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Directory:Aviso's Ambient Energy Technologies: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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By Directory:Hank Mills

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March 23, 2011

Frequently asked questions relating to Directory:Ismael Aviso Self-Charging Electric Car.

'A FAQ page about Ismael Aviso's technology that includes 1) being able to keep an electric vehicle battery charged while driving down the road, 2) a motionless electric generator, and 3) a repelling force motor which all use the same "FYMEGM" effect.'

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ismael Aviso?

Ismael is a 54 year old electronics technician (with a specialty in microwave and satellite technology) and inventor from the Philippines. He has developed a number of related technologies that collect energy from the ambient environment.

How do his different technologies collect energy from the ambient environment?

They utilize what he calls the "FYMEGM" effect named after two friends who early on assisted with the development of the technology.

How does the

The key to the effect is rapidly opening and closing (shorting) a circuit tens of thousands of times a second. By doing this rapidly, a back-EMF effect starts to collect ambient energy. The faster he can pulse the system the more energy is collected. This rapid pulsing triggers cascades of voltage spikes that mimic much higher frequencies.

The components of his device include a series of coils, a number of small capacitors, and an antenna that helps harvest ambient energy. Micro-processors control components of the system and create resonance effects. A custom made transistor that resists voltage spikes is also utilized. The Collected ambient energy is used to keep a battery charged.

Does he tune into frequencies broadcast by cell phone towers or other man made sources of radio frequencies?

He does tune his device to operate at certain frequencies usually in the range used by cell phone towers. However, he is not actually capturing the majority of ambient energy from these frequencies. The fact is he utilizes such high frequencies for two simple reasons. First, to prevent his device from emitting RF that would interfere with local TV and radio stations. Secondly, so he can increase the rate of pulsing which allows for more ambient energy to be collected.

Where is the energy coming from?

He does not know. It could be from the "Aether", "Zero Point Field", "Vacuum Energy", or some other source. He does not like to use these terms because the device collects large amounts of energy from somewhere, and speculating where from, before they have more scientific information, can be a distraction or turn-off.

What progress has he made on his self charging car?

He is currently able to drive his car (which utilizes an 11 kW or 15 HP DC motor) repeatedly using only one ordinary 12 volt lead acid battery for periods of time with the battery maintaining full voltage instead of decreasing.

What is the longest length of time he has driven his electric vehicle?

Most of the time he only drives for perhaps a half hour at a time and then stops, checks the battery voltage, waits for a period of time, and then repeats the process. The issue is that due to the massive amounts of ambient energy collected the coils in his system start to over heat. If continues driving the vehicle the coils could burn through their insulation and create a short.

What does he hope to accomplish with this electric vehicle technology?

He hopes to produce a fairly low cost kit that could convert an ordinary vehicle with an internal combustion engine into an electric vehicle for under $5,000 dollars. This low price is possible because a big part of the cost of current electric vehicle conversion kits are the high price battery banks. He must stop when he starts smelling burning.

Has his electric vehicle been tested by other parties?

The Philippine Department of Energy along with other parties have performed a series of tests on his electric vehicle's motor. These tests compare the motor running off mains power compared to it running from a battery connected to his ambient energy collecting device. The result was that the motor running off mains power was 45% efficient, but running from the battery it was 133% -- overunity.

What is stopping him from immediately commercializing this electric vehicle technology?

There is still some research and development that needs to be done. Due to the massive amount of ambient energy collected the coils and other components of his device can become overheated. He is looking at possible ways of overcoming this. Also, the ambient energy collected produces massive spikes of voltage that can damage testing equipment such as multimeters and oscilloscopes. This has prevented third parties from performing all the tests they want to perform, because they are concerned their equipment will be damaged.

Has he filed a patent?

Not yet. He plans on doing so in the future.

Who has been financing his research?

Dozens of private investors have been funding the development of this technology.

Will he be open sourcing this technology?

He is considering all options. The biggest issue is that the previous investors expect to be re-paid, and they are not confident this could happen in the open source route.

What is the

"MEG" stands for Motionless Electronic Generator. It utilizes the same ambient energy collecting mechanism as his electric vehicle technology. The ambient energy is collected and used to keep a battery from being drained.

What kind of output can the MEG produce?

He has been able to power a 1000 watt load (light bulbs) for two hours while the voltage of the battery dropped far less than a control under the same load, without the MEG.

What could the MEG power?

Any appliance including light bulbs, refrigerators, computers, heaters, etc.

What is the Electro-Piston or repelling force technology?

It is a technology that allows a huge repulsive magnetic force to be produced from a tiny battery (AA size) that does not drain the battery. The system also collects ambient energy from the environment.

What has he been able to accomplish with the repelling force technology?

He has been able to shoot a one kilogram weight 30 feet in the air with a single "AA" battery.

Did any independent group test the repelling force?

Yes, the DOE and DOST testing council confirmed that it's more than 300% efficiency, compared by lifting up to 27 feet a 1 kilo weight using a conventional DC motor with gears.

What is the potential of this technology?

It could be used to replace the pistons in internal combustion engines. A vehicle using this technology could travel thousands of miles without draining a battery.

Has he patented the MEG or the Electro-Piston yet?

No, but he may in the future.

Did I hear he has a levitation technology?

Yes. A couple of years ago he was able to levitate a small 1-foot-square-by-4-inch-thick platform up to a foot off the ground.

When will he demonstrate this?

Until he realized the upcoming SPECIF conference is so soon (March 15-17), he was going to try and prepare a 100 kg platform of size 1 meter x 1/2 meter x 5 inches thick, which could be levitated for an indefinite period of time, using a 12-volt battery. There would be vertical rods around the perimeter to keep it from straying from over the levitating mechanism.

He still plans on building this, but it will take 2-3 weeks if he concentrated on it, but with the other projects he has going, it will probably take 3-4 months. Once done, he said he would hold a press conference there in Manila to demonstrate it at that time.

He said he drew his inspiration for where he wants to take this from a 1935 Popular Science article about a Reaction Motor reprinted at Rex Research.

Who has replicated his technology?

A university group that wishes to keep their identity secret for the moment have successfully replicated the shorting effect that captures ambient energy.

Who else is interested in his technology?

He has attracted the interest of many investors over the years. They have been providing him with funding to continue his work. A few potential larger investors are in discussion with him. Most of them want him to shut down all public disclosure.

How can we show our support?

You can make a donation at the following link. The money collected will help further his research.

Donate (via PayPal)

What does he hope to achieve from this technology?

He lives in a very poverty stricken area. He hopes that the technology will improve the lives of people in his town and nation. And he would like to see an alternative presented to nuclear, oil, and other less clean energy technologies.

Do they have a website yet? - launched March 23, 2011

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