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Directory:Bill Landon Jr. Magnet Motor

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Page first featured June 8, 2009

Image:Bill-Landen Jr magnet motor crop jp70.jpg

Status : Doesn't work yet.

Bill Landon of Lebanon, Connecticut, USA, has a magnet motor design that he is hoping an entrepreneur will come along to fund to create a working model.

According to a media report,

: "The magnet motor doesn't look revolutionary or even complicated. The size of a medium pizza, the main parts are a stationary base, or stator, and a rotor. Magnets are arranged in circles along the edges of both pieces. Milled to precise shapes and placed in exact positions, Landon said, the magnets will pull and push one another to create constant rotation. Landon flicks the rotor and it spins for several minutes. The model is not perfect, he said, because the parts must be precisely machined and fitted and he lacks the necessary equipment.",0,3005796.story

I'm not sure why the local media saw fit to give this coverage, inasmuch as the motor is not working yet. Maybe there were expecting more when they went to his home to photograph him and interview him for their story and that's why their report spends far more time talking about the home than the invention they went there to cover.

Official Website

none yet?


US Patent Application filed

Inventor: Bill Landon, Jr.

"Landon, 72, has worked as an electrical engineer for various companies, including contributions to what is now Hamilton Sundstrand's spacesuit program. He is an inventor, a fixer of antique machines, a vintner, a carpenter and designer at his historic home on the edge of Lebanon's long green.",0,3005796.story

In the News

Lebanon Man Designs Magnet-Powered Motor - Article spends most its inc talking about the house, not the motor. (The Hartford Courant June 1, 2009)


Bill Landon of Labanon, Connecticut

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