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PESWiki Directory of Clean Energy Technologies

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Image:Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity Generator prototype 95x95.jpg

Directory:Balkee Tide and Wave Electricity Generator - Raj Balkee of Mauritius, has invented an energy conversion device that uses a floating buoy to advance a unidirectional generator, harnessing the up-and-down motion of waves and tide. Seeks participation to further advance the design and project. (PESWiki)

Directory:Ballard Power Systems - Ballard is recognized as the world leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology. Ballard's goal is to be the first to offer PEM fuel cell products, electric drives, and power electronics products for mass markets.

Directory:Bar-Gadda LLC - Prototype device converts water vapor or steam into hydrogen using a process called radiant energy transfer. Efficiency around 90%. Yields in excess of 80% H.

Image:Barotex logo 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Building / There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Company is actively engaged in the innovation and creation of specialty fiber solutions from volcanic rock that will significantly redefine the composite material industry and impact the world. "Just about anything any other composite can do Barotex can do it better, for less money in a sustainable manner." (PESWiki March 17, 2009)
Image:Barach obama 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Trends / Directory:U.S. Government and Energy >Directory:Barack Obama's Stance and Policies on Renewable Energy - Lists the items in the Comprehensive Energy Plan as proposed by the President-Elect with attention to both short term and long term objectives, including energy efficiency, promoting plug-in hybrids, and supporting renewable energy sources. (PESWiki Nov. 6, 2008)

Directory:Barometric Pressure Power - Directory about Barometric Pressure Differential Power being developed by Cold Energy, LLC.

Image:Barter 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Financial Resources >Directory:Barter - With the economy tanking as the good-ol-boy's club passes away and a new society arises that will be far more enlightened, barter is not just for survival, but could be one of those superior elements in the new society. (PESWiki Jan. 25, 2009)
Image:BatMax collage 95x95.jpg

Directory:BatMax - Patented foil-mineral strip applied in juxtaposition to cell phone and laptop type batteries, effects the internal particle ability to accept charge, regenerating old batteries, and extending the life of new ones. Now in production and being shipped to retailers in U.S. and elsewhere.

Image:Beacon Power flywheel unit 95x95.jpg

Directory:Beacon Power - Flywheel systems developer, targeting grid storage market. Publicly traded company with at least one flywheel product on the market.

Image:Ian Gilmartin water wheel 95x95.jpg

Directory:Beck Mickle Hydro Ltd. Micro Hydro Generator - Scottish inventor, Ian Gilmartin, has invented a mini water wheel capable of supplying enough electricity to power a house from as little as an eight-inch water fall. The contraption is designed to be used in small rivers or streams.

Image:SDA repl Bedini SG b 90.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG - Complete set of plans and instructions posted, with list of successful replications, data, theory. None of the many (that we know of) who have replicated the device as presented here have achieved over unity.

Image:EnergenXRenaissanceCharge95x95 byKevn.jpg
Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Latest: Directory:Battery Chargers / Directory:Radiant Energy >Directory:Renaissance Charge Device by Energenx - Renaissance Charge brings to the marketplace the first radiant [as in Tesla] battery chargers that radically increasing battery capacity in sulfated (dead or dying) batteries, dramatically reducing replacement costs. R-Charge also draws less power compared to traditional chargers. (PEWiki Nov. 10, 2008)
Image:Mikes bedinicolewindow aparatus 95x95.jpg

OS:Modified Bedini Cole Window Motor - Mike (HMM) has posted a demonstrated video of a device which quickly became buzzed as "overunity," but he does not claim it to be such. Complete instructions provided. Many researchers presently seeking to replicate the effect.

Image:Erwin Rem ambientpower 95x95.jpg

Directory:Bedini SG:Replications >Directory:Bedini SG:Replications:Erwin Rem - Erwin Rem has been working on a standard replication of the Bedini motor and possibly has found some self-oscillating in the process.

Image:Beijing 2008 environmnet 95x95.jpg

Directory:Communities / Directory:Building / Directory:Electric Vehicles >Article:Beijing 2008 Green Olympics - We take a look at the environmental theme around the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing August 8-24, such as air and water quality, green buildings and modes of transportation, and health impacts on Olympic athletes.

Image:Bert Schreiber 95x95.jpg

Directory:Bert Schreiber - Bert Schreiber presents a quantum-quanta theory of the universe, as well as treatises on no anti-gravity, no Black Holes, nonexistent forces, no ZPE and on how Thermofusion is a fraud. Ken Rauen gives a sampling of basic flaws in Schreiber's science.

Image:Paul Bellezza 95x95.jpg

Directory:Bellezza Thermoelectric Generator - Paul Bellezza wants to be able to mass produce his "Highly Efficient Thermoelectric Generator," an invention that would produce electricity more efficiently than anything now on the market. He knows the invention works. He hasn’t yet been able come up with a way to reliably reproduce it.

Image:Norsk Hydro illustration 95x95.jpg

Directory:Videos:Best - Page designed to showcase outstanding video clips by energy technology companies.

Image:Borbas Miklos thruster 95x95.jpg

PowerPedia:Biefeld Brown effect - The Biefeld–Brown effect is an effect that was discovered by Directory:Thomas Townsend Brown (USA) and Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld (Switzerland). The effect is more widely referred to as electrohydrodynamics (EHD) or sometimes electro-fluid-dynamics, a counterpart to the well-known magneto-hydrodynamics. Small models lifted by this effect are sometimes called 'lifters'.

Image:Bill-Landen Jr magnet motor 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Bill Landon Jr. Magnet Motor - Bill Landon of Lebanon, Connecticut, USA, has filed for a patent for an all-magnet motor design involving magnets arrayed along the edge of a pizza-sized disc. He is hoping an entrepreneur will come along to fund the creation of a working model. (PESWiki June 8, 2009)
Image:Algae collage Biodiesel txt 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biodiesel from Algae Oil - Advantages include rapid growth rates, a high per-acre yield, and algae biofuel contains no sulfur, is non-toxic, and is highly biodegradable. Some species of algae are ideally suited to biodiesel production due to their high oil content--in excess of 50%.

Image:FielMeisterPlus biodiesel 95pxw.jpg

Directory:Biodiesel Solutions Inc - Company sells ready-to-go biodiesel maker to fit in your garage or shed. Said to make 40 gallons in on day, at 70 cents per gallon. Biodiesel is cheaper and burns cleaner. Just add vegetable oil, methanol and lye.

Image:Biofuel USDA 95x95.jpg

Directory:Biodiesel > Videos:Biodiesel - PESWiki provides a list of online videos relating to biofuel and biodiesel use and production.

Directory:Bio-Energetics - Develop and index of resources (studies, sites, news articles) pertaining to human health from a perspective of interactions with externally applied electro-magnetic stimuli, either as a matter of intentional modalities or environmentally-imposed factors.

Image:TX v BP 95x95.jpg

Directory:BioPerformance Fuel - BioPerformance Fuel alleges to be non-toxic. It is also said to be a non-flammable biodegradable enzyme catalyst. It comes in pill or powder form. The company and many customers claim that this product improves gas mileage, increases horsepower, significantly reduces emissions, leading to gas savings of up to 25% or more.

Image:Greenshift CO2 Bioreactor collage 95x95.jpg

Directory:GreenShift:C02 Bioreactor - Patented process uses algae to consume greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fueled power plants, giving off pure oxygen and water vapor. Light from concentrated solar panels is conducted into the algae chambers via fiber optics. Once the algae grows to maturity, it is harvested for conversion into ethanol and biodiesel fuels.

Image:Steve Ryan BiosFuel motorcycle water 95x95.jpg

Directory:BiosFuel - Does not use electrolysis, but apparently burns the treated water directly, with no petrol involved. Video link from Oct. 13, 2005 Sixty-Minutes interview.

Image:Blacklight power finance times 95x95.jpg

Directory:Blacklight Power - "The world leader in a new field of novel hydrogen chemistry inventor of a new method: the BlackLight Process, which generates light, power, plasma, and a vast class of new compositions of matter."

Image:Spiked silicon surfaces Harvard 95x95.jpg

Directory:Black Silicon - Silicon surfaces rendered black by pits and bumps only nanometers large could in the future help make solar power cells more efficient, enabling a more complete absorption of the sun's rays.

Image:Blackle 95x95.jpg

Directory:Conservation > Directory:Blackle and Computer Screen Energy Use - Do we save or use more power when we use black as a background on a computer screen? If you still have a CRT display, then Blackle makes sense. If you use a flat-screen display, which has been the majority for a few years, the opposite effect takes place.

Image:Blest system Be-h b 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Waste to Energy > Directory:Plastic and Energy > Directory:Oil > Directory: Blest Machine recycles plastic back into oil - A Japanese device converts certain plastics into oil -- and it is presently commercially available in sizes ranging from a tabletop version for a home to larger continuous feed versions for small industrial use. The plastic is boiled, not burnt, and the gaseous fumes are vented into a water bubbler, which cools the gas into oil. (PESWiki December 17, 2010)
Image:BloomEnergy 60-minutes 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Cells > Directory:BloomBox Fuel Cell by Bloom Energy > BloomBox poised to make distributed, cleaner power materialize - Bloom Energy, a Silicon Valley startup, has developed a fuel cell technology that purportedly will to be cheaper and cleaner than grid power. They envision seeing their fuel cell in every home in five to ten years with the average unit costing less than $3000 USD. (PESN Feb. 22, 2010) (Comments)
Image:Blue Energy turbine concept drawing 95x95.gif

Directory:Blue Energy - Company now implementing its technology commercially. Turbine design, which acts as a highly efficient underwater vertical-axis windmill, could product energy for as cheaply as two cents per kilowatt hour, well below commercial grid energy wholesale prices today.

Image:Bob Boyce 70celltop 95x95.jpg

OS:Bob Boyce Electrolyzer Plans - A system for high-efficiency electrolysis that involves the alleged production of monatomic hydrogen, which has highly unusual and effective properties in accentuating mileage.

Image:Bob Kostoff Gravity Machine 95x95.jpg

Directory:Bob Kostoff Gravity Machine - Canadian has created a self-sustaining engine that says would cost less than half of a small wind turbine. The machine works much like a teeter-totter, using a series of sliding weights that, with the help of the earths gravitational pull, force the unit to continue spinning around in a circle.

Directory:Boron Additive - Enhances lubricity as well as repairing worn metals, for possible increase in engine efficiencies.

Image:Bourke 30 Cubic Inch 2 Cylinder Engine 110.gif

Directory:Bourke Engine - continuous cycle is ~3x more efficient than standard 4-cycle engine ~0 noxious emissions. Several companies nearing market-readiness.

Image:Brac sump w-325 95x95.jpg

Directory:Brac Systems, Inc., grey water recycling - Collects water from shower drains, bathtubs and laundry, then filters and pumps it through a dedicated supply line to the toilet tanks for flushing, reducing average household water consumption by a third. It is designed into the plumbing of new construction and existing residential homes.

Image:BreakthroughPower95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Here is a book to both round out your own understanding of game-changing energy technologies as well as to pass out to your family and friends to get them excited about the possibilities and to inspire them to get involved in helping to remove the barriers which have stood in the way of these things coming forward. (PESWiki Nov. 4, 2008)
Image:Britek energy return wheel 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Fuel Efficiency Retrofits >Directory:Energy Return Wheel by Britek Tire and Rubber - The BriTek Rubber and Tire BERW© is a complete re-imagining of a wheel that is safer, more efficient and still maintains an incredible sense of style and can be bolted onto any vehicle on the road today. It's just very expensive. (PESWiki Dec. 17, 2008)
Image:BroadStar AeroCam 95x95.jpg

Latest / Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD: Directory:Wind > Directory:High-Efficiency Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines >Directory:Broadstar Wind Systems - Like a wind surfer, the horizontal blades of the Broadstar turbine change their angle of attack as they go around the perimeter, so that they are generating torque in nearly every position.

Image:N-Machine Bruce De Palma 95x95.gif

Directory:Bruce DePalma - Came up with model of pre-existent primordial field of the universe and a method for harnessing that energy.

Image:Butanol molecule 95.jpg

Directory:Butanol - Butanol is compatible with gasoline. It uses the same air/fuel mixture and has the same energy content. It can be mixed with gasoline in any ratio in unmodified engines. Butanol can be produced at an estimated cost of 85 cents per gallon, and is a direct replacement for gasoline.

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