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Directory:Bedini SG:Battery Characteristics

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Directory:Bedini SG:Cautions - Dangers associated with this project are mainly with the batteries, but also with wheel rotation and soldering. Be sure you understand the risks and that you take necessary precautions.

Lithium Cell Warning! - There is a high risk of leakage, fire or explosion if you overcharge a Li-Ion cell or it shorts due to internal circuitry failing or carelessness.

Recommended by Bedini

The (PDF 9.8 Mb)

Battery Reference Works

New Technology Batteries Guide

Battery Handling and Maintenance - Brief primer on battery dangers and extending battery life by New Technology Batteries Guide.

Lead Acid Batteries (PDF)

Short Primer on Lead-Acid Battery Types (PDF)

Using Lead-Acid Batteries (PDF)

Vonwentzel-battery (PDF 0.5Mb)

Battery Comments

Comments about the nature of batteries as they pertain to the Bedini circuits in general, but to the Directory:Bedini SG in particular.

Directory:Bedini SG:Materials:Batteries:Lindemann - Peter Lindemann comments on what he has observed first-hand through experimental procedure.

Directory:Bedini SG:Bedini Comments:Data Collection Methods Used - Discusses his methods of collecting and analyzing data relevant to his various circuit designs. Mentions battery analyzer, wave forms discusses Tesla's radiant energy and back EMF.

Amp Readings from Ammeter not reliable for SG - The SG input battery is providing a pulsed input (non-sinusoidal) to the coil as the transistor switches it on & off, so the reading you get from your meter is most likely not accurate. (Jim, Dec 28, 2004)

Batteries, desulfation, impedance measurement - tools and resources links.

Peukert Effect - Basically states that there is an exponential relationship between current draw and battery capacity: the more current drawn from the battery, the less capacity it has to power that load. The effect is a little more amplified in lead acid batteries over NiCd and NMH batteries. (Jim, Dec 28, 2004)

Battery Chg / Dischg / Test / BK600 alternative

Directory:Batteries:Most Ah ratings are incorrect - How to calculate more accurately to know your battery's true capacity and extend its life.

Directory:Bedini SG:Battery Characteristics:Hard to Measure - comment by Dennis Turner

Make sure there is water in your cells if your batteries use water - comment by Rick Friedrich, Nov. 13.

Directory:Batteries:Increase Voltage Under Load - Virgin 12-volt lead-acid batteries increase in voltage under load (e.g. bulb) for a while after an initial rapid drop, before they gradually drop in voltage.

HomePower Magazine Info on Batteries

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