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Directory:Arrache Gravity Motor Research

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Page first featured February 4, 2010

Image:Orffyreus Das Mersseburgische Perpetuum Mobile 300.jpg is a philanthropic organization for the research and development of gravity driven or amplified concepts.

: "We are dedicated in the ongoing search of reinventing a gravity powered energy producing device allegedly built by PowerPedia:Johann Bessler in the early 1700’s."

They are a non-profit organization working on a contingency basis that accepts design submitted for analysis. If deemed viable they construct prototypes for testing purposes. There is no charge to the submitter the only loss is time and's resources for a non-runner.

: "We offer assistance to those who wish to collaborate or are in need of fabricating trial and error proto-types -- hands on research leading to discoveries sometimes by accident that would not be discovered using computer simulations."

Their service is offered to anyone who believes they may have constructive input regarding research in this field "because a lot of good ideas get thrown aside if the innovator is not capable of following through." The website also includes a forum where registered members can collaborate and brainstorm.

: "We offer assistance in bringing an operating proto-type capable of showing to the USPTO for patenting. Financial sources are also available for patenting and initial start up costs."

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Profile: Arrache

Quoting from as of Feb. 4, 2010

: ‘Arrache’ Enterprise represents a leading collaboration in the research and development of utilizing gravity as an enhanced energy force. Our mission is to aggressively pursue the concept that energy can be captured from gravity, a renewable force which is recognized as ‘conservative’.

: Our history is short, It is formed from the collaboration of three people joining forces, exchanging ideas, promoting innovation and incentive for research and development. Our research is accomplished by ‘hands on’ physical application where more is discovered by accident than any simulation software is capable of.

: We are a recognized company licensed by the cooperate commission in the state of Oregon USA.

: Our current official base of operation is located in Stanfield Or. with key personal located in Louisiana and Indiana.

: We aggregate over 129 years of experience related to our present venture.

: Receiving submitted designs from those who seek our collaboration and fabricating skills to proto-type for research and testing.

: Until a working device is invented we are a nonprofit organization offering our services on a contingency basis.

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Latest: Directory:Gravity Motors > Directory:Arrache Gravity Motor Research - Arrache is a philanthropic organization for the research and development of gravity driven or amplified concepts. They accept designs submitted for analysis on a contingency basis. If deemed viable they construct prototypes for testing purposes. (PESWiki Feb. 4, 2010)


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Ralph Lortie, CEO

phone: 1-541-449-3744

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