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Directory:Bedini SG:Welcome to Participants

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'Welcome to Participants in John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG Project'

Though the primary purpose of the project was Directory:Bedini SG:Mission Accomplished early on, as with any project, there are an infinite number of follow-up items that can be pursued. You are welcome and encouraged to discuss and report report your various experiments on the Bedini_SG YahooGroups discussion list.

Also, this PESWiki site is available for you to present your reports in an organized manner for others to benefit from your discovery process.

If you have not already created an index page for your project, we encourage you to do so.

It's easy:

1) enter

(replace "YourName" with your name) into your browser,

2) click on the "edit" button,

Here's a Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Template you can use as a framework.

3) enter your specific content

4) preview to see if it shows up to your satisfaction (feel free to use the formatting options a Help:Format link is found in the left navigation column of this site.)

5) save

As your content grows too large for one page, you can move content to sub pages and link to it from your main page. See my Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan and data indexing pages as a sampling.

Use the following URL organization for each of your experiment reports

Where "Exp1" is replaced with the appropriate experiment number and name.

Here is how you link to that page from your main page

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Everything up to the "|" is the hyperlink, and everything after the "|" is the text that will show up as the hyperlink to click on.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Data:Template from which you can copy and paste content to get a page started if you wish.

To upload images, you need to be logged in. Then just follow the Help:Uploading Images given from the link in the left hand navigation column.

Try to reduce the file size of the image if you can. Most image composition programs have a "compress" option.

If you get an "internal error" message, I find the way to get around this is to just rename the file on your hard drive then try again. It's a workaround that has virtually always worked for me on the second or third try. Most of the time the upload works on the first try.

Now, once you have your page composed, go to the "Directory:Bedini SG:Latest" page on the Bedini SG project, and post a link to what you have done, under the present day's date.

One option you might consider as an interim step is to create an index page and then just link your messages as you post them on the Bedini SG list.

For example, I linked to Jim's comment on making sure you have water in your battery if it uses water, from the Battery Characteristics index page as well as to his replication index page. To do this, I pulled up the page at YahooGroups, copied the URL, then pasted it as follows on that page:


Make sure there is water in your cells if your batteries use water]

- comment by Rick Friedrich, Nov. 13.

The asterisk makes a bullet. External links (external to PESWiki) only use a single opening and closing bracket, and rather than a "|" between the url and the text that will be hyperlinked, a space follows the URL, followed by the text to be hyperlinked, ended with the closing bracket.

See what this looks like at

Directory:Bedini SG:Battery Characteristics


Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Jim

Feel free to help one another in posting content from each other's work and helping with formatting and such.

This is a group effort.

For example, despite how easy this is, some people are intimidated by it (mental block) and don't post. Perhaps as such a person posts to the Bedini SG discussion list you could then copy the content over to PESWiki for them, and keep their pages up to date and organized.

I do what I can, but there is too much for me to do it all by maintaining the project site as it should be maintained. Too much going on because of the great work you all are doing.

I do have RSS feed set up to keep an close eye on all new changes, and will be able to coach you along as needed.

Thanks again for your participation.

Sterling D. Allan

Executive Director, PES Network, Inc.

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