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Directory:Andrew Abolafia's Static Field Converter (SFC)

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October 5, 2013

Andrew Abolafia, a 65-year-old inventor from Granville, New York, USA, has a patented invention which he claims to be able to harvest energy from magnets, not from rotation but from regular magnets, some diamagnets, which are ceramic superconductors that repel regular magnets, and some liquid nitrogen (to maintain the low temperature) and superconductivity.

Tim Eaton brought this to my attention by email through this link: Inventor says he is extracting hidden power from magnets (WNYT September 17, 2013)

Here's an excerpt:

: GRANVILLE - Inside A Granville-area house, 62-year-old Andrew Abolafia has built a Static Field Converter.

: I wasn't sure whether I should impressed, because I really don't know what a Static Field Converter, hereafter called an SFC, is.

: "Our approach is that there is much more energy stored in a permanent magnet than it takes to magnetize it or demagnetize it and this invention extracts that energy from the permanent magnet," Abolafia said.

: To make it work, you'll need some regular magnets, some diamagnets, which are ceramic superconductors that repel regular magnets and some liquid nitrogen.

: Liquid nitrogen is fairly cheap and easy to get, provided you have a dewar to carry it in, since liquid nitrogen doesn't remain liquid unless it is stored at minus 300 degrees.

: Plus some other common material.

: We watched as Andy operated his SFC.

: His test equipment indicated he was producing about one amp at two volts, energy he tells us is coming from the magnets, not power from rotating the contraption or any of his test equipment.

: He says it is easily scalable to large size, so that the invention could be used in various ways.

: Andy has patented his invention and a few others....

Official Websites

list here


Google shows three awarded patents]

US 5710531 A

US 5710531 A Static field converter January 20, 1998

Abstract: A device for the conversion of a static magnetic field into electrical energy comprising a permanent or electromagnet for establishing a stationary (static) magnetic field, one or more coils responsive to the magnetic field, a switch to periodically place a load across said responsive coils, and a hemispherical diamagnetic insulating element to periodically shield the coils from the magnetic field to produce electrical energy in the coils. The responsive coil may be cylindrical and totally surround one pole (half) of a magnetic dipole. The insulating element is rotatable around the magnet and is to alternately shield and expose the coil to the field of the magnet. The switch periodically opens and closes the coil circuit corresponding of the rotation of the shield.

US 7983726 B2 / WO2009038939 A1

US 7983726 B2 - Superconducting generator July 19, 2011

WO2009038939 A1 Superconducting generator March 26, 2009

Abstract: A generator that comprises at least one ferromagnetic core including a gap, a magnet capable of producing a normal magnetic field within said gap and at least one coil positioned within the normal magnetic field on the core. At least one diamagnet that is positioned to pass through said gap on said core, wherein the diamagnet momentarily blocks the normal magnetic field causing a voltage to be induced within said coil.

In the News

Inventor says he is extracting hidden power from magnets (WNYT September 17, 2013)


Andrew I Abolafia

Baker Rd

Granville, NY

phone: +1 (518) 632-9193