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Renewable, sustainable, off-the-grid homes manufactured in the theme of the Earthship technology first suggested and proven working by Michael Reynolds. However, The Angelsnest/WorldsNest idea works with a large array of advanced energy technologies, including, but not limited to:

Free-Range Hydrogen Production via Electrolysis, using Solar panels / wind turbines to provide the energy for electrolysis, harvesting rainwater for the electrolysis and then storing the hydrogen in tanks.

Hydrogen + vegetable-oil running hummer-limousine

Water Vortex Purification , Recycling & Aeration method in the vein of Viktor Schauberger


Incredible array of networking with very highprofile people, starting from Dennis Weaver, of the famous Sunridge Earthship, moving onto Nakamatsu

From TvGuestPert description of Worlds Nest

- 3-4 bedroom homes for $150,000K - $250,000, including ALL self supporting and sustainable systems

- Alternative fuel vehicles

- Waste Management Systems

- Waste Water Recycling

- Plant to Plate Programs for communities

- Solar and Wind Power Systems

- Advanced Recycled Composite Material for Construction

- Low cost radiant cooling and heating

Founder, Robert Plarr is unparalleled in his passion and knowledge for Sustainable Solutions in energy and environmental communities. As the co-author, of The Secret of Sustainability: Stories and Solutions from People who Invent – Build –Live It, Robert has dedicated his life focused on achieving the epitome of change in the future of green – now!

Official Website (commercial site) - "Energy, water, and housing solutions for the 1st and 3rd world"

Other Websites - Angel's Nest Promotional Video

Latest Developments

May 2008

In May 2008, WorldsNest joined the YouTube community and posted two videos.

Worlds Nest/Angels Nest Promo Video

Worlds Nest/Angels Nest Sustainable Trailer

March 2008

In March 2008, WorldsNest joined the GAIA Community, posted videos and images

WorldsNest on GAIA

August 2007

In 5th August 2007, Robert Plarr was interviewd for X-Squared Radio


Robert Plarr is the developer of the Angel's Nest, and the author of Sustainable Freedom. This is the revolution in clean and renewable energy that has the potential to save planet Earth. Supported by dozens of the best science minds in the world.

July 2007

25th July 2007, Robert Plarr, Victoria Peters, Charles Shults, Joe Holden interviewed at ICanDoSomething.Com

Direct Download for mp3 of 1hour audio presentation

Our Debut Internet Radio Show recorded on the Day out of Time 2007 (July 25th) as broadcast live from Taos, New Mexico Guests include co-founders Robert Plarr and Victoria Peters - , resident scientists Sir Charles Shults - and Joe Holden Music by Blind Eye Turner and Blues Mafia

September 2006

21th September 2006, "Robert Plarr interviewed by The Jerry Pippin Show"

Jerry Pippin Show podcast

26th September 2006, "Robert Plarr of discussess alternative fuels"

Audio Podcast

August 2006

On 27th August, 2006, Robert Plarr was interviewed at Mother Jones Radio, on "Sustainable Homes".

On 23rd August, 2006, Robert Plarr was interviewed at KCBX. 2006 Archives of KCBX

The Search of a Clean Future: Chairman and cofounder of Worlds Nest, Robert Plarr, is working with advanced, state-of-the-art products and services in order to create a living laboratory for solar, wind, and hydrogen technologies to be used effectively.

Direct MP3 Link

June 2006

3th June 2006, Robert Plarr joined Coast to Coast AM on their topic Sustainable Technologies

In the last half of the program, Ian welcomed optics consultant Michael Fulton and renewable energy architect Robert Plarr, who discussed sustainable technologies.


November 2005

19th November 2005, Robert Plarr joined Coast to Coast AM on their topic Sustainable Energy

Author and UFO enthusiast, David Sereda and renewable energy architect, Robert Plarr, talked about sustainable technologies.

Sereda (....) encouraged listeners to invest in an a renewable energy infrastructure in order to lessen dependence on foreign oil, which he noted could add an additional $200+ billion back into the U.S. economy. According to both guests, steps are now being taken in California under Gov. Schwarzenegger to build hundreds of hydrogen fueling stations and get a significant percentage of drivers into hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Plarr provided details about Angel's Nest, his advanced environmental building project in Taos, New Mexico. The self-sustaining home uses solar panels and wind turbines for power, he explained, and includes a free range organic hydrogen fueling station for vehicles. Plarr also said they grow their own food at Angel's Nest in an integrated greenhouse, as well as harvest rain water and recycle waste (you can even drink the toilet water). Plarr plans to build tens of thousands of sustainable dwellings around the world based on the Angel's Nest prototype.



Worldsnest/Angelsnest have networked together with Dr. Nakamatsu, and utilize his Hydrogen Electrolyzer patent

Worldsnest/Angelsnest have networked together with Air to Water Company ( )

In the News


Robert Plarr: Cell: 310-487-8889

Robert Plarr is also available as a TVGuestpert,

Victoria Peters: Cell: 310.613.8004

Steven Park: 310-856-7755

John Purcell: 661-633-2287

Michael Fulton: 805-277-9464

Mike Frasco & Brandon Harris - Water Systems 310.600.3652, 413.977.3419

Russ - Nightly Sustainable Rentals 505-613-4169

Ed Colon - Natural Roads & Retaining Walls 619-334-2031


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