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Directory of Algae technologies and resources as it pertains to clean energy production.

Algae Technologies


Image:Algae NREL lab 95x95.jpg
Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuel > Directory:Algae > A New Bloom for Algae - A U.S. DOE roadmap marks a return to research on a source of fuel that was once thought too costly. "With a dedicated research and development program, we can bring the economics to a suitable place within a 10-year time frame". (MIT Technology Review July 2, 2010)
Image:Spirulina 95x95.jpg

Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuel > Directory:Algae > Commercial green fuel from algae still as much as a decade away - Breakthroughs are still needed in finding the right strain of algae among thousands of species that will produce high yields designing systems where the desired algae can multiply and other species don't invade and disrupt the process and extracting its oils without degrading other parts of the algae that can be made into side products and sold as well. (Reuters Oct. 8, 2009)


Image:Algae-Biodiesel 95x95.jpg
Store: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > Directory:Biodiesel from Algae Oil > Making Algae Biodiesel at Home - Downloadable 650-page book provides detailed instructions on how to sustainably produce clean oil from algae -- in your back yard -- enough to supply your transportation and home power needs. This is not a simple, afternoon venture, but a serious, long-term commitment.
Latest / Store: Directory:Emergency Preparedness / Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Algae > Directory:Biodiesel from Algae Oil > New book explains how to build Open Ponds for growing algae for biodiesel - David Sieg has completed yet another e-book in his excellent series on making your own biodiesel from algae and other biomass. This book focuses on the methods of cultivating algae in open ponds, both small-scale for home applications, or large-scale for commercial applications. (PESN Sept. 3, 2010)


Image:Solazyme algae 95x95.jpg
Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Algae > From Hype to Reality – Not All Algae Are Created Equally - Algae biofuels are often considered one of those technologies --- like hydrogen fuel cells --- that are always "ten years away." Well, one company, Solazyme, says it might have just cracked the code and could be supplying lots of algae jet fuel and diesel in the coming years. (Green Tech Media Apr. 1, 2010)
Image:Synthetic Genomics Exxon 95x95.jpg

Big Oil Turns to Algae - ExxonMobil is investing $300 million in Synthetic Genomics to develop algae biofuel. The push is to take advantage of algae's ability to efficiently transform sunlight into lipids that can be relatively easily converted into diesel, gasoline, and possibly even advanced hydrocarbons used to manufacture plastics, chemicals, and other products. (MIT Technology Review July 22, 2009)

Image:Circle Biodiesel Ethanol 95x95.jpg

Circle Biodiesel & Ethanol Corporation: Clean energy company specializing in renewable energy and manufacturing and consulting for algae biodiesel and algae biofuel processors for algae oil, biodiesel processors, jatropha oil, bioethanol, ethanol stills and methane digesters for the production of methane biogas.

Image:Greenflight logo 95x95.gif

Algae: The Biofuel Revolution - Green Flight International (GFI) has completed the world's first jet-aircraft flight powered by 100% biofuel. GFI president and CEO Douglas Rodante says that "algae-based biofuel would be able to replace petroleum without alterations to engines or infrastructure, and could be used for all sorts of transportation." (Sustainable World Nov. 30, 2008)


Image:Algaebiofuelsworldsummit95x95 byKevn.jpg
Latest: Current events > Directory:Algae / Directory:Biofuels >Event:Algae Biofuels World Summit 2009 - San Francisco, California on March 18-20, 2009. The Algae Biofuels World Summit will be a major event where the nascent algae biofuels community will come together to discuss how to build a new international industry. (PESWiki)
Image:Algae-biomass-summit vinod khosla 95x95.jpg

Algae on the Move: The 2008 Algae Biomass Summit Wrap-up - Taking a look back at the recently held 2008 Algae Biomass Summit that took place from October 23-24 in Seattle, it is hard to believe how far this young industry has come in just one year. (Renewable Energy World Nov. 7, 2008)

Image:NationalAlgaeAssoc logo 95x95.jpg

National Algae Association Business Plan and Networking Forum - Business plans will be reviewed by the executive committee for potential commercial production of Algae. Only 10 business plans will be picked to present to the National Algae Association next quarterly meeting on July 17, 2008 in Texas. (National Algae Association July 2, 2008)


See Directory:Biofuels

Image:Arizona Public Service 95x95.jpg

Arizona Project Uses Algae to Turn Coal Pollution Into Biofuel - Arizona Public Service has secured $70.5 million in stimulus funds to expand an innovative project that turns carbon dioxide emissions from a coal power plant into biofuel using algae. While part of the funds will be used to scale up the algae processing portion, some of the funds will also be used to investigate the potential benefits of turning the coal into a gas prior to burning it for power. (Gas 2.0 Sept. 17, 2009)


See Directory:Algae for Oil - separate page


Image:Algaus 95x95.jpg

Directory:Hybrid Vehicles > Directory:Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles -- PHEV > 150 MPG “Algaeus” Plug-In Prius To Cruise Coast-to-Coast On Algae Fuel - To drum up attention and support for their algae-based biofuel, Sapphire Energy will be conducting a coast-to-coast journey in their “Algaeus” plug-in hybrid. Part electric hybrid, part biofuel vehicle (algae gasoline), Sapphire claimes the Algaeus will get 150 mpg. (Gas 2.0 September 1, 2009)


See Directory:Using green algae to produce hydrogen from sunlight and water via photosynthesis - separate page

Biodiesel from Algae Oil

See Directory:Biodiesel from Algae Oil - separate page

Image:OriginOil Hydrogen-Harvester 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar Hydrogen / Directory:Algae > OriginOil Achieves Hydrogen Production Comparable To Photovoltaics - OriginOil intends the Hydrogen Harvester to be deployed as an additional system output in algae production settings, approaching an efficiency of 12 percent when exposed to the sun. An advantage is that algae stores up energy during the day and will continue to generate hydrogen throughout the night. (Biofuel Daily November 11, 2010)

Algae Batteries

Image:Algae Battery 95x95.jpg

Directory:Batteries > Algae used to create a quick-charge, lightweight battery - A research team from Uppsala University, Sweden, has recently managed to design a record-breaking "green" lightweight battery that is incredibly easy to produce and could even out the environmental consequences of algae blooms. The battery is produced by coating the algae with a thin layer of polypyrrole. (GizMag September 13, 2009)


Image:Algae-power Latro-Lamp 95x95.jpg
Directory:Lighting / Directory:Algae > Algae-Powered Latro Lamp Transforms CO2 Into Light - Based on a recent discovery by researchers at the universities of Yansei and Stanford who found that a tiny electrical current can be extracted from algae during photosynthesis, the Latro Lamp features a battery that stores energy generated by the algae throughout the day and a light sensor that controls the lamp’s intensity. (Inhabitat June 8, 2010)

Other Algae Technologies

Image:Spirulina 95x95.jpg

Effects of electromagnetic field on the batch cultivation and nutritional composition of Spirulina platensis in an air-lift photobioreactor. - Spirulina platensis was batch cultivated in a novel 3.5l magnetic air-lift photobioreactor with external-loop on which 0-0.55 T electromagnetic field (EMF) was imposed to investigate the EMF effects on the algal growth and nutrition composition. (Pub-Med Feb. 2007)


(.38 Minutes) CARS Algae vs CO2

A Carbon Dioxide capture process. (YouTube April 15, 2008)

Micro-Algae In CARS Will Clean Up Tar Sands, Suck CO2, Make Biofuel, Save World - Welcome CARS, the humorous abbreviation for a Carbon Algae Recycling System, being developed by the Alberta Research Council and nine other research corporations. (Treehugger May 5, 2008)

Cyanotech - develops and commercializes natural products from microalgae.

Research and Development

Image:Bioluminescent Jellyfish for solar 95x95.jpg
Directory:Solar > Directory:Dye Solar Cells / Directory:BioElectricity > Directory:Algae > Solar Cells Made From Bioluminescent Jellyfish Algaelectricity - Swedish researchers have devised a way to turn the green fluorescent protein (GFP) from bioluminescent jellyfish into solar cells. The GFP-powered cells work like dye-sensitized solar cells, but don't require expensive materials such as titanium dioxide. Also, a look at biophotovoltaic devices based on algae and photosynthetic bacteria. (New Scientist Sept. 7, 2010)
Image:Joule Biotechnologies algae fingers 95x95.jpg
Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Algae > Directory:Biodiesel from Algae Oil > Solar + Water + C02 = Diesel? - Joule Biotechnologies and its competitors are attempting to utilize proprietary microorganisms that turn photons, water, and C02 directly into drop-in fuels. Their systems have a "solar converter" which can be thought of as solar walls (but not cells) that absorb photons while managing optical density so their proprietary bugs get all the photons they need. (GreenTechMedia March 5, 2010)
Image:Algae-to-biofuel darpa 95x95.jpg
Directory:Alternative Fuels > Directory:Biofuel > Directory:Algae > Pentagon Developing Cost-Competitive Algae For Jet Fuel - DARPA has announced that they will soon be able to transform algae into biofuel at costs that are competitive with fossil fuels at a cost of $3 dollars a gallon for jet fuel and their plan is to then develop a large-scale refinery that can produce around 50 million gallons per year. (Inhabitat Feb. 17, 2010)
Image:Sandiego soda alae 95x95.jpg

Trying to Turn San Diego into the Green Houston - San Diego, already home to dozens of companies involved in solar or wind energy, would be a major player in the nation's multi-trillion-dollar energy economy if a group of local researchers succeed in turning algae into a commercially viable transportation fuel, something they think they can do within a decade. (Voice of SanDiego Jan. 1, 2009)

Image:Andreas Clarens Lisa Colosi Mark White 95x95.jpg

Algae: Biofuel of the Future? - University of Virginia researchers have a plan to greatly increase algae oil yields by feeding the algae extra carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas) and organic material like sewage, meaning the algae could simultaneously produce biofuel and clean up environmental problems. (NewsWise August 15, 2008)


Algal Biomass Association - The Algal Biomass Organization is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of the algal biomass industry.

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Algae Insurance - "Lester Kalmanson Agency, Inc. understands the needs and requirements involved in insuring algae, whether seeking coverage for the stock - mortality / perils ( ie wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, bacteria, etc ) and / or liability for the algae farm(s). Coverage is offered for facilities both large and small, from 1+ acre ponds. Our policies are tailored and manuscripted for your operation(s) and / or activities. All policies underwritten by Lloyds of London. Lester Kalmanson Agency, Inc. will consider any aquaculture farm &/or operation worldwide."


Image:Algae biodiesel 95x95.jpg

Videos:Algae as Fuel - A collection of videos and video links regarding the turning of algae into oil, hydrogen, ethanol and other useful fuels. (PESWiki April 19, 2008)


Vericon Aqua - equipment to grow algae

Cyanotech - develops and commercializes natural products from microalgae.


See Talk:Directory:Algae