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Directory:Bhalla Universal Fuel Cell (UFC)

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Professor Anil Bhalla from India has a renewable energy concept with a rudimentary prototype that he would like to get patented and developed into market readiness.

The technology involves a solar panel and a fuel cell. He believes it will compete price-wise with conventional energy as well as in 24-7 reliability.


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Latest Developments


On September 15, 2007, Dr. Bhalla wrote:

I have a commercially viable innovation to report. I call it Universal Fuel Cell (UFC) because in future it probably shall run cars cook in kitchens and have multiple uses in industry. This fuel cell does not use any fossil fuel and is totally green. Once fully charged it should run a moderate sized car for around 60 kms It is charged almost for free by sunlight. It does not have any of the disadvantages of solar cells ie heavy batteries or weather dependence or limited output. This should be the first solar device that would not need any subsidies and people shall buy it on merit.

It is as yet unpatented. I would love to enter in to a written agreement and work for your company for a joint patent and commercial production. I estimate an immediate demand not only in remote areas but in fully populated areas also . Hope you find above facts interesting. .. I am ready for any financial arrangements also with any body who would help me to complete this project.

On September 17, 2007, Dr. Bhalla wrote:

Though I am well qualified and have good experiance in research I am an individual and not a company. I had got a prototype made and it worked but more work is required and it is not possible on individual basis to develop it since the cost is a constraint for an individual.Yes input energy is required and that is sunlight. Output energy is already standardised. Any company which is interested has not much to lose. Costs wont be that high but if it clicks, gains might be enormous. I am trying to sell it out at huge costs. I shall come myself work on it along with a small team from the company get required patents and if and when it clicks (may be 2 yrs) grow with the company.

On September 20, 2007, Dr. Bhalla wrote:

My innovation has 2 parts. One is the solar panel and the other is the proper cell. It shall use solar energy and get charged. Of course no batteries no inverters no voltage stabilisers and once it is charged none of the disadvantages of solar products are there. The solar panel required can vary from a couple of square meters to a couple of thousand square meters depending upon the capacity of the unit.

It should compete well with other energy sources. And it should get some subsidies though not exactly required because it shall be totally green and shall reduce the import bill for many countries including my own. Companies manufacturing solar panels should be specially interested as it shall tremendously increase the sale of solar panels also.

Independent Testing



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Inventor: Anil Bhalla
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Prof. Anil Bhalla



: +91 9719332343

: +91 132 3250830

: +91 132 2720961

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