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Directory:Ballard Power Systems

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Ballard's goal is to maintain its technology leadership position and convert that into market leadership as the first to offer proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell products, electric drives, and power electronics products for mass markets.

Official Website - Ballard Power Systems is recognized as the world leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology.


How the Ballard® fuel cell works - The core of the Ballard® fuel cell consists of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which is placed between two flow-field plates. The MEA consists of two electrodes, the anode and the cathode, which are each coated on one side with a thin catalyst layer and separated by a proton exchange membrane (PEM). The flow-field plates direct hydrogen to the anode and oxygen (from air) to the cathode. When hydrogen reaches the catalyst layer, it separates into protons (hydrogen ions) and electrons. The free electrons, produced at the anode, are conducted in the form of a usable electric current through the external circuit. At the cathode, oxygen from the air, electrons from the external circuit and protons combine to form water and heat.


Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells - By concentrating on what Ballard does best, fuel cells, we are able to leverage high volume, low cost automotive fuel cell technology to less demanding non-automotive applications. Ballard offers a variety of fuel cell products to support customers’ power requirements for transportation, stationary, and portable applications.

Mark 902 - Designed for integration into passenger vehicle applications, offers a continuous maximum power output of 85 kilowatts.

Mark9 SSL™ - Can be configured for motive or stationary power applications. Stacks are available in power increments from 4 kilowatts to 21 kilowatts.

Mark 1030 - Designed for integration into systems for the residential cogeneration market.

Nexa® power module - the world's first volume-produced proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell module designed for integration into a wide variety of stationary and portable power generation applications up to 1200 watts of unregulated DC.

Power Conversion

Power Conversion - Ballard designs, develops, and manufactures power electronics products for fuel cells, photovoltaic (PV), and other distributed generation products.

Electric Drives and Systems

Electric Drives and Systems - Ballard designs, develops, and manufactures advanced electric drive technology for both fuel cell and battery powered electric vehicles. With continuous power ratings from 17 kW to 250 kW, Ballard’s electric drive products cover a wide array of possible applications including cars, buses, airport ground support and industrial equipment.

Material Products

Material Products - Ballard Material Products (BMP) has been an innovator of high quality engineered specialty carbon-based products. Our materials and manufacturing expertise have enabled us to develop commercial solutions for the most demanding end use applications for carbon fiber: from defense systems to automotive drive trains.

Power Generation

1 kW residential cogeneration system - Imagine a unique new household appliance that generates most of the electricity and all of the hot water needs for a family of four persons, while simultaneously saving up to 26% in annual energy costs and cutting CO2 emissions by 40% compared to traditional energy sources. The cogeneration system reforms natural gas to generate hydrogen, which in turn powers the fuel cell. Unlike conventional electrical generation and water heating, the process does not involve fuel combustion or the generation of related emissions, and offers a combined electrical and thermal efficiency of up to 93%.

In the News

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Obituary: Geoffrey Ballard helped usher in hydrogen age - “He once said to me that we were witnessing the death of the internal combustion engine,? said Ballard’s son Mark. “His hope for Ballard Power Systems was that it would herald the birth of the hydrogen economy. (''Global BC" August 5, 2008)


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