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John Bedini's School Boy Window Motor and Battery Energizer Self-Runner

Complete Plans


The instruction information on these pages is for experimental use only. No commercial applications allowed except through license with Bedini Technologies Inc.

Window Motor Replication using only SSG circuit made also in May 2007

Collection of Emails about the progress of this Self-runner Setup

I have a new picture of three photos in my folder of the rotor, magnets

and frame. Spins for about 15 minutes. Looks promising. Now to decide

upon the wire, and five strands of it times thousands of feet. Even

though the magnets are so far away from each other they still are

affected by each other when I mounted them. Just lots of super glue and

then tape. I just filed down some flat spots as I don't have the time

machine slots. Last time I did that with the scalar magnet setup I

found it was not easy.


As I spin it and place a magnet in a certain position away from the

front of the rotating magnets I find that it does not seem to hinder

rotation whichever pole I face. One magnet sucks into it and the next

pushes away at just the right time.

Don't mind the wallpaper on the base of the setup. It was an old shelf

from a trailer.


I finished the window motor as promised.

Picture in my folder in photos as last picture.

I wound 400 winds of #23 x 5 strands. Each strand was hopefully I

think 36.2 ohms resistance (one seemed to read lower for some

reason). I don't have the exact feet but you can see it looks like a

big lock of hair from Rapunzel.

I gave it a spin and each strand only gave me about 2vac max. Not a

hard spin though, and the wires are not as close to the magnets as

desired. Could use 6 more of those magnets if anyone wants to send


When I connected three of the strands in series they gave the same

result as by themselves. Don't know what I'm doing wrong here.

I ran it with the SSG circuit. At first I didn't know what was

happening in that my charging battery was just going down. Then I

realized I had no diode for the output to the charging positive

terminal and that fixed everything. Still can make simple mistakes

after all these setups!

The Energizer ran all day off of two of the 5 strands and the primary

battery went from 12.72 to 12.71 while the charging battery went up

0.15 volts. These are ruined U1-7 wallmart batteries with 275CA (but

not any more).

I did not use the other three strands and could easily recover

whatever is necessary and far more from the wheel rotation. No need

for all your fancy circuits guys. It is so simple. No problem with a

cap as long as you have suitable recovery. Never mind the much higher

output with superhigh volts as in the other setup. Every one of you

can do this, it is child's play.

Just get your setup freewheeling at least 15 minutes without wire

(wire on will make no difference). Use a plastic bike wheel at least

17" diameter as John and I have done so the geometry is ideal for the

magnets. Use as big neos or doubled as you can. WIND A SECOND WINDOW

COIL arrangement as we showed that one black ball setup in video, or

as Carl showed recently in some diagrams, and just pulse that into

the primary battery with a bridge and a cap OUT OF PHASE with the

motoring of SSG. Or you can make another coil with R60 rods as core

as in my other setup and mount that in the right place not too close

to the magnets passing and see what you get out of it. It is all

about timing.

But here is the difference between what you all have been trying to

do and what I have been saying all the while: with this arrangement I

not only keep the front end charged, but will also recharge another

battery continuously with the output of the SSG. That is why I said I

like a two battery system. Who cares about a little spinner that does

no practical work and only tickles ears? OOOWWW! WOOOOW!

Anyway, it is all the same thing with iron or without. Without is

better in some respects and limited in others.

What do you think guys? Can you recover in this way and go beyond

that with the SSG output? Oh I just know some of you have already.

Come on and show us what you got. Don't pretend it is so hard when

you already have done it.


Well, I just checked now a few hours later from when I last checked

it and it is back at 12.72 volts on the new window motor where it

started. We are talking about a whole 12 hours later where the

battery is in the surface charge area which is above 12.60 volts. The

coil is 1 degree warmer than the wood, same with 2.2k resistor and

transistor I believe. Other battery is higher in charge to from 12.74

to 12.92, but it had been down to 12.50 when I was shorting it out

across the coil temporarily.


Now this morning almost a day later I just checked right now at 7:00AM and

the volts are at 12.73 and 12.96. The motor WITHOUT ANY RECOVERY to the front

end has increased. It is tiny but it has done a lot of mechanical work and

charges another battery. So never even mind trying to use the generator windings

for additional pickup and pulsing back into the battery at this point. The nature

of the SSG circuit with this arrangement (a better geometry) allows for recovery

back to the primary while giving the same sort of charging to the secondary battery.

Hopefully now people will take my statements made previously more seriously.


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