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Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus:Self-Running

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'Marcus Wagner's "Self-Running" Variation of John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG'

Brief Description : Using a damaged variable resistor, Marcus was able to plug the output straight into the input battery. Observed increase in battery-voltage, with output-to-input current apparent over unity short-term. First reported Jan. 8, 2004.

This page is distilled from Marcus' Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus and from the Bedini SG discussion list.


Present Status

Trying to duplicate the effect. So far not able to get a resistor to same state.


Please see the viedos of my running device, yet charging it's own drive-battery: , and

It works! It finally charges it's own ONE battery. My Bedini-SG-perpetuum-mobile:

The burned-out variable resistor, which probably created a carbon-spark-gap. This may be the secret why I was able to connect the output directly back to the input:

Some Transistors I've found working well with my SG:

Scopeshot of currents:

Please see my both videos showing more output-current to a 12V Battery, than it recives from the drive-battery. Also see how the current-meter "jumps" or "regauges" to a new level: and

Do the meters show OU?:

Scopeshots from my last experiment (very poor setting of scope, sorry):

Photos showing a higher output-current and even at a higher voltage, than the input:


Here is my exact schematic for my "Selfrunner-Bedini-SG-Energizer":

MAYBE this improves the Selfrunner even more. Please try yourself:

Relevant Posts to Bedini SG

Starting here:

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From: "butlergrt"


Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2005 7:15 AM

Subject: [Bedini_SG] Re: Got it! My device is (was) selfrunning!Doing Great

Good Morning Marcus,

GOOD SHOW! Five to 0ne, the size of sparks you saw were approximately the size of your thumb nail or larger and the sound was MOST audible. Had the same experience with the Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:butlergrt but using the fixed resistor, the sparks occurred, with the wheel spinning, (on both the output and in put battery, two different occasions), was afraid the batteries might blow or had something wrong.

ALWAYS!! make bloody sure your wheel has stopped when you are back charging your input battery when hooking up leads!!!!! A 12 volt lead acid battery is not a pretty sight when it blows up. Been there done that. Your're doing great.

Best Regards,


Jim Siwek sees similar result

We may have something here - Jim Siwek reports a tentative repeat of Marcus' results. (Jan. 9, 2005)

Could run TWO wheels

[originally posted on "discussion" page]

This devise is capable of running two wheels. One on the top of the coil and one on the bottem. You are wasting half of the input power not using the north and south poles of your coil. You can also make a combination wheel with 16 magnets with the coil between the two. You also get double you charge current.

Analogous Transistor

On Jan. 9, 2005, YoTango writes:

Anyone looking to replicate Marcus's circuit variation, his transistor (European) is not readily available, but NTE cross references NTE2339 for the C5353. It is a high breakdown voltage transistor that can handle about 10X the Collector-Emitter voltage than the one we are using (2N3055).

I Think is the micro-spark into the trimmer


Good Morning Marcus,

Four years ago I have realized a similar experiment, after a long series of tests, have found a result similar to yours for approximately two hours.

I hope of being able to send the video to you.

The battery, for two hours, was recharged. Then I have modified the trimmer and is stopped the phenomenon.

I have read the description of your experiment, and think that the phenomenon is legacy just to the variable resistance that you have used.

The variable resistance that I used was of linear type from 10 K., when the system worked the resistance produced a lot of small sparkes, I have the feeling that these are the cause of the phenomenon. The test of JLN on the machine of Newman task that is assimilable ( ). The energy production happened, probably, because the collector produced one great amount of sparkes. Unfortunately JLN has not never deepened the test.

Task that is important to understand such aspect and to replace the coil with a generator of impulses (MEG because not)...

I hope that the phenomenon from observed you is not caused from an electrochemical process of the batteries. It would be useful to try to sobstitute the battery with a condensers, as of the rest it made JLN with its experiment.

Good job,

Adriano from Firenze (Italy)

Spark Gap Experiment

Re: Adriano: - iceweller replicates Marcus' set-up with a close approximation. Too early to draw definitive conclusions. (Jan. 11, 2005)


Marcus Wagner -

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