea & fatigue - and to take my son to his pediatrician. We did so. What happened? NOTHING. He was given a clean bill of health from his doctor, and hasn't had ANY signs of poisoning. Fortunately, BioPerformance provided a letter from their product manufacturer stating that the ingredient is not naphthalene (found in mothballs), but napthenate. This laid the matter to rest for me. Even though Naphthenate is obviously chemically similar - it has totally different effects. -- Posted 8:43am by Wells

I wonder how this person feels not that it is proven that the primary ingredient really is Naphthalene, not Naphthenate. SilverThunder 14:00, 21 May 2006 (EDT)

: A BP dealer phoned and told of a person who was helping him put the pills into baggies to send out as samples for people to try the product. After half a day she looked pale, and had to go home. She was unable to work for a week, she was so sick from her exposure to the product. SilverThunder 00:00, 22 May 2006 (EDT)

Shelf Life

BioPerformance Fuel has a six month shelf life.

It should be stored in a cool place, and be kept out of direct sunlight.

A (sweater) closet would be ideal.

How to Manage the Odor

The BioPerformance Fuel product has a very strong odor resembling moth balls. It tends to permeate the bottle and box in which it is shipped. It can stink up your car . . . unless:


Placing the bottle inside a mason jar eliminates the smell entirely.

Putting the bottle inside a ziplock bag cuts down on the smell tremendously.

Use disposable latex gloves when handling the product to keep the smell of your hands. The gloves can be purchased inexpensively from drug stores and pharmacies.

Patent Infringement Controversy

EnviroMax approached BP in around February, 2006 saying that BP pills impinge on EnviroMax' patent.

EnviroMax Patent

EnviroMax' U.S. Patent 5,266,082.

Abstract : Fuel additive compositions for improving the combustion efficiency of an internal combustion engine, and thereby substantially reducing undesirable motor vehicle exhaust emissions as well as fuel consumption. The composition is composed of a bicyclic aromatic component selected from the group consisting of naphthalene, substituted naphthalene, biphenyl, biphenyl derivatives, and mixtures thereof, zinc oxide, and at least one Group 8-11 metal oxide . . .

BioPerformance Response

False allegations of patent infringement (pdf) - BioPerformanceTM's patent attorney's legal response to Maxma and Extreme Research's, the company marketing Enviro- Max Plus, false allegations and statements against BioPerformanceTM, Inc. for patent infringement. (BioPerformance)

Document makes reference to an invoice from a sale of the product (precursor company) in 1984, prior to the Enviromax patent. Further states that this prior existence nullifies the Enviromax patent, per 35 USC 102.

BioPerformance and Naphthalene (Mothballs)

Image:Naphthalene BP curves labeled 95x95.jpg

Directory:BioPerformance and Naphthalene - Comparison of mothballs and the popular fuel pill. Chemical analysis by University of Central Florida points to BioPerformance as being nearly 100% naphthalene. No naphthenate signature exists.


ScanGauge MPG Instrument for Your Car

Image:ScanGaugeV2 crop 95w.jpg

ScanGauge II - Track your automobile statistics with ease. Unit plugs into the diagnostic connector found under-dash on 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.

This unit plugs into, and gets it's data, from the ECM (on-board computer that controls the engine). Some of the newer cars have a "driver information center" that gives readouts from the ECM as well. What is nice about these devices is that they give you instantaneous mileage readouts as well as trip computations. However, don't forget that the most accurate way to obtain mileage figures is to fill the fuel tank all the way to the neck and record odometer reading every time you buy fuel. Record the exact amount of fuel from the pump readout and divide the miles driven by the gallons of fuel used. Do this for several tanks over the same course. Make sure to fill the tank to where you can see the fuel in the neck of the tank each time. You will notice quite a difference in mileage between night driving and day, warm or cold days, humid or dry days, amount of traffic on the road and other factors.

Fuel Funnel

Image:Fuel funnel.jpg

Hopkins 10701 Spill Saver Multi-Purpose Funnel - $1.49 from Long neck gets the product well past the splash guard, where the incoming fuel will wash it down into the tank. You'll want a bag to put this in, to keep the risidual smell from the product from stinking up your car.

Can also be purchased from local auto parts store.

Latex Surgical Gloves

Image:Latex surgical gloves.jpg

Box of 100 Economy Latex Exam Gloves - $4.95 at Protect your hands from getting smelly when handling the product. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Can also be purchased from local drug store.

O2 Sensor Correction

Fuel injected vehicles, that utilize narrowband oxygen sensors, produce a lean signal with use of the BP product ECUs compensate lean air/fuel mixture by adding more fuel, which will effectively diminish potential gas mileage improvements to negligible. A product (EFIE) is available from that will remedy this. Cars that have had this installed, and which were not getting improvement with BioPerformance, observed increased effectiveness of the BP product.


Accredited Laboratory Results

Tests at Accredited Laboratory (pdf)

Testing is presently under way at a University results pending.

ISO 9000 Lab Test 1

ISO 9000 Lab Test 2

University of Ohio testing results now overdue from when BP said they would be produced.

Read what the Better Business Bureau of Dallas had to say about this. The ISO 9000 lab said "the tests performed are not sufficient to provide results with regards to the performance of the product", and recommended further testing - but strangely, BioPerformance decided not to make that section of the report public


Customer Testimonials

Directory:BioPerformance Fuel:Testimonials (separate page)

Your Results

post here

(Just click on the "There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1].)

'95 Geo improved

On Jan. 27, 2007, User:Emptyhope wrote:

Well I was an early adoptee for BIoPerformance, except for the slow shipping, and refusal to accept credit cards, I found the product very helpful. I own a 95 Geo that at the time had bent rods in the engine and was only getting around 31 mpg. On using the BioPerformance pills the milage increased to 38 mpg, and the car ran with much greater power. The only caveats is that the pill clogs up the fuel filter and you have to replace it every once in a while. I now (since the supposed demise of Bio) use a different product, but I don't see an improvement with it, like I saw with BioPerformance. I never quit as a area manager for BioPerformance, just sat back and waited for what would happen. I have no idea how I still stand with the company as I have heard nothing from them since April, 2006. There is supposed to be a neck filter being developed that would solve the fuel filter clogging. All in all, Bio Performance like all of these gas enhancers are just simply band aids. What we need in this polluted world is alternate power that will do away with fossil fuel as it is used today. I'm going to start working toward hydrogen power very soon.

Negative Results

BP publishes a guarantee on their bottle that says in essence that if something bad happens to your car due to your use of BP fuel, that the company will cover any costs incurred. However, several people have reported trying to get the company to cover repair costs they incurred, and the company ignored their requests.

Brand New Maxima Surging/Lurching

Received by email, April 15, 2006, from a BP proponent. Another situation like this was presented to us just a few days ago.

Have you heard any issues with BRAND NEW cars having problems with BP powder or pills?

I just bought a 2006 Maxima and on the 3rd tank (2nd with the BP powder) it has started surging, lurching and almost stalled once. It's only 2 weeks old.

I love this company. Can you offer any advice??

Thank you,

[name withheld]

Bio Performance Area Manager / Income Coach

This is because of the change in your air/fuel mixture. This situation will remedy itself as the ECU adjusts to the new signals of the oxygen sensor. You will have to correct your oxygen sensor signal to achieve any substantial increase in gas mileage.

Improvement was minimal on most vehicles tried

On Feb. 25, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Troy Helming, CEO of Directory:Krystal Planet, which also has a fuel treatment product, gave the following assessment:

: "We tested this product. It does not work as claimed. In fact, on many vehicles very little performance improvement was found at all. On some vehicles, it improved mileage 10-20%, but on most the improvement was minimal. All it does is improve the fuel to from low grade to premium grade with cleaners and octane boosters. Buying premium fuel at the pump is more convenient than remembering to put in the additive (which by the way smells terrible and must be in a tightly sealed container in the car) and is about the same price. Bioperformance approached me about possibly selling our bolt-on fuel catalyst in their product mix, and asked me if we would consider selling their pill. After we tested it I declined to sell theirs, and they declined to sell mine. So consider the source (me) with these comments since I am technically a competitor of theirs. However, we did give their product an honest test while considering adding it to our catalog. Conclusion: I do not recommend putting this product in the Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD at all."

Mileage DROPPED Significantly

(May have needed to replace gas filter due to crud being released.)

From: "fjsmid"

To: "Sterling D. Allan"

Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 12:09 PM

Subject: Re: Mark's Pill results from Tank 4


[...] This stuff is a real farce. Just to be the guinea pig, I bought a sample and used it as prescribed in my TDi Golf. These are the results and other relevant points I can pass along from my experience, just so no one else gets burned. Mine was purchased in powder form from Don Brister on one of the dealer sites.

1) Over the course of the four tankfuls they require, my total mileage actually DROPPED significantly.

2) The dealer had no REAL idea how or why the product works. They have no tech support from BioPerformance.

3) They came up with convenient excuses as to why it did not work in my particular car at this time of year. They sent me an analysis of diesel fuel properties by a "noted chemist" that purported to show why I would get a negative result in winter. The author of said

analysis was anonymous, and conveniently requested to remain so. I question the analysis because in it he says that biodiesel is alcohol and that B20 is a mixture of 80% petro-diesel and 20% alcohol. If this guy doesn't even know what biodiesel is or how it is made, I

seriously doubt he knows anything about any fuels whatsoever, let alone how or why the product does or does not work.

4) One of the main components of the product is Naptha. It reeks of mothballs. My guess is that this is simply an elaborate scam to get people to pay gobs of money for crushed mothballs. Adding naphthalene mothballs to fuel is an old trick used for decades to boost


5) Finally, and most notably, they do not stand behind their product. If it doesn't work for you, oh well, you don't get your money back. So sorry old chap.

Feel free to pass these results along and post them on any other

additive and mileage sites you are aware of.


Gunked up Injectors


Beware consumers! I decided to try the pill and my vehicle ended up in the shop getting the injectors cleaned out. $240.00 later, my truck was running smooth again. The culprit was the composite inert materials that make up the "Pill". The debris looked like slimey mud. I'm sure the people who have tried it have vehicles that use carburators and fuel filters below standard.

By Anonymous, at 3/15/2006 06:37:12 PM

Possible Reasons for Mediocre or Negative Results

A BP dealer said: "At least 90% of the people who try it get positive results and more that 50% get excellent results."

For those who don't get great results, the following might help troubleshoot the reason.

The fact that the product turns out to be Naphthalene might shed some light on why it doesn't work in many cases, as well as why it does work in some cases (for short-term gains, not yet seeing the long-term damage).

Pills get caught on anti-siphoning screen

To prevent illegal siphoning of gasoline from gas tanks, many cars have installed a screen in the tube feeding the gas tank. These screens can prevent the BP pills from making it into the tank.

Pills get caught just behind the splash guard

In some cases, as the pills are pushed through the splash guard, they sit in the tube just behind the splash guard and do not make it down into the tank. The fill nozzle from the gas pump goes past them and does not wash them down.

Pill does not dissolve in water in diesel tank

Powder should always be used in diesels. The product does not dissolve in water, and the pill will go to the bottom of the tank, where in diesels there can be some accumulation of water.

O2 Sensor is confused

Some cars' 02 sensors give a false reading with the product which results in more fuel being burned. A product is available from that will remedy this. Cars that have had this installed, and which were not getting improvement with BioPerformance, usually began to see improvement.

> Reboot Car Computer

"I suggest you unhook your positive terminal from your battery on your cars for 45-60 minutes and reboot your cars computers. The censors use an average of 50 trips to make finite adjustments to injector pressure etc. In virturally every case like yours (mediocre change) the results are dramatically different after rebooting." -- Claude O'Donovan

Gunk gets cleaned up and ends up in fuel filter

The product cleans things up in the fuel system -- it loosens gunk up. Some of this ends up in the fuel filter, and in extreme cases can clog the filter, resulting in poor performance. Changing the filter should resolve this. In some cases the problem goes away as the impeding particulates are dissolved into smaller sizes. In some cases, when the blockage in the fuel filter is severe enough, an already weak fuel pump can fail, leading to pricy repairs.

> Shocker dose counterindicated

This is why doing the 2x dose on the first tank is not a good idea, as it exascerbates this potential problem, increasing the cleaning load.

> Remedy

If your performance goes down upon using the BP product, you may want to try going without for a tank or two in order to give the gunk a chance to wash out, then recommence using the product.

Engine takes a while to be cleaned up

Some engines take a while to be cleaned up, so that aspect of the usual enhancement by BP is delayed.

Fixed Amount of Fuel

One mechanic said that some cars have the computer preset to feed a certain amount of gas, no matter what.

Vehicle is already highly efficient

In some cases, because a vehicle is already engineered well and is using the fuel more optimally than most, BP improvement might be less.


Two-Month+ Delay in Shipping

The following was posted on April 29, 2006.

My name is Mark Crouse. I am a distributor with Bio Performance, and I was the one largely responsible for setting up this Peswiki web page in the first place. I wish now I never had.

On Feb 23, 2006 I ordered $1243 worth of product. As of April 29, 2006 I have only received $300 of that product. I have filed complaints with their customer service dept on 3/21/2006, 4/9/2006, 4/20/2006 and 4/27/2006. The only response I got from them other than questions to gather more information was the word "responded".

On April 29, 2006 I filed a formal complaint with the Texas State Attorney General's office.

On May 1, 2006, the above situation was brought to the attention of Evelyn Hobson, who is an outside consultant for BP, to help them get their shipping problems resolved. A tracking number was supplied within a couple of days.

May 20,2006 Tracking number, big deal! They cashed $1200 of my money orders in Feb, and only sent $300 in product. Its been 3 months now, and I still don't have $900 of product or money. My next step is to file a lawsuit when I figure out how to do it. They stole from me! Mark Crouse


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Directory:BioPerformance and Naphthalene evidence that the product contains what used to be in mothballs.

Automotive Engineer's View of BioPerformance

- commentary from a qualified professional engineer. Examines the theory of operation, the apparent flaws in the test data, and the danger of relying on testimonial evidence. Comments welcome to the address given on the site.

The Law Offices of Theodore Monroe collecting info

There are a number of mixed reviews regarding the Gas Pill. We have been actively monitoring BioPerformance Fuel and it appears that a significant number of people have tried the product and found that it simply does not work. In fact, our law firm, The Law Offices of Theodore Monroe is currently investigating whether or not these pills work. Information about the firm is located at If you have purchased the Gas Pill, tried it, and found it to be "bunk," we will want to talk to you. You can also email us at []

Discussion Sites Commenting on BP

The following sites have discussed the BioPerformance Fuel, with a general sentiment that BioPerformance fuel is a scam. However, often it is without direct experience, but is armchair commentary.

- Includes negative performance test reports, patent infringement discussion, MLM set-up pitfalls, past experience with Lowell Mims, rebuttals from BP supporters also interspersed.

] - Mentions a likeley law suit from EnviroMax for patent infringement] asserts that BP is a front-end loaded MLM earning from sign-ups and hype, rather than product -- a product that does not have a money-back guarantee. Mentions that BP does not allow credit card sign-up, to avoid charge-back. Product performance testimonies good and bad are reported. Long shipment times of 21 business days said to be to push sign-ups, rather than product. Says that customer support is slow to respond, if they respond at all.

REBUTTAL: See above section about suit, which actually backfires on EnviroMax, nullifying their patent due to prior existence and sales of the BP precursor company product. Regarding customer support, BP is growing rapidly and leans on upline to answer most questions. Front-end loading usually refers to un-needed product build-up, which really doesn't apply to this additive which is easy to distribute and in high demand. Product delivery times are improving. Customer service is committed to improvement, with an objective of responding within 48 hours to tickets opened.

COUNTER: Many claims of unanswered tickets remain unresolved. No confirmation of 9 business day shipment, many claims of outstanding shipments that have already been billed.

] The gas pill scam has been going around for decades.] It first appeared during the OPEC Embargo of the early 1970s.''

REBUTTAL: Mostly armchair criticism. TylerScot's post on Wed Feb 08, 2006 5:17 pm reports a decrease in mileage, knocking, and even a stall. This could be a result of loosened junk clogging the fuel filter. The comment by Lysimachus Sun Feb 26, 2006 9:57 pm about BP's binary MLM system is groundless, and is not based on an accurate understanding of the BioPerformance set-up, which mixes the best of binary, with modern improvements. There is no way that the stuff he claims is there can alter the structure of the hydrocarbons. Phrases like "snake-oil salesman" come to mind.

REBUTTAL: General anecdotal, not specific to product, nor experiential with product.

COUNTER: 'Anecdotal' - (as opposed to 'testimonials', the way this product is marketed) - the Scamdex Forum is FULL of people giving their opinion of just this product. (Good and Bad).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested over 100 supposed gas-saving devices - including mixture "enhancers" and fuel line magnets - and found that very few provided any fuel economy benefits. Those devices that did work provided only marginal improvements. In fact, some “gas-saving? products even may damage a car’s engine or cause substantial increases in exhaust emissions.

REBUTTAL: This is a generalized site and statement and does not specifically mention BP, which is a newer product.

A stone classic - Thanks for linking it. If one was looking for a textbook example of every marker that should warn the reader to beware, this one is it - they didn't miss a single one!

REBUTTAL: Armchair criticism. No testing done. No results posted.

In the News

Google News > BioPerformance - most current news.

BioPerformance Fuel resumes one year after Texas AG shut-down - Pill/powder product, said to increase mileage and horsepower, and to decrease emissions is now back on sale -- and now admitted to contain Naphthalene (moth balls). (PESN May 18, 2007)

Image:TX v BP-Vindicated 95x95.jpg

Fuel Additive Vindicated - Federal Test Procedure and Highway Fuel Economy Test protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency show that BioPerformance fuel additive increases mileage and decreases emissions, contrary to Texas Attorney General accusations that shut down the company last May. (PESN Jan. 23, 2007)

'Secret Gas Pill' Co. Ordered To Repay Customers - "Now a settlement with the Texas Attorney General's Office requires that the Irving-based company 'Bio Performance' return more than $7 million to its customers." (CBS 11 TV Dallas, Forth Worth Jan 23, 2007)

Directory:BioPerformance:Sept. 18, 2006 court date postponed - Mims says, "Product testing is an important part of this process." (PESWiki Sept. 18, 2006)

Directory:BioPerformance and Naphthalene has been produced that suggest that the product contains Naphthalene, not Naphthenate as alleged. Explanation given by chemical engineer as to why BioPerformance becomes Naphthalene when tested in the laboratory. In pill or powder form, or in the fuel tank it is said to be composed of one of several enzymes linked to Naphthenate, and is non toxic.

Directory:BioPerformance:July 7 Message about New Attorneys - After more than a month of silence, word is received from BioPeformance headquarters assuring the once ~50,000 distributors that the fuel additive company is preparing a defense and is dedicated to long term success. (PESWiki July 9, 2006)

State of TX vs. BioPerformance Fuel, Inc. - Judge sets court date for Sept. 18, and allows the unfreezing of some funds to cover expense of preparing defense, including running necessary tests. (PESN May 31, June 1, 2006)

Image:TX v BP 95x95.jpg

Texas State Attorney General Shuts Down BioPerformance - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on May 17 filed a lawsuit and obtained a temporary restraining order and asset freeze against Texas-based BioPerformance, Inc. (PESN May 17, 2006)

Pain At The Pump: The Little Green Pill - BP company leaders evasive to reporters. Independent testing done at university showed: 1) the product is nearly 99% naphthalene (moth balls), and 2) tested vehicles did not improve in mileage. (May 4, 2006)

REBUTTAL: BP manufacturers responded saying BP it is not naphthalene but a naphthanate, which is non-toxic and has better fuel enhancement properties. Testing pending from an undisclosed University allegedly will give the product a clean bill of health. Be Patient and stay tuned. Visit The response page.

State Looking Into Group's Claims That It Can Save You Gas Money - Attorney General's Office spokesman Todd Leatherman: "The claims that are made for fuel efficiency are so dramatic that it really raised suspicions about whether or not they are legitimate. Other states are looking at them as well." (WLKY NewsChannel 32 6 p.m. on April 27, 2006)

Experts: Gas Tank Pills Likely Don't Work - Erickson said he is also wary because the BioPerformance Web site does not feature hard evidence from he calls a reputable group, such as the National Science Foundation. Instead, it relies on testimonials. (KCRA TV April 26, 2006)

Bioperformance Has Supporters, Skeptics - Transcript from Steve Burgin's Target 32 investigation, WLKY NewsChannel 32 at 6 p.m. on March 17, 2006. Burgin: "Avery placed some of the product into a glass container of gasoline. He says 24 hours later, sediment remained in the bottom of the bottle." Avery: "I can still see sediment swirling in there. That would build up in your gas tank over time."

Fuel additive claims to help save a bundle at the pump - One fuel additive on the market claims it can save more than 25 percent on your next gas purchase. While some give it high marks, other consumers who tested the additive reported only minimal changes, if any, in their gas mileage. (April 7, 2006)

Schneider: Gas pill column fuels debate among readers - Some vouch for the product, others don't. (Lansing State Journal ] April 5, 2006)

Schneider: Skeptic questions claim that pill raises gas mileage - It's the perfect product for a society that believes in a pill for ... (Lansing State Journal ] March 30, 2006)

AAA, FTC Say Gas Tank Pills Unlikely To Work - One company called BioPerformance says its pills, when added to your gas tank, can improve efficiency and save you about 20 percent. (, Philadelphia April 12, 2006)

REBUTTAL: Report does not test the product, but only refers to a general sentiment against additives. Poor journalism. Article does include some good general tips for improving mileage: inflate tires, oil and air filter changes, etc.

Can a Pill Help Fuel Efficiency? - Distributor's favorable comments AAA mechanic [who had not tested the product] is skeptical based on generalization. (WTOL 11, Toledo Jan 17, 2006)

WESH I-Team Coverage, Florida

WESH > BioPerformance

'Little Green Pill' Makers Owe Customers Millions - In a surprising move, the state of Texas has settled with the makers of the "little green pill." (WESH 23 Jan 07)

Image:Naphthenate 95x95.jpg

Attorney General To Investigate Little Green Pill Claims - Florida and Kentucky Attorney General's offices are investigating. Said that Univ. of Central Florida tested BP again to see if it was Naphthalene or Naphthenate, and concluded once again: Naphthalene. Checked out phone number on MSDS sheet, and it went to a person's cell phone with a message: "If this is about BioPerformance or BioPlus, I am not affiliated with either one." (WESH May 16, 2006)

Green Pill Investors React To Lawsuit - ... BioPerformance investors defend their company on a conference call, one day after the Texas Attorney General shut it down. ... (19 May 06)

Investors Stand By Little Green Pill Despite Lawsuit - ... BioPerformance investors defend their company on a conference call, one day after the Texas Attorney General shut it down. ... (19 May 06)

Pain At The Pump: The Little Green Pill - With the price of gas going sky high, a new product has hit the market. (05 May 06)

Attorney General Shuts Down Little Green Pill Company - ... The Texas Attorney General files a lawsuit against BioPerformance, the maker of the little green pill, after a WESH 2 I-Team ... (18 May 06)

Green Pill Company Sued - ... The Texas Attorney General files a lawsuit against BioPerformance, the maker of the little green pill. ... (17 May 06)

Attorney General To Investigate Little Green Pill Claims - The Florida Attorney General launches an investigation after seeing the I-Team's report on the little green pill. (17 May 06)

Little Green Pill Investigation - The Florida Attorney General launches an investigation after seeing an I-Team report on the little green pill. (17 May 06)

Little Green Pill Investigation - The Florida Attorney General launches an investigation after seeing the I-Team's report on the little green pill. (16 May 06)

Tonight At 6: Green Pill Update ... The Texas Attorney General shuts down BioPerformance, the maker of the little green pill. ... (17 May 06)

Green Pill Lawsuit - ... Texas Attorney General holds press conference announcing lawsuit against BioPerformance, makers of the Little Green Pill. ... (18 May 06)

Response to BioPerformance Skeptics

Charge: BP has yet to do any credible testing. Their only positive results are non-scientific testimonials. contains mainly non-credible rebuttals to skeptics and allegations against BioPerformance Inc.

Testing by ISO 9000 certified lab has been achieved (the name of the lab has been removed due to the number of calls they were receiving). Also testing is presently under way at the University of Ohio, and is expected to address all allegations and prove the safety and general effectiveness of BioPerformance.


Comments - Adjuct discussion list for this PESWiki page.

Related Coverage

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Company generally does not respond to outside inquiries, nor inside skeptical inquiries.

Bio Performance Inc.

1300 West Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 100,

Irving, TX 75038

BioPerformance, Inc.

P.O. Box 610206

Dallas, TX 75261


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