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Directory:Anti-MIB Tools

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Some tools to consider using if you are experiencing or expect to experience some MIB interference.

See also Directory:Suppression


Image:Wikileaks globe-link FE Support 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] / Directory:Suppression > Directory:Anti-MIB Tools > Tool:Wikileaks as a Support for Breakthrough Free Energy Technologies - Inasmuch as many breakthrough free energy technologies have been suppressed, sometimes for more than a century, Wikileaks provides a tool for exposing those involved in such suppression. Bullies thrive only when they can intimidate without fear of retaliation or exposure. (PESWiki March 29, 2010)

Hidden Cameras

On April 18, 2009 11:37 PM Mountain, B.B. wrote:

Heartland America, a catalog sales company, just sent me their latest and on the front page is a Delstar Digital Pen Recorder... It's a smally video/audio recorder that looks exactly like a fountain pen (even writes) and costs just 90 bucks.

Resolution is not high, naturally, just web quality 352x288, but wouldn't it be neat if Mylow could catch these MIBs on video talking to him? Yes, I understand some of the possible risks, too. Just a thought, as I have never ever heard of government agents trying to threaten someone being caught on tape or video. You'll have to play with the idea and kick it around. You know the situation much better than I. Aipteck is another company that makes very small (palm size) camcorders that can be bought at Walgreens and other chain stores. Some of their models are high definition - excellent quality - and can be hidden easily on a shelf, etc. Prices range anywhere from $80 to $199.