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Directory of technologies, concepts, and resources relating to generating usable energy from animal activity.

New Methods

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Electric eel powers Christmas tree - Maybe someone living near the sea and a cheap way to keep the eels fed, could power a house using enough of these 800-Watt eels. But wiring it up might be tricky. (YouTube by FreeGlobalEnergy June 1, 2009)

Animals Are Back

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Horses help local farmers cut costs - "It's something about getting behind that team of horses that slows life down to the way it ought to be," said Jeff Johns, 48, who owns Lonesome Valley Farms in Unity and Mt. Pleasant townships. (Tribune-Review May 4, 2008)


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Latest: Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Directory:Animal-Powered > 1 HP Vietnamese Hybrid Runs on Hay - A couple of rural Vietnamese inventors have turned the world of physics on its head by achieving a COP (Cow-efficient of Performance) far in excess of what was possible even a century ago. (Free Energy News April 1, 2009)

Ant Power Transmission - The problem of long distance power transmission over large land masses can be easily solved by replacing the current wire-based continuous transmission model with an ant-based electrostatic packet system. (HalfBakery Feb. 11, 2008)


Pigeon Power - If we had warehouses full of tiers and tiers of rows and rows of caged pigeons, each pecking away at a food dispenser button, each generating a small amount of electricity (with each peck taking it closer to death) then we'd have plenty of electricity. (HalfBakery April 13, 2002)

Squirrel Power - This "Squirrel feeder" would have a hamster-wheel like apparatus connected to it. (HalfBakery Oct. 24, 2004)

Wheels of fortune - Hamster Power calculations. (New Scientist'' Jan.17, 2007)


Fleethorse - Win the patent and $100K to develop the Naturmobil.


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Wheel and Water - Rugged in construction and ingenious in design, the “HAPPY? is a high-tech model of an ancient, yet proven concept, the donkey cart.

Image:Working hamster 95x95.jpg

Hamster-Powered Night Light With Custom Low-RPM Alternator - Do-it-yourself hamster-powered power generator.

Research & Development

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Naturmobil: Cart runs on ‘horse power’ - Abdolhadi Mirhejazi plans on building the Naturmobil designed to put the cart before the horse. (XPRESS May 6, 2008)


Electric Eel Christmas Tree Lights - The electric eel discharges up to 800 watts of power and every time the creature moves it lights up the Christmas tree. (Reuters Dec 13, 2007)

Iditarod Dog Sled Race videos

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(5.24 Minutes) Elephant Power

In Myanmar, elephants are used to log the teak forests that were once their home. While investigating the consequences of harnessing elephant power for labor, Wild Chronicles discovers that these elephants — and some thoughtful forest management — are helping to save Myanmar's remaining wild lands. (YouTube Oct. 4, 2007)

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(1.12 Minutes) Mule Driven PTO Forecart in Vermont

Bob and his 4 mules provide the pulling power for this waste-oil fired, 28 hp, PTO & hydraulic forecart demonstrated at the 2007 Northeast Animal-Powered Field Days in Tunbridge Vermont. (YouTube Oct. 2, 2007)

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(.42 Minutes) Twenty Mule Team

Twenty Mule Team pulling 100 year old wagons in Boron CA. (YouTube Oct. 6, 2007)

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(3.19 Minutes) National Ploughing Championships

Horsing around with work horses. (YouTube Oct. 4, 2007)

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(2.12 Minutes) sleigh ride in lapland

Lapland Sleigh pulled by reindeer. (YouTube Dec. 3, 2006)


Draft Animal Power - Sustainable Farming, Forestry and Living.

Draught Animal Power - Animals save household (women and children) time and effort by carrying water and fuel wood. Animal power can also be used for water-lifting, milling, logging and land excavation and road construction. Many different types of animal are employed, particularly cattle (oxen, bulls and cows), buffaloes, horses, mules, donkeys and camels.

Animal-powered Logging sites

Animal-powered Transport

Animal-powered Vehicles

Working With Animals

Draft Animal Power - Tim Lovett's website on sustainable animal power.

Rural Heritage Magazine - Rural Heritage is a bimonthly journal mailed by subscription since 1976 to small-scale farmers and loggers who enthusiastically use draft horse, mule, and ox power.

Working Dogs


Image:Murphy Plowing 95x95.jpg

Tillers International - If you want to farm with draft animals or learn affordable farm skills to share with the world's poor, Tillers can create opportunities for you to learn historical draft animal practices and then integrate new, low-cost technologies.