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Directory:Bedini SG:Battery Compilation

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Bedini SG Effects on Batteries

An index of studies: performed and proposed

'John Bedini's Directory:Bedini SG's Effect on Batteries of Various Kinds'

Objective : To propose and report experiments performed on all battery types, chargeable and "non-chargeable."

Preliminary Findings : NiCd and NiMH Rechargeables perform better with the Bedini SG. Non-rechargeable alkalines take a charge but do not hold it under load.

Index of Experments and Results

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp16:D-Size Rechargeable NiCd - Bad switch position discovered during last test, throwing all results for this particular experiment into question.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Marcus:NiMH Rejuvenated - Digital camera batteries would barely take a charge before. After being charged with Bedini SG, they nearly out-perform factory new batteries.

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:PES:Sterling Allan:Data:Exp16.13:RayovacAA Alkaline - Four non-rechargeable Alkaline AA Batteries by Rayovac took a charge from the Bedini SG but then did not perform under load.

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Entr?de John Bedini : Alkalines Non-rechargeable ne fonctionnera pas parce que "vous ne pouvez pas remettre le Zink dessus." Cependant, NiCd et alakalines rechargeables fonctionnent l'amende juste sur le Bedini SG. Concernant des batteries d'ion de lithium, John a dit de faire attention parce qu'ils habituels contiennent un disjoncteur qui rend la batterie inutile si une certaine charge est mise ?ravers elle, de la garder d'?ater.

Proposed Database

I'm approaching my database expert brother about pulling together an interface that will enable us to compile and coordinate the data we are collecting about how various batteries respond to the Bedini SG circuit.

That way, all you have to do is enter your information once for each battery type and test you have run, then the data can be displayed in an infinite number of ways (e.g. by chemical type, by size, etc) We would have a common control pannel where we would go to input our battery data, or to view battery data reports.

As a side not, we will need a .net server to host the program. I'm checking with our provider to see if theirs is a .net server. Maybe one of you have access to a .net server where we could host this, if ours does not?

Data to be compiled

For actual experiments performed and reported, see: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] above.

Below is a listing of information that should be including in the fields of a database as this information grows, to keep it manageable and helpful.

Battery Information

Manufacturer (Duracell Energizer Eveready Kodak NEXcell Panasonic Radio Shack Rayovac Sony other)

Standard Class (AAA, AAA, AA, C, D, 9V)

If "Other," the battery dimensions

Chemical Composition (Lead Acid Alkaline Ni-Cd Ni-MH Ni-I Ni-Z Zinc-carbon Li LiI Silver Oxide, Mercury Oxide, etc)

Voltage Rating

Ah Rating

Rechargeable? yes/no

Deep Cycle? yes/no

Web URL of exact battery

General Charging Information (Conclusions)

Bedini SG charges this battery: yes/no

Bedini SG increases duration of charge of battery: yes/no +/- %

Bedini SG supercharges this battery: yes/no

Approximate voltage level at peak of supercharge

Number of studies upon which these conclusions are drawn

Specific Charging Information

Date(s) of charge(s)

Date(s) of load(s)

Total hours of charge/discharge

Approximate charge current

Approximate charge duration

Number of times charged/loaded

Any circuit deviations from Bedini SG prescribed

Load description

Load currrent

Input battery/circuit information

- number of batteries (series/parallel)

- voltage rating of battery(s)

- Ah rating of battery(s)

- size of battery(s)

- approximate number of turns on coil

- resistance

- diameter of wheel

- number of batteries on wheel

- approximate rpm during charge

- solid state resonance? yes/no

- input watt estimate per charge

Web URL of report

Experimenter Information

Bedini SG username

Name: first, last

Web URL for contact/profile

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