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Directory:Antigravity for Dummies -- Stan Deyo Lecture

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Stan Deyo gives a fascinating presentations on gravity and antigravity, considering, for example, the similarities between ripples from a drop of water and solar system symmetries. Includes discussion of free energy, beginning at the end of There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1].

Official Websites - Millennium Ark

Stan Deyo Show Podcasts

Stan Deyo Explains Everything


Stan Deyo Interview (Aug. 21, 2008)

How it Works

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"We do not feel it wise to release anti-gravity into the current global terrorism environment. Having said that, I will give you clues to pursue yourself... carefully...."

In essence you need to make what Michael Faraday (not Emmett Brown of back to the future) called a 'flux capacitor'. By definition a flux capacitor will store dynamic charges (q/t) which create the flux.

1) Gravity is a function of spin at an atomic level. Without spin in a fluid (like dark energy or dark matter or 'aether space') gravity does not exist (as far as we know).

2) One of the five EM vectors we tested on the surface of the Earth in both hemispheres showed that one component of 'gravity' varies significantly between the hemispheres.

3) Using coils of wire, soft iron or mu metal cores is an essential part of the device.

4) Using pulsed direct current is another part.

5) Separating pulse trains by phases is another.

6) Using a toroidal shape as I showed in both examples at the Roswell lecture is an integral part of the device.