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'Sourcing Directory:Bedini SG:Materials in Europe for John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG'

Materials to be Sourced

The following is the list of harder-to-find materials required to replicate the Bedini School Girl motor-energizer as presented in this project.


This is for people in Europe -especially Germany- who wish to build a SSG but have difficulties to get the required materials. I sell complete Kits which contains everything to build a SSG:

Magnet wire #20 & #23 gauge (for Europeans like me: 0,51mm & 0,56mm)

Ceramic 5 Strontium ferrit magnets in the right size

24" bicycle wheel

Welding rods

20 diodes

3 x Transistor 2N3055


etc. etc.

People who would like to have such a complete Kit should contact me by email


Buying such a Kit is a deal for everyone:

For builders because they get the right stuff.

For John & Rick because they do not have to complain again and again about people using false materials (like neos instead of ceramic magnets) and than worry about a non working device.

For me: Because I calculate the price for the kit so, that mine is for free)

I do not want to earn money with these Kits, but I think it´s allright that my work is paid!

Batteries, Rechargeable

Conrad Elektronik GmbH - - Shop for almost everything

Coil Spool


Diode, 1000 Volt

Magnet Core (Welding Rod)

Magnet Wire for Trigger Coil Winding

Johann Sauter - - Very cheap and great selection (Germany only)


Webcraft GmbH - -Best and cheapest source for NIB-Magnets. They even produce and sell custom-made magnets.

Neon Lamps




Marcus Wagner, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

(He can only supply you with infos, how to build the device, etc.. No parts. But he is very nice, just mail him.)

Matthias Schmitt, Bad Kissingen, Germany

(This email-adress seems to be no more existent)

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