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Exp. 11 Influence of Gap Between Wheel and Coil

'Experiment 11 from Sterling D. Allan's Replication of John Bedini's "Directory:Bedini SG"'

Summary : An optimum distance for rotation is not as close as possible, but plateaus at about 0.09 inches to 2.2 inches on my replication. After that, the RPMs drop until around half an inch, where the curve drops to zero, as no further rotation is sustained at that point. The input amps are pretty steady until around 0.2 amps, where they begin dropping. The output amps seem to be a pretty level drop the entire time except from a distance of just barely clearing the coil, in fact there was a slight tick each rotation as one magnet would touch the coil. That is probably why the first input-output data set at gap = "0" (barely touching) shows a slightly depressed reading from what otherwise is a pretty straight relationship.

: I've not looked yet at how varying other factors might shift this relationship.


Image:Changing Gap Distance in SDA Bedini SG Exp11.gif



The little jog in the data from the first data set to the second (going from left to right) is due to the fact that at the closest position, the tape on one of the magnets was actually brushing against the coil, causing increased resistance.


The closer the magnets are to the coil, the better the ratio of input to output current.

The output current seems to drop linearly in relation to increased gap distance.

The input current increases, then plateaus, followed by a drop after about 0.3 inches.

The rotation speed stays nominally the same until a certain gap distance, at which it begins to drop.

There is a distance at which rotation is no longer sustained and that distance comes rather suddenly compared to the curve leading up to it.

In my system, I have about half an inch to play with where I get rotation.

Experimental Set-up

I'm using the Directory:Bedini SG:Schematic and Directory:Bedini SG:Assembly Instructions as defined in this project, with the exception that the resistance of the resistor was set at 58 ohms.

Battery #3 and #8 took turns on the input for this experiment.


I moved one side at a time, and then divide to two to get a nominal absolute distance from the Coil to the wheel. I took turns moving one side, then the other, taking care the the wheel did not get more than 1/4 a magnet width from perimeter of the wrapped portion of the coil.

Image:Determin wheel-coil gap optimum SDA Bedini SG Exp11 401.jpg

Note the ruler next to the bolt for the wheel.

Image:Ruler to determin wheel-coil gap on SDA Bedini SG Exp11 jp60.jpg

It is subdivided into 1/100 of an inch. I was abel to get readings (visually) to about an accuracy of 0.5 1/100ths.

The hardest variable, that was influencing the readings, was input and output voltages.

The green ring near the perimeter of the wheel is for a solid backdrop for the optical tachometer device. Without that there, the tachometer picks up every spoke of the wheel that goes by.


Both 6V batteries were 6V Panasonic-BSG 4.2Ah/20h sealed lead acid batteries part number LC-R064R2P from

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