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Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Monsieur Bonheur-SG

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'Monsieur Bonheur 's Replication of John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG'

Brief Description : Prior to the Bedini SG simplified rendition, Monsieur Bonheur had replicated a Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Monsieur Bonheur version. Intriqued by what others were reporting on the Bedini SG, he decided to give this iteration a whirl. His replica, completed in Jan. 14, 2005, is made using a roller-blade wheel, and spins a several thousand RPM.

This is my first

Jan. 16, 2005

I started the "Supercharging process" using a big car battery to recharge 4 small 12V batteries.

So far, the batteries are charging and I'm impressed by the efficiency shown.

I'm still playing around with all the variables, so I only present you a photo and a video. I did make the circuit IDENTICAL to Bedini's plans. Then, when everything was working, I added capacitors to the output.


Video-SuperCharging the small batteries


Since the behaviour of this Bedini device was quite interesting, I built an automatic "BatterySwapper". This circuit is monitoring the battery that powers the Bedini_SG. If the powering battery runs low, this circuit automaticaly picks up a battery from the charging side and puts it on the powering side. Then, the low voltage battery that used to power the load returns to the charging side. It is a simple voltage comparator on the microcontroler that does the job. The microcontroler, PIC16F628 on the developper board, also takes into account the time it took to get the battery discharged and compares it to the last powering period. Every time the circuit swaps batteries, the RS232 chip sends the results to "Hyperterminal" on my computer. That way, I keep track of what is happening. The circuit will automaticaly stop all the powering if all the batteries are low. So, the monitoring is all automated and reliable. I can go to sleep and see all the action that happened during the night.

BatterySwapper Schematic

Mar. 6, 2005 Trying to explain de Scope Shots


Understanding what is going on in the device helps identifying what can be improved or scaled up in order the get these BediniSG to put out power... So that's why I took some time analysing the signals I get on the scope. Here's some scope shots and comments about them. I pretty sure I'm right on the comments, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Following the scope shots, What's Next?, a discussion about the variables involved in the build.

What's Next ?

1- WHAT TO DO FOR THE TRANSISTOR:: What we are trying to do here, is to spend only the necesary energy from the powering battery to produce those "radiant spikes" for the least expense possible. When the spike is produced, we need to disconnect the powering battery as soon as possible. That's why we need VERY FAST, High power, switching transistors. If the transistor is too slow, you just get your powering battery to discharge faster, without making efficent work(heating the coil for nothing...). SweetSpot = FASTEST ROTATION , STEADY TRANSISTOR SIGNAL, LOWEST CURRENT DRAW from powering battery.

2- WHAT TO DO FOR THE COIL(S):: From what I can understand, this
Radiant Energy Spike is proportionnal to the magnetic shift in the coil and the coil's properties. We want that spike to be the highest, strongest, as possible. The way to get this spike stronger, in my own opinion, is to put A LOT OF TURNS to the coil, while reducing the impedance of the coil. This means a BIG MAGNET WIRE and MANY COILS in parallel, to reduce the resistance itself while allowing energy to pass in the same amount of turns in total.

3- WHAT TO DO FOR THE ACCUMULATORS:: To be able to really see how magnificent this process is, you must use BIG BATTERIES and BIG COILS. Do not expect to get 500Watts from 1.3hA batteries! You won't see much and those small batteries will run out fast. Once you understand the small BediniSG, you can plan your bigger generator. If your small machine's coil was demanding 100mA steady on it's "Sweet Spot", you now have an idea of the kind of coils you'll need to pulse 3-5Amps! But you also learn the small 1.3Ah batteries won't power this coil for at least 20 hours before running out... From this discovery, try to get all things proportionnal in your system.

This is what I did to improve the things I could.

- I changed the transistor for a worker that is more efficient at what we want it to do: Switch Closed/Opened fast and don't get in the way! I tried a BUL213.

- I added another core to the simple BediniSG, making it a DualBediniSG. Only one trigger coil for both. Both are being pulsed at the same time, in parallel. Coils are similar in volume, but are totaly different in the way they are wound. This might cause the resonance effect I get.
Oh well, I get great spikes and the transistor is switching like crazy! Also a good thing, I get to measure less current going out of the input battery. Only 50mA! That's so small, but I don't have the "spent current plateaux(12vDC)" I had before. Yet, this is charging my batteries with a lot of spikings! Here, you can see a small movie of the wave forms I currently get. The wheel spins steadily at great speed. I'd say about 1850rpm. Voltage Spikes peeks over 75volts everytime!

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Got my replication done. it's running PRETTY WEEL!! I'M IMPRESSED! (Jan. 14, 2005)

About the rotating speed (magnets per second) (Jan. 16, 2005)

=CONTACT ME!= I like to hear comments, questions are also welcome! write to dude_buggy , in the wonderful world of Hotmail!

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