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Directory:Andreas' Free Energy Generator

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by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

June 29, 2010

For nearly 20 years, Polish inventor living in Greece, Andrzej (or Andreas) Wojcik, has made a name for himself manufacture low speed permanent magnet generators, "even 20 rpm." He says he is "one of a few men in the world who can manufacture in order any of them so low speed."

Now he believes he has come up with a generator that consumes 150 Watts while running a 600 Watt load. He says it can be scaled up to MW or GW capacity.

He says, "We can change any permanent magnet generator to work like mine, just needs to connect my special construction to its shaft."

His "proof" video is not skeptic proof.

The video says they are open to considering offers for business cooperation: buying, manufacturing prototype, production.

So far, he's only built one prototype and has not yet self-looped the system to prove that it can power itself and provide excess power for practical use. For that he needs funding.

Its possible that he's merely made an error in his measurements but it's also possible that he is yet another person who has figured out how to arrange electromagnetic phenomenon in such a way as to harness free energy from the environment.

Official Websites


Free Energy


"Lively - irrefutable proof of previously described Andreas's technology, without a doubt". Spoken in Greek, subtitles in English. (YouTube / szczup1 April 22, 2010)

Comment : At the end you can see that he connects the ampere meter in parallel to the existing wire. Not what I learned in school... -- There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] July 9, 2010

Proposed Self-Loop System

Wojcik presents the following diagram at his website as a proposed method for feeding some of the output into the input to create a self-looping system to keep the system going while providing a 4 kW of energy for use.

Image:Andreas System diagram 600.gif

He hasn't achieved this yet, citing the need for funding as the obstacle.


On June 25, 2010, Wojcik provided the following answers to questions submitted by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan.

> How many prototypes have you built? - 1 prototype

> How many do you have running at present. - 1

> Regarding your best prototype, approximately . . .

> How long has it run

- continuously in one setting? - 1 hour

- all together (sum running time)? - 1 week

> How much energy did it produce? - 600 Watt

> How did you measure the output energy? - measuring instruments and lamps 600 Watt

> What is its size? (dimensions and weight) - about 0.5 square meter and about 25 kg

> Was there any input energy required? - yes

- How much? - about 150 Watt

- How did you measure it? - Amper meter

> Have you had it independently tested? - yes

> Who did the testing? - a few interested persons

> Is the information public domain? - no

> Patented? - no

At this moment I can prove input 150 Watt and output 600 Watt. That's not all. The same generator can produce about 1000 Watt energy, using about 200 Watt to produce it. So from this small generator I can have about 800 Watt free energy, manufacture whole system.

That's not all, using my technology I can build whole systems producing free energy for example 3KW to 10KW.

Of course to do this, and prove it, we need money.

In this situation my proving video must be enough to prove the truth.


none yet

Profile: Andrzej Wojcik - "My special construction generator. This is my own technology and my own construction. I have manufactured permanent magnet generators, low speed -- even 20 rpm -- for almost 20 years. The motor which works with my generator is a simple one, brushed, easy find in the market."

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Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Polish inventor living in Greece, Andrzej Wojcik, who has made a name for himself manufacture low speed permanent magnet generators, now claims to have come up with a generator that consumes 150 Watts while running a 600 Watt load. His "proof" video is not skeptic proof. (PESWiki June 29, 2010) (Comment)


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