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Directory:Azeev - Advanced Zero Emission Electric Vehicle

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Sales of electric vehicles are forecast to advance 60 percent annually (from a very small base) to 2.5 million vehicles in the year 2009, valued at $45 billion. This will account for about four percent of total worldwide motor vehicle sales. Growth will be spurred primarily by continued strong sales for hybrid electric vehicles, which were introduced for the first time in commercial quantities in 1998.

Historically, environmental issues have been the most important factor driving the growth in electric vehicle sales and availability. Regulations have been enacted in many nations to reduce air pollution. Examples include specific EV sales mandates in a few states in the US, restrictions on the use of conventional internal combustion vehicles in a number of congested European city centers at certain times and government anti-pollution efforts in places as far-flung as San Jose, Costa Rica Beijing, China Mexico City, Mexico and New Delhi, India.

However, technological problems (primarily related to battery technology), economic factors (vehicle costs) and convenience issues (lack of range and the need to constantly recharge EVs), have seriously impacted the prospects for widespread EV acceptance. The introduction of the first hybrid EVs has altered the situation dramatically, as these vehicles look and perform like conventional cars, overcoming the inherent drawbacks of previous electric vehicles.

Azeev Project is aimed at creating an advanced vehicle that has Zero emissions out of its exhaust or as its bye product.

This project is still in beta stage and can be viewed at the links as under: