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Directory:Bedini SG:Cautions

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'CAUTIONS Regarding Experimentation with John Bedini's "Directory:Bedini SG"'

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Overview : The biggest danger in this design is in the batteries. The rotating wheel can also pose some risks, but not nearly as severe. Minor risks are also associated with soldering.

: If proper care is taken, you should be fine but if not, this set-up could be lethal. Blindness from battery explosions is also a probable risk. Fires are possible and even probable in some arrangements (certain batteries). Be sure that you understand the risks and follow the necessary precautions when experimenting with this design.


Those who experiment with the concepts in this project take full responsibility themselves for their own safety, and agree to not seek damages awards against PES Network Inc. for accidents that may happen in the process of experimentation.

See: Directory:Bedini SG:Legal for this project.


Batteries are Inherently Dangerous

There is a lot of energy stored inside a battery. Some battery designs are more dangerous than others. Be sure to read and abide by the cautions provided with batteries you utilize.

High Chance of Explosion

Some rechargeable batteries (e.g. Automobile 12-V) give off hydrogen and other flamable/explosive gasses in the process of being charged. The nature of this project is such that sparks are likely and frequent in the course of connecting and disconnecting batteries. Be sure that if you have a battery that is prone to explosion that you do not connect and disconnect the circuit in close proximity of the battery.

Danger of Fire

Some batteries can erupt into flame when charged excessively or at too fast a rate.

Caustic Acid

Most all larger batteries contain caustic acid on their surface, no matter how clean looking they may be. Some smaller batteries begin to leak, too, emitting caustic acid and other chemicals.

Short Circuit

Some batteries may explode if short circuited. Be sure your meters are on the proper setting (volts, not amps) when measuring voltage. The amps setting will short circuit the battery and may burn out your meter.

High power batteries may weld jewelry to the terminals (e.g. ring or necklace) when short circuited.


Many battery terminals are composed of lead. The clamping and unclamping of clips to the terminals results in formation of small lead fragments. Be sure to wash your hands frequently when handling clips and terminals.

Trickle and other Auxiliary Chargers

Be sure that you follow the instructions given with any auxiliary charger systems that you employ. Most charging systems should not be left unattended. Serious fires (not in this project) have resulted from such.

Meter Damage

If you run current across your meter in resistance mode, it may burn out your meter.

Be sure your meters are on the proper setting (volts, not amps) when measuring voltage. The amps setting will short circuit the battery and may burn out your meter.

Rotating Device

The Bedini SG circuit is not designed to put out high torque. Nevertheless, the rotating device can reach speeds that can be dangerous if proper care is not taken. Fingers could be broken, flesh torn, skin bruised or pinched.

Some designs achieve rotations sufficient to cause device to fall apart. Be sure the engineering of your design is adequate to handle the rotation speeds it achieves.

Packing tape with fibers can be used to wrap around the perimeter to reduce risk of blow-apart.


Risk of burns

The molten solder will burn skin if dropped onto it. Wear shoes and pants when soldering.

Risk of fire

The soldering iron can ignite a fire if it comes into contact with flammable material.


Be sure to follow all safety guidelines relevant to the battery type you are using.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Wear protective eyewear.

Wash hands immediately after handling batteries (except perhaps household batteries).

Do not let auxiliary chargers run unattended unless you are sure they are safe, and the manufacturer has specifically stated that the charger is designed thusly.

Keep children away. Do not leave hot terminals where children can reach them.

Do not wear rings, necklaces, or other metallic jewelry when working with high power batteries (e.g. 12-V tractor or automobile batteries).

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