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Directory:Andersen MFG Satellite Dish Applied to Solar

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are in process of establishing a business relationship with Andersen MFG.]]
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World Leader in Satellite Dishes Tunes to Solar

In the past twenty years, Andersen Manufacturing has manufactured and installed over a quarter of a million "True Focus" satellite dishes, ranging from small receivers for RVs to 20-foot dishes for deep space intelligence communications (SETI) research. They could also build a 40-foot dish which they would segment for shipment. They have refined the process of rapidly deploying high-accuracy, low-cost parabolic dishes of a wide array of sizes. "No one else even comes close", says Mike Andersen, VP of Business Development.

When they first started producing these dishes, they tried to enter the solar market, but at that time, solar was not as big as it is now, so that initiative fizzled. Hence, they have been focusing on the satellite dish application of their parabolic manufacturing processes. They know how to build and deploy dishes to hold up for decades in nearly any harsh environmental condition. They also have developed two-axis tracking capabilities. Another capability of relevance is their offset reflector with sub-reflector that enables a shadow-less parabolic surface with focal point being down below the dish where it is more accessible.

'Now they are coming back to solar and are looking for joint venture partners with receiver technologies that could be paired with their low-cost, high-accuracy, rapid-deploy dishes. With these advantages, Andersen MFG can make Solar even more competitive, both bringing the price down further as well as enabling more rapid roll-out of the technology.'

With their 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Idaho Falls, they can crank out twenty 20x23-foot dishes per day. Each of these reflectors should give over 76,000 BTU’s of power. With this kind of speed 'they could build a 36,000-reflector solar farm in two years', building a plant on site to make the dishes then package up the plant to go to the next installation project.

In short, Andersen MFG is poised to be able to be a major player in helping meet the various renewable energy objectives and goals being encouraged for the planet, both in making renewable energy affordable and in enabling its rapid deployment.

Official Websites

True Focus

Satellite Division

Large Offset Antennaes

Prime Focus Antennaes

Large Prime Focus Antennaes

Brochures, Specs and Documentation

Company Profile

Satellite-to-Solar Brochure

Microwave Satellite Industry to Solar Industry (pdf 281 kb) - 1-page brochure

Latest Developments

Oct. 2008

Andersen MFG turns to the solar industry to begin applying their parabolic dish technology in that industry.


Andersen MFG gets into satellite dish manufacturing.



(7:49 minutes)

Andersen Solar Cooker - A new truly GREEN product! Cook your food with the power of the sun. Never buy or use fuel to cook your food on this innovative stove - all you need is a sunny day! (YouTube March 08, 2009)

It is not as good as the Global Sun Oven. It's bigger, heavier, required tighter maintenance of keeping it aimed at the sun.

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Image:Andersen MFG satellite dish mountains 150.jpg

For a couple of decades, Andersen Manufacturing has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high quality satellite antennas. Andersen has been able to achieve this success through the engineering application of their unique and innovative tooling design and "Hydroforming" process. They have continued to develop and refine this process, which allows them to manufacture parabolic antennas that are unparalleled in accuracy.

Hydroforming is a "stretch stress tempered forming process" that work hardens the formed material while shaping it. This process provides a smooth parabolic surface.

Another advantage of the Hydroforming process is 'repeatability'. Andersen can make thousands of antennas, and the last one will be essentially identical to the first. When they make a tool for forming their antennas, it must go through a rigorous certification process. The prototype antennas are then verified with theodolites or photogrammetry to ensure their accuracy. These instruments check for ripples, flat spots, humps and other flaws that degrade an antenna's performance.

Mounting is an other area where Andersen excells, to maintain the integrity of the parabolic shape installed. If the mount distorts the final shape of the dish, then the dish will not perform correctly. Andersen designs each of their antennas and mounts with 3D CAD systems and solids modeling, verifying all aspects of the mount structure to minimize antenna.

After tooling refinements, their largest antennas achieve a surface accuracy of 0.025 RMS or better, while the smaller antennas have an accuracy of 0.015 RMS or better.

Image:Andersen dish on adjustable flatbed 350.jpg

Presently-available sizes range from 48 inches (1.2M) to 14 feet (4.2M) in 20 different models. They offer fixed AZ-EL, and Polar Tracking mounts.


Andersen MFG's customers have ranged from U.S. Military (all branches) to scientific, industrial, commercial, residential, and RV. The name of a few companies include: JPL/NASA, Vertex Tele Communications, Seavey Engineering, VIA Sat.

Image:Allen Telescope Array by Andersen MFG 400.jpg

Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) - 350 dish array in California financed by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Global Communications - Wisconsin


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Company: Andersen Manufacturing Inc.
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Andersen Manufacturing has been in the metal fabrication industry for over 30 years. They have years of experience when it comes to working with steel and aluminum. They are well known through out the satellite antenna industry for building the True Focus line of satellite antennas and mounts. Fabrication technology pioneered by Andersen Manufacturing makes the True Focus antennas one of the most accurate line of antennas in the industry.

Primary SIC: Radio & TV Broadcasting & Comm Equip, Primary NAICS: Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing

Description: Manufacturing: Manufactures satellite communications equipment fabricates pipes and fittings manufactures plastic fencing accessories

Sister Companies

Other sister companies: - Andersen manufactures various hitch products including the Ranch Hitch Adapter, the Rapid Hitch, the Alumistinger, the AlumiBall, and the HardBall, having been in the custom metal industry for over 30 years. - EPI is a Manufacturer and Distributor that sells Wholesale: Trailer Hitches, Truck Accessories and Camping products.


(3.47 Minutes) Andersen Manufacturing Hitch Products

An overview of the products made by Andersen Manufacturing, Inc. (YouTube August 29, 2008)


In the News

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Other Coverage

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The Andersen MFG Satellite Dish Applied to Solar was exhibited at the Congress:Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies Exhibited at the Chicago Hall of Fame, 2008


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Andersen Manufacturing Inc. Contact form "Business inquiries only, please"

Headquarters Location

3125 N Yellowstone Hwy.

Idaho Falls, ID, United States

phone: (208)523-6460, fax: (208)523-6562

email: []

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