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Exhaustive Summary Study Introduction Page

'Exhaustive Summary Study Page for John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG'

The following was proposed on new Bedini Monopole list by Rick Friedrich on March 3, 2005:

We propose to bring up each summary point in a new email (which can be made a topic). That way if any point is not completed people can work on figuring out what is left to learn. So everyone keep that in mind and try and think about how we can study systematically. Here are the points I wish to follow in this study:

1. Try not to do too many things on one page. Make it more of a summary page that indexes to other pages. Make lots of links to John Bedini's pages, the SG PESWIKI pages, and other relavant pages.

2. Make it progressive. Try and make it a step by step setup. For example, start with a brief outline, here is all the pages to make the SG, here are the parts, here are the pictures, here are etc. Then go into more details about every detail in each new numbered point. This would be somewhat chonological as John has shared with us more and more details.

3. Make each point a summary, and don't give too much detail, but rather give a link to the place where there is more detail. If that includes several emails, list links for every email or web address. Then under that point mention if we are still waiting for other details to be given about such point.

4. Do not include speculation by others on this list, as it is not about their theory but John's theory that we are doing this. Others can theorize on their Replication pages, but this page needs to be John's school. If there is need to mention other theories just make a link to other web sites or emails (and if you make a link, someone needs to save backup copies in case they are taken down). I don't think you should put Marcus' machine on this study as the best SG replication when it has not been proven yet or accepted by John as such. It will not be profitable to add such kind of speculation for the reason above given.

5. If what I recommend is different than what others desire, we can make other pages to cover different interests and styles. As for me I am not against people doing something else, but I think we need to avoid confusion on the PESWIKI site and the list. If people are adding things to the main pages of the SG PESWIKI site that are contrary to John's teaching and recommendation then it will be confusing and destructive. There needs to be places for people to discuss and test John's theories and challenge them if needs be, but that needs to be properly distinguished. People who wish to challenge things should first have their own replications and keep their contrary comments there (or politely on this list).

6. I would include fundamentally important pictures but make them small and link to larger pictures.

7. We should not duplicate material from other main pages, but rather summarize and point to those pages. This page will be like students notes and a master index. To much detail about one point will make it too large and almost useless.

8. Each number should mention one point, and if there are related points give another number for the next point. Then one point can mention the number of another related point. This will help for clear distinct learning and breaking down things, and not merging things together that are slightly and in fact different. Then at later dates we can perhaps add more links to each point giving more details.

9. One other thought would be to add a date to each point listing the last time that point was modified so that people can know if some point was changed and more was added. Just simply 2/24/05 or 24/2/05.

10. The above plan will make it easy for John or Peter to make different summaries (if they feel the need) or change them without having to sort through too much information. If there is no order or structure to it it will be very difficult to correct any mistakes in any part. It will also look encouraging to new people who see that the school has gone somewhere and is going somewhere progressively. If people just see a miscellaneous email list and so many SG PESWIKI pages then they will tend to not know where to begin. They will also tend to ask the same old questions again and again. This way this page can be pointed to, and each number will end up being an answer to a specific question.

11. I would include what John has said on his web site also.

12. I would recommend several people involved in working through each summary and verifying it with those involved, but no one who has not taken much time in making a SG. One person could find a point and write a summary (with or without links) and pass it on to others who are involved in the page and to the list. I think it would be good for the list.

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