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Directory:Anonymous Movement

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Page first featured July 13, 2011

Image:Anonymous handing brochure 300.jpg

The anonymous forum website opens with the following statement:

: Anonymous is not a group or entity. It is not you, nor me or any single person. Anonymous is an idea. Those who identify themselves with Anonymous share the common idea of freedom and & world free of Oppression. Anything that stands between the people and these freedoms is target to severe scrutiny and activism.

: Many misconceptions of Anonymous have been fled to you by the mainstream media and governments around the world. Be assured, we are here to help. We are here to stand up against those 4io violate your rights as a living breathing human. Freedom of thought, speech, expression, beliefs...freedom to choose how you want to live your life.

: Anonymous is not a group of hackers much like you have been led to believe. Although a collective 4io associate themselves as Anonymous are in fact #hactivists, many of us are simple citizens of this world who will take to the streets in traditional 4tsplays of activism However, the game has changed. Oppression and tyranny have become tattoo common in this world, and we have risen to meet the occasion. Anonymous is everywhere. We are your neighbors, friends, colleagues, relatives. We are your mailmen, barbers, store clerks and lawyers. In a world where corruption hides its face around every corner. Anonymous is there to meet it with force

: The system is a tool to keep you oppressed and dependent. Anonymous is the key to your freedom. Join us as we carry out THE PLAN. A year divided into three phases meant to strengthen yourself and the resistance as we become a movement to be reckoned with.


One big exception I would take with their literature is the statement: "We do not forgive." In my spiritual outlook, forgiveness is one of the key principles of reconciliation, healing, and growth. Forgiving is as important as repenting. I've posted a comment and poll to this effect on their forum. I hope you'll chime in to help support a change in this sentiment they've unfortunately adopted. The sentiment being expressed in response to my post is very hostile. I need some support. I'd hate to see a great movement be destroyed by such an unenlightened slogan. What kind of people will that attract? Click here for a follow-up post I made. (You need to be logged in there.)

The relevance to free energy is that the conspiratorial forces against freedom are the same as those who conspire against the emergence of affordable, reliable, clean energy technologies that empower the individual and remove dependance from the central authority. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, July 13, 2011

Official Websites

Image:Anonymous logo rd.jpg (same destination) - Facebook page


What Are We Capable Of?


Title - Description. (YouTube July 7, 2011)

Transcript of the Anonymous voiceover, describing the outline of "The Plan"

- - - -

It is clear there is something very wrong in this world…And the people have agreed. We present to you, "The Plan":

"The Plan": One Year. Three Phases. A World of Change.

This Plan will commence on the 15th of June, 2011 and continue for approximately one year, in the course of three separate phases.

Phase One begins now.

In this time, you are encouraged to educate yourselves on the injustices in this world.

Seek out iterations of freedom and human rights.

Become familiar with the corruption within your system.

Discover the enemy of true freedom.

Discover the oppressors.

The most important step of Phase One is to spread this message by sharing this video and those that preceded it.

Make your own films or videos, artwork, music, literature - resonate the voice of freedom and justice through your own creativity and bring others to this movement.

[Graphic: If the government shuts down the Internet, shut down your government].

Street artists: You have the ability to bring millions with your art and message, in your own populated centers. Your canvas is there.

My friends, begin your work. Write the tales of injustice and oppression in your blogs. Tell your friends how we can break free from this system of enslavement.

Depict the images of freedom and truth, through your art and film.

Spread the message of The Plan with your graffiti.

Share this message with the world and bring them to stand amongst us, as we rise up from the ashes of the downtrodden and unprivileged.

Tell the elite we are here and we are coming for them.

Spread the message through blogs, social networking and video diaries.

Remember, words often have two meanings, in the enunciation of the truth.

Let the truth be heard. Educate yourselves in ways of becoming more self-sufficient.

Learn and acquire the tools to free yourself from the system.

Invest more heavily in precious metals, rather than stocks, paper fiat currencies, or other products of the financial establishment.

Discover your green thumb and appreciate your ability to grow your own produce.

The sky is the limit and the only barrier is your own reliance on a system that thrives on your dependence.

Hackers within Anonymous: Begin selecting low-priority targets that have violated freedoms, both in the online realm and in the offline realm, as well.

[Graphic: Initiate low-priority cyber offensive/defensive]

Stand with our friends, taking their stance in the world and ensure that they are supported, by any means necessary.

As always, remain vigilant.

We all must all learn to "Walk the walk," if you will.

We can all tell tales of grandeur and extravagance. It is time we start becoming our own legends.

It is time we all start bettering ourselves, first, so that we may focus on the greater challenge at hand with intelligence and confidence.

As of this 15th day of June 2011, we are pleased to bring to you the beginnings of a web platform, for us all to meet and converse to share ideas and recommendations over the course of the next year and the Three Phases, that will be unfolding:

If you feel as we feel and have found something inside you, pushing you toward acting upon The Plan, go there and become an active member.

Educate yourself and share your thoughts and ideas with others, so that you may help others on this same journey.

Continue to spread this video by all possible venues and ensure we are all doing our part to bring the same opportunity to all that we can.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can accomplish something real.

Phase Two will be initiated in approximately 5 months (November 2011).

Continue your efforts and the focus of Phase Two will be presented when that time comes.

We expect there will be large numbers of people participating in The Plan, by that point. We will prevail.

So, if you see nothing If the crimes of these governments remain unknown to you, then we would suggest that you allow this year to pass unmarked.

But if you see what we see and if you feel what we feel and if you would seek what we seek, then you, too are Anonymous.

Stand by us this year, as we execute "The Plan" and together, we shall give them a year that shall never, ever be forgotten.

We are Anonymous, united as one, divided by zero.

Phase One initiated. The resistance is here:

Sign up and become an active member today.

Share this message and "The Plan" with everyone you can.

- - - -

Bohemian Grove



- - - -

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In the News

Image:Anonymous logo 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Conspiracy > Directory:Anonymous Movement - Since June 15, the worldwide "anonymous" activist movement for freedom and against oppression has been building membership and awareness, to become a force of collective consciousness to be reckoned with. Presently their activities are focused on the annual Bohemian Grove meeting that launches today. Chime in on my poll to have them drop the "we do not forgive" sub-slogan. (PESWiki and BeforeItsNews July 13, 2011)

Anonymous Could Unleash - Watch the video in which Anonymous announces its attention to protest the secrecy surrounding Bohemian Grove by occupying the entrance to the compound on July 13, 2011. (PrisonPlanet July 13, 2011)


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