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Directory:Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity Generator

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Under patenting process, TWPEG has a unique Energy Conversion Device capable of converting Tides and Waves motion directly to rotary motion to turn a generator always in the same direction. TWPEG is scalable in size depending on sea depth, from knee deep water to any reasonable depth, provided there is some waves.

Official Website

No official site yet. This PESWiki feature page was commenced by the inventor, Raj Balkee, in Sept. 2006

Latest Developments

June 2010

UK patent application process completed. UK PATENT GRANTED !!!

February 2009

TWCECD... a full working prototype on a floating raft has been successfully tested. Mounted on a floating raft, it powered a 1 kW electric generator and easily produced 100s w/h. See video. Works on a small commercial prototype is on next. A first License agreement done with one small island state businessman. Worldwide licensing inquiries now open

October 30, 2008

Invention patent application publication is now complete under UK Patent Application no. GB 2448781A and Abstract Title: Wave energy device with lazy tongs and PCT International Publication Number WO 2008/129378 A2.

Prototyping of TWCECD in three stages with final full scale size working prototype is starting soon.

September 09, 2008

UK IPO will pubish UK patent application specifications and drawings on 29 October, 2008 as PATENT NO. GB 2448781 - TIDE AND WAVE CONCERTINA ENERGY CONVERSION DEVICE.

I shall now expect all interested parties to check on the above patent publications and get in touch with me.

August 22, 2008

Hello Robert,

Well, I don't know what to say. As far as I know, my patents application at UK IPO and PCT are going well. My UK IPO search report looks very good. I am stll waiting for the PCT search report. Publication of both applications is due in September/October this year.

As far as my device is concern, I am struggling to have a proper full size working prototype built, because of lack of money and material. As I am working alone as a garage tinkerer,I have only been able to built and test very rough prototype. EVEN THEN, this very low cost attempt has been very successful in producing some electricity and light up small light bulbs.

Compared with all the multi-million dollars marine energy devices and projects currently that are on PESWIKI. COM and undertaken worldwide like PELAMIS, WAVE DRAGON, LIMPET, my technology is much simpler, cheaper and more efficient. Maybe some company or someone somewhere will eventually take my technology and bring it to full operation.

I can wait. I am in no hurry.


May 2008

Since the posting of the invention, it has undergone several changes in design to cater for patenting exigencies,(UK PATENT APPLICATION NO. GB0714877.8 ... past SEARCH STAGE and INTERNATIONAL PATENT APPLICATION NO. PCT/IB2008/000841) because elements in the original design were not taken as being novel by the patent office.

Further more a small artisanal portable working prototype has been built and tested with a 30w dc motor, used as a generator and it lights a 20w lightbulb in about two feet deep water. This prototype design can be got from me and built and tested by anyone at any time for non-ommercial use.

It is no doubt one of the simplest wave energy conversion device for generating electricity, OUTPUT DEPENDING ON ARRAY AND/OR SIZE OF DEVICE/S ANYWHERE ON WATER WAVE.

Video and Photos




1.29 Minutes. Wave Energy Conversion Device From Mauritian Inventor

TWCECD Wave Energy Conversion Device (PCT Patent Pending- Inventor: Raj Balkee, Mauritius) first concept testing crude artisanal prototype in 1/2 feet water, turning a 30w motor as generator and lighting a 20w bulb.(YouTube July 17, 2008)

A video of the prototype in operation needs to be converted to web compatibility. If you happen to have this skill, you can download raw footage files

entires.vcd | info.vcd | lot.vcd | psd.vcd

Contact Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan when you have the web-ready files prepared. Thanks.

Seeking Development Assistance

In Sept., 2006, the inventor, Raj Balkee, said:

: "I am alone in this project. it is not easy."


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