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The nature of matter, and our beliefs about it, lie at the heart of the heated disputes over health science and which therapies and chemical treatments can be scientifically verified. Underlying even the theories are contradictory Frames of Reference.


What is a theory? A theory is a set if ideas conceived by a human being to try to explain a set of observed phenomena. Described as such, it sounds very much like the commonplace definition of "myth" -- a set of fanciful beliefs created by ignorant and unscientific primitive humans to explain the inexplicable mysteries of life. This similarity of definition is not accidental in either its genesis or its implications.

Because of the individual's Frame of Reference, he will decide which facts he is going to consider worthy of being explained by his theory, and omit others that do not fit within the frame of reference. If the theory appears to explain the set of facts which are widely recognized to exist, it will be believed, quoted, and received as true. However, it is crucial to note the distinction that remains: a theory never becomes a set of facts. It remains an intellectual construct, subject to change should the set of facts on which it is based be expanded, reduced or otherwise modified. Some of the facts may turn out not to be significant, and as new detection equipment is invented and refined, new evidence may come to light that demands revision of the believed theory, or even its replacement.

The two main theories which impinge on the subject of heatlh research are outlined below. There are grey areas and crossovers between them, but to simplify they can be outlined as follows.


If your intellect has latched onto and believes as unquestioned foundation the idea that all matter is reducible to molecules and elements, and their chemical interactions, you will automatically dismiss as invalid any phenomenon which does not fit into this framework. If you are a doctor or microbiologist, you will seek to identify the chemical messengers which carry out the body's internal commands. If the body's systems are disrupted, you will search even more diligently for a chemical agent which can step into the gap for the one that is missing.

Given your belief in the absolute factual nature of your work, you will regard all "energy-based therapies" as quackery, mere charlatanism, or at worst actual criminal fraud. And you will apply the term "inadmissible" to all evidence of frequency variation and energy flows.


If on the other hand your basic belief is that matter consists of energy, you will find as a guiding principle the fact that all atoms and molecules have specific oscillatory rates, directions of spin, and other quantum behavioral factors that modern analytical equipment can reveal. You may have also concluded that chemistry is subordinate to an innate organizing intelligence or software that controls the visible body. You will search painstakingly for the frequencies or energy patterns that can stimulate self-healing and regulate internal functions.

You will regard chemical intervention as a ham-fisted interference with nature. You may even be inclined to ignore chemistry in the search for the perfect set of frequencies or esoteric ways to verify and repair this biological software program. However, it might be unwise narrowness of viewpoint to restrict your search to exclude chemical evidence. We should not jump out of one box only to shut ourselves up in another.


The chemical reductionist theory, which still dominates medicine, is supported by strong business interests. The energy medicine theory, based on a different frame of reference, does not have the same financial clout, or at least it does not have it at this time in history.

Is science a game of who pays the piper calls the tune? We invite you to explore and to weigh the evidence for yourself. Our hope is to stimulate exploration of ideas, and even more important, documentation of results from any experiments you may be inspired to set up using technologies, magnets or other devices discussed in these related directories.