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Directory:Bedini SG:Observations:Batteries 'see' each other

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'Observations about Battery Interplay in John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG'

Phenomena Observed Repeatedly

The following phenomenon have been repeated enough times to call them "general phenomena."


Everything else kept the same (e.g. not a result from a new battery being put in place), when the input battery increases or decreases in voltage (e.g. then trickle charger added or cut out), the output batteries increase or decrease roportionately.

[Q. does changing the back-side voltage likewise modify the front-end battery? To check add trickle charge to back end.]

Back-end batteries

Batteries are isolated with one 1N4007 diode going to each battery from the circuit.

When a lower voltage battery is added to the back end, the three other batteries on the back end (I have four) drop in voltage, rapidly at first, then tapering out.

They do not necessarily "meet" at a common voltage, but they do tend to gravitate toward a common voltage.

The longer two or more batteries are on the back end together, the closer their voltages become.

Front battery

After a battery from the back is placed on the front, its voltage drops rapidly at first, as expected. What is unusual is that it then raises slightly, then steadies out, then begins dropping gradually in a near linear manner. Said another way, when an extrapolative, nominally straight line is drawn through several rotation sets, the voltage from the new battery starts very high, drops rapidly toward the line, then goes below the line, then comes back up to the line, then following the line. The curve resembles a flexible spring vibrating, but with just one cycle.


Batteries - Post by Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan to Bedini_SG Yahoo! Group Dec. 11, 2004.

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