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Directory of Biofuel Cautions related to the process of converting organic-based matter into burnable fuel as a replacement for fossil fuel.

See Directory:Biofuels

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:"So here’s what we gain from the biofuels trade:

:1. Global environmental destruction

:2. Higher greenhouse gas emissions

:3. Mass starvation

:4. The loss of hundreds of millions of dollars

:5. The prospect of a new trade war.

:Is there anyone out there who still thinks they are a good idea? (Biofuels do far more harm than good Ghana Business News March 8, 2009)

Image:John-Truman-Wolfe Crisis-by-Design sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Global Warming > Directory:Climategate / Directory:Abiotic Oil / Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biofuels:Cautions > Anatomy of a Massive Con Job! - John Truman Wolf does an excellent job explaining how the 'environmental crisis machine' was constructed and the con job it is. For example, Con #2: Oil is renewable Con #3: Global Warming on cooked data Con #4: The biofuel push results in deforestation, oxygen depletion, and dead zones in the oceans from nitrogen and other pollutants. (AntiCorruptionSociety July 14, 2012)
Image:Biofuel wasteland 95x95.jpg
Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biofuels:Cautions > If Not Grown Wisely, Biofuels Can Emit 55 Times More CO2 Than Fossil Fuels - An interesting MIT study reveals that biofuels can in some circumstances generate on average 10 times more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, depending on how they’re produced. The study involved a life-cycle analysis of 14 biofuel sources. Palm oil emitted 55 times more carbon dioxide if the palm plantation was located in a converted rainforest. (Green Optimistic May 11, 2011)

Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biofuels:Cautions > Biofuel Worse For Climate Than Fossil Fuel: Study - A report warns that European plans to promote biofuels will drive farmers to convert 69,000 square km of wild land (the size of Ireland) into fields and plantations, depriving the poor of food, and generate between 81 and 167 percent more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels. (PlanetArk November 9, 2010)

Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biofuels:Cautions > Biofuels emit 400 percent more CO2 than regular fuels - A recent report issued by the European Union has revealed that biofuels, or fuel made from living, renewable sources, is not really all that beneficial to the environment. Rather than reduce the net carbon footprint as intended, biofuels can produce four times more carbon dioxide pollution than conventional fossil fuels do. (Natural News August 10, 2010)

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Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuel > Directory:Biofuels:Cautions > 'Invasive' biofuel crops require mitigation and buffer zones: Europe calls for urgent screening - The ‘Standing Committee of the Council of Europe Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats’ (known as the Bern Convention) has warned that biofuel crops are able to escape as pests, and in so doing impact on native biodiversity makes four recommendations. (NewScienceJournalism Jan. 14, 2010)
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Biofuels More Harmful to Humans Than Petrol and Diesel, Warn Scientists - Corn-based bioethanol has higher burden on environment and human health, according to a Review of the Indirect Effects of Biofuels. (Truthout Feb. 2, 2009)

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E85 Boondoggle of the Day: EU Cuts Biofuel Goals, Blocks U.S. Corn juice - Foodstock-based, first-gen biofuels are becoming increasingly unpopular, spurring the European Union to modify its biofuel milestone objectives. (The Truth About Cars Sept. 13, 2008)

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Biofuel Backlash: High prices, pollution worries hit consumers - Prices of biodiesel have almost doubled to about $6 per gallon, and many experts blame biofuel production for driving up food prices worldwide. Prominent scientists have questioned whether growing crops for biofuels produces more greenhouse gases than it prevents. (Seattle Times June 8, 2008)

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Rethinking Biofuel - Robert Pritchett presses a few biofuel hot-buttons regarding the current status of biofuel and unintended consequences - along with some solutions. (macCompanion Magazine June 1, 2008)

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Invasive Species: Another Reason to Worry about Biofuels - A new report, entitled A Risk Assessment of Invasive Alien Species Promoted for Biofuels, is calling on governments to carefully weigh the risks posed by biofuel crops that stand a chance of becoming invasive species against the perceived benefits. (TreeHugger May 21, 2008)

Pollution Is Called a Byproduct of a ‘Clean’ Fuel - Oil and glycerin deplete the oxygen content of water very quickly, and that will suffocate fish and other organisms. And for birds, a vegetable oil spill is just as deadly as a crude oil spill. (''New York Times March 11, 2008)

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Biofuel Comparison Chart: The - The article implies that biofuels can be part of the solution if their production is cost/energy-efficient and doesn't displace food crops or native habitats. (Treehugger May 10, 2008)

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Grease Bandits Strike As Biofuel Demand Rises - Grease is a traded commodity like gold or pork bellies, and its price has tripled in the past two years – leading to increased theft. The reason: Grease can be used to make bio-diesel and has seen the same price spike as corn and other biofuel inputs. (Christian Science Monitor May 6, 2008)

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Biofuels: the Good, the Bad and the Unusual - The Sustainable Biofuels Consensus (9-page PDF) highlights the opportunities that sustainably produced biofuels could bring, if managed carefully. (Renewable Energy World May 1, 2008)

Food or Fuel for Thought? - We outline our view (charts & graphs) that increases in oil prices have led to a substantial rise in ethanol production, and will have significant effect on food prices and eventually overall CPI. (Fiat Economics March 14, 2008)

The Biofuel Hoax is causing a world food crisis! - The United Nations states that its charity programs can no longer afford to feed the starving peoples of the world because of the high cost of food created by biofuel production. (Chrisopher Calder)

Biofuels / Global Warming > Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat - Almost all biofuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if the full emissions costs of producing these “green" fuels are taken into account, two studies being published Thursday have concluded. (NY Times Feb. 8, 2008)

Image:Smart bioenergy 95x95.jpg

Alternative Fuels Can Boost Pollution - A recent US study warns that some alternative fuels can cause more harmful greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. Liquid coals is 80% more polluting. Ethanol can be more polluting, depending on how it is produced. Biiofuels are usually cleaner. (Alternative Energy News Nov. 22, 2007)

UN 'Right to Food' Rapporteur Urges 5 Year Moratorium on Biofuels - The UN has been asked to temporarily suspend progress on biofuels. Turning food crops into fuel for cars may lead to increasing food prices, competition for land use and reduced availability of drinking water. (Institute of Science in Society Aug. 11, 2007)

Biofuels could increase global warming with laughing gas - Growing and burning many biofuel crops may actually raise, rather than lower, greenhouse gas emissions. That's the conclusion of a new study led by Nobel prize-winning chemist Paul Crutzen, best known for his work on the ozone layer. (PhysOrg Sept. 21, 2007)

The Dark Side of Biofuels: Horror in the 'Brazilian California' "When the airplane passed, pouring out that bath of poison, my father was soaked. He fell ill because of the toxins that are sprayed over the cane. This is the end for many young people here," says a female cane cutter from the region of Ribeirao Preto, in São Paulo state. (July 23, 2007)

Palm Oil Firms Burning Indonesian Forests - Palm oil companies are burning peat forests to clear land for plantations in Indonesia's Riau province, despite government pledges to end forest fires, environment group Greenpeace said. (ENN July 12, 2007)

Biofuel Industry Turns Violent and Bloody in Colombia - Armed groups in Colombia are driving peasants off their land to make way for plantations of palm oil, a biofuel that is being promoted as an environmentally friendly source of energy. Surging demand for "green" fuel has prompted right-wing paramilitaries to seize swaths of territory, according to activists and farmers. (TruthOut June 5, 2007)

Success derails biofuels bandwagon - A global, government policy-fuelled rush to produce biofuels is backfiring as it pushes up costs and makes the environmentally-friendly alternative fuel far less competitive. In the near term a looming biofuels glut plus falling rival crude oil prices mean producers can less easily pass on their spiralling costs. (Reuters Mar. 6, 2007)

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Synthetic Biology: Replace Oil Addiction with a 'Sugar Binge'? - A biotechnology company aims to convert sugar into gasoline or diesel using synthetic biology. Will the new fuel source end up turning foods into a luxury item? (Thanks Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger)

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Biofuel Demand Could Send Shockwaves through World Economy - Esteemed environmental policy analyst Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute told reporters last week that Americans and the rest of the world are likely to see sharp increases in the price of corn, let alone the popular biofuel ethanol, due to errors in projections made by federal agriculture planners. (E-Magazine Jan. 8, 2007)

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Biofuels as Invasive Species? - As the United States looks to crops as possible future sources of energy, a University of Arkansas researcher and his colleagues call for caution, citing the possibility of some biofuel crops becoming invasive species. (PhysOrg Sept. 21, 2006)

Biofuels: Green energy or grim reaper? - Biofuels could end up damaging the natural world rather than saving it from global warming. What is needed are better policies, better science and genetic modification, which can all contribute to a greener biofuels revolution. In other words don't assume that biofuels are a panacea for all fuel problems. ( Sept. 22)

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Food Industry Anxious over Rising Rapeseed Demand - Rapeseed oil, for margarines, sauces, and general food use, has become the focus of heated debate between the European food sector and biodiesel advocates. Biofuel producers blend the oil with conventional diesel to provide a greener alternative. (Renewable Energy Access Apr. 10, 2006)

Image:Biofuel USDA 95x95.jpg

French Green Lobby Wary of Biofuel Benefits - As France races to become Europe's top biofuels maker by 2010, the country's green lobby said on Wednesday that damage caused by intensive farming to produce them could outweigh the clean-burning benefits. (Reuters Jan. 12, 2006)


Missouri turkey oil plant closed because of foul odors - Governor of Missouri calls for shut down of foul-smelling plant that turns turkey byproducts into fuel oil Wednesday until the company finds a way to clear the air. The facility produces 100 to 200 barrels of fuel oil a day using byproducts from a nearby ConAgra Foods turkey processing facility. (Union Tribune Dec. 28, 2005)