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Directory:American Inventor with Simon Cowell

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Series hosted by Simon Cowell and the producers of American Idol premieres March 16, 2006. It featured a search for America's best new invention. "Viewers will see inventors all of all ages present their most prized inventions, featuring everything from the wacky to the heart warming."

:Note: DEFUNCT 2008.


Official Website - redirects to that above

Supporting Organization: American Society of Inventors

The following appears on their website as of March 14, 2006 (hunt already through?)

TV Invention Hunt --- Million Dollar Prize!!!

SIMON COWELL and FremantleMedia, the producers of AMERICAN IDOL, are looking for AMERICA’S NEXT GREAT INVENTION!!!!

American Inventor is a new network primetime reality show and the winning inventor will receive a million dollar prize.

If you have a sketch, a prototype or even just an idea for a RETAIL PRODUCT, come pitch it at our open calls in the following cities:

Los Angeles:.......November 14

San Francisco:....November 17

Denver:...............December 1

Chicago:.............December 4

New York:...........December 7

Washington DC:..December 11

Atlanta:...............December 14

Austin:................December 17

All ages are welcome!

Under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

How to Enter

For more information including applications, eligibility requirements and locations, go to:

Or Call 1-877-255-8009

In the News

Simon Cowell: From Idol to Inventor - The man behind American Idol talks about what it takes to succeed as an entepreneur and why his new show focuses on product creation. (Business Week Jan. 31)

Message to Energy Inventors

T Lee Buyea Fla News Service submitted the following March 14, 2006 12:04 AM

If you have a really Fantastic Invention ? Here is how to get publicity

Simon Cowel of American Idol, Is in the process of producing another TV

Program that will be a competition of Inventors and their Inventions !

This is real and Simon Cowel is just the Producer on this show and not

one of the judges, So you won't have to worry about him making fun of


If you have that Over Unity / Free Energy device "working" And need massive

publicity all at once so the government won't steal it then contact



It is about time

: It is about time that this kind of programming was made available to the 'average' American 'entrepreneur.' Maybe now we can 'see' some 'interesting' [hidden] talent in the field of actual [demonstrations of] 'overunity' physics." -- Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor (Mar. 14, 2006)

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