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Directory:AKOIL Power Generators

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Image:AKOIL generator 250.jpg

Russian company claims to have a fuel-less generator, among other things. The technology consists of a self-running special "transformator"?.

: "This year we are going to produce power stations with the power from 50 kW to 10 MW. In 2007, we'll produce power stations from 1 kW to 100 GW." (

: "We don’t try to prove anything to anybody."

September 24, 2012 Update : The company claims to be running a villa in Europe on their technology, and that they will be selling the product commercially in 2013. They do not allow anyone to come in to see it unless they can show at least $1 million in a bank statement as evidence that they are a serious player, not just a curious onlooker, but ready to purchase or license if they like what they see. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Caution : Bragadocious nature of claims and previous experience with company/dealers urges caution. A charge of There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] has been leveled, with documentation.

Lacking Validation : No known validations of this technology have yet been produced. Several people who have had past dealings with the individuals involved in this company and their products in particular, say that the past claims have not checked out.

Jan. 4, 2010 update: I recently sent a message out to the New Energy Congress asking them for their take on Akoil. Every response received was one of strong caution, and many of them contained private warnings from experiences they had or knew about but did not want published. I would strongly urge anyone considering doing business with them to walk away. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Official Website - "Energy of Tesla"

Former Domains

News (in English) - includes a string of claims from neutrino generators to air generators

Dealer Website: Faraday Labs Ltd. - Faraday Labs, with Alexander Frolov. "Our firm Faraday Lab Ltd is dealer of AKOIL factory and we are preparing export contracts. Sales can be made for companies (not for private persons) only, power level is from 100KW or more. The technology is special transformator in self running mode."

Our company is official dealer of AKOIL, Russian production company

: "We are accepting applications and developing purchase contracts for NEW POWER STATIONS THAT FUNCTION WITHOUT CONSUMPTION of FUEL. Our company represents the AKOIL Energy Company regarding sales of independent power plants employing the energy of magnetic fields. In 2006, the manufacturer is accepting orders for generators with a capacity of 100 Kw or greater. Low power generators will be manufactured in 2007. Generators are manufactured by AKOIL Energy. The technology consists of a self-running special “transformator??. Outside energy will be necessary only for initial starting. The power plants are expected to have a life measured in decades. They are guaranteed for 3 years.

: "Safety requires the generators to be in a sealed enclosure. Customers are not authorized to break the seal. Sale of manufacturing licenses is not planned at present.10kW prototype demonstrations can be arranged. Potential Customers can discuss with the manufacturer demonstration of the capacity of these power plants."


List of 5 Products - received April 6, 2010. List includes 1. V1N device -- "whirling induction heater" 2. UM device -- "electric power multiplier" 3. PVEN device -- "converts water into energy" 4. Compinging PVEN and V1N 5. BES device -- "fuel free electric engine"

Letter from Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan to AKOIL on April 6, 2010:

Thanks for the update about Akoil.

The claims you make in your document are astonishing. However, the history of your company as far as we know it has not been upstanding. See our page at:

If you really do have viable products, at amazing prices, I would be more than happy to give you extensive coverage and attention to our audience that has long been anxious to see some kind of free energy technology come to market. I would also be interested in getting involved as a reseller of your technology here in the United States and elsewhere.

However, given what appears to be a shady past, it is going to take some serious validation on your part in order to overcome the skepticism that presently surrounds your company among friends of free energy.

In order to overcome that skepticism and the charges of fraud, for each of your devices, could you please provide the following:

- photos from different angles

- video of it running

- data of its performance

- list of witnesses with contact information

- third party validation if any

- number of units built

- photos of multiple units next to one another (from manufacturing)

If you can provide that, then we would want to send some people in to witness and measure working prototypes. Would you allow that?

- - - -

On April 6, 2010, Director General of SPC "AKOYL-Energia, Kochurov Alexander G. wrote:


Dear Sirs.

You are right, our company all his life did not recognize scientists around the world and they were wrong in their assessments. WE [ARE] ORGANIZERS, we are not the inventors, inventors, it is our employees, because inventors can not be specialists in the manufacture and sale of their products, and we take this function entirely on himself.

We have all the technology working and they are all working and tested by many scientists around the world, but they can not give an opinion, because it is created not by the laws of physics, there are problems.

All the technologies that we mailed to you and they are workable. The prices we have in fact very low and if the production and order will be a multimillion-dollar, and then prices will simply ridiculous, because all brilliant and everything is very simple and cheap to manufacture.

We do not need ads, we need a good and wealthy investors. Our technology does not come to a common market for all technology can buy until those people who have between 100 and 000 Euro and more. You can be the mediator, but you must submit a bank statement from the employer for at least 100 000 euros.

This is what it means to a dubious past us? The fact that we would not show their technology, who have no finance and you call it a dubious past??

Friends of free energy is the usual poor people and we do not need, we need people who can finance and build the production of several million dollars.

Without your finances, we will not even talk, much less to show their technology. We can imagine and photos and videos, but films are very large and we can not send them to you via e-form and we will send you a picture just yet.

We ORGANIZERS and now we are starting to manufacture in Europe (RUSSIA & CIS we do with them not working on our technology), only the products we sell Win in Russia and around the world (produces them is my son

Our technology has built many of the world and none of the purchased our technology does not have the right to show our products to any interested person, without our permission (except products WINES my son).

Your questions are naive and just ridiculous to read them.

I'll send you photos of all our technologies and technologies that we produce in conjunction with our partners. If you send us a bank statement from 1 million Euros and then we'll talk to you as a partner and show you all of our technologies, which are in Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria.


Image:AKOIL generator console 400.jpg

From compilation:

"For example, 10KW electromotor with this device will produce 10KW power output work but real income power will be about 3-4KW only."

"Outside energy will be necessary only for initial starting. The power plants are expected to have a life measured in decades. They are guaranteed for 3 years.

"Safety requires the generators to be in a sealed enclosure. Customers are not authorized to break the seal."

"Outside energy will be necessary only for initial starting."


According to

Estimated cost per 1kW. Estimated lead time to delivery in months

1KW - 9KW, 5000 Euros, 3-5 months

10KW - 49KW, 3000 Euros, 5-6 months

50KW - 99KW, 2000 Euros, 6-7 months

100KW - 999KW, 1000 Euros, 7-8 months

1MW - 9MW, 900 Euros, 8-9 months

10MW - 99MW, 800 Euros, 9-20 months

100MW - 999MW, 700 Euros, 20-30 months

Terms of Purchase

According to

100KW generator as minimum deal can be planned for 2006.

Production cost of 100KW generator is about 100,000Euros, but the contract price will be calculated with additional expenses (plus export taxes and delivery fee).

Production period 7 months minimum since it is on-demand production.

Voltage, phase and freq will be designed up to your needs.

Size for 100KW is about 1 cubic meter.

: "Please fax to 7-812-3803844 Letter of Intention on the blank of your firm with required power (100KW min) and your address, contact name. Then we'll organize contacts with AKOIL factory to plan your visit to test 10KW demo unit before signing the contract. Please be ready to communicate with AKOIL in Russian."

Licensing not planned

"Sale of manufacturing licenses is not planned at present."

"Potential Customers can discuss with the manufacturer demonstration of the capacity of these power plants."

"This equipment is designed and tested by AKOIL specialists for application in energy saving aspects. We are looking for partners to develop this product. The partners with own production facilities (electromotors of any application) are welcome! We can organize demonstration or joint testing of this product in our or in your laboratory.

Fraud Charge

Roddy Beaufort

The following was received from "Roddy Beaufort" on Oct. 20, 2006. Name changed (on file) to protect the witness.

NOVEL RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES FRAUD? ADDED VALUE? OR POTENTIAL SECURITY RISK? - Nine-page overview. 60+ pages of annexes not included.

Preface Statement

It is time this scam was exposed.

I have been to AKOIL’s plant in Ishevsk and have met with Kuchurov. The primary purpose of the visit was to demonstrate the Autonomous Electric Station AES the secondary purpose was to demonstrate the VHG/TG as a water heater and to discuss its water purification capabilities.

The AES comprised of what appeared to be a helicopter tail rotor turbine mounted on a bedplate and connected to a co mounted 50 kW 3phase generator. A manifold fitted with some stub pipes and fabricated from a propane gas cylinder was fitted to the ‘inlet’ side of the turbine. The stub pipes connected to another manifold fitted to the outlet of a lower pressure high volume compressor, which provided the air supply. At the end of the first demonstration I questioned why the turbine stator was aft of the rotor. Kuchurov claimed that this was a deliberate error to test me. He instructed his staff to change the arrangement for the second test. As the low-pressure compressor could not generate sufficient output, Kuchurov connected a 7 stage Roots blower compressor in parallel with the low pressure compressor claiming that this would significantly increase the power output from the generator. In fact, as expected, it made very little difference at all.

While the limited instrumentation fitted appeared to have ink GOST calibration stamps on the glass a doubling of the electrical load on the generator caused a 10% change in reading on the ammeter fitted to one of the phases. The reading on this ammeter differed markedly to the reading taken using a Tong testing device clamped to the same phase.

For the VHG/TG demonstration there was no instrumentation to facilitate validation of Kuchurov’s claims for the thermal and there was no way of checking that the VHG/TG system was independent of the municipal heating system.

This lack of a facility to undertake independent validation of the technical demonstrators has characterised most of the demonstrations I have had from a number of Russian VHG/TG producers/vendors. Only one company has provided a proper test rig and that same company has published a description of its technology and the fact that its apparent over unity performance is a achieved through a reduction in the power factor of the electric motor under steady state conditions such that thermal power/real power (but not total electric power) is 1.2 – 1.4. Only this company will contract to a performance specification as part of a contract of sale.

I accept that there may be valid and useful alternative energy sources but

so far AKOIL has not shown that they can create them.

-- Roddy Beaufort


Not Ready to Demo

On Sept. 26, 2006 Mary-Sue Haliburton, PES Editor, wrote:

In response to our query, Dr. Evgeny Sorokodum of Russia has provided an interim report as of 26 September 2005. He writes that he knows of no published research papers in Russian describing procedures or test data to back up the AKOIL project. With the co-operation of a colleague he is attempting to arrange an independent test of the AKOIL generator in operation. However, they have encountered stalling tactics from AKOIL. His associate has asked not to be named, at least not unless and until he has had the opportunity to study this technology in person.

Dr. Sorokodum has had an article published in the spring 2006 edition of World Affairs Journal, which gives general principles for construction of devices able to extract energy from the low-potential environmental fields.

Similar content to what appeared in that article can be found on his Vortex Oscillation Technology website:

1. Low-potential fields in the environment

2. The Oscillatory Heat Pump

3. Oscillatory Energy Source

4. Importance for Humanity to Find New Types of Energy Sources

Sorokodum's email of Sept. 26th says that principles explained in that article and online could be applied to make an estimation of this AKOIL generator. Further, he suggests that keeping these principles in mind would be useful when examining the many other devices being created in varous countries. Though for the sake of humanity and the environment it is highly desirable for such a technology to come into existence, he notes that there are false as well as real ones in abundance. It is necessary to work diligently to test them, and to get rid of errors and false claims.

At the time this was posted on September 26, 2006, there was a brief biographical note about Dr. Sorokodum online at the Modern Energy Research Library. On September 27th, this link was not working.

An article about his work has been published in Eureka Magazine.

His article concerning the history of wave-propulsion research is available at

Defaulted on Earlier Demo Attempt

On Sept. 14, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Mark Anthony Dansie, wrote:

I investigated this three years ago, nothing ever came of it. In fact they [Faraday Labs] were taking orders on ebay earlier this year. I offered to fly to St Petersburg many times to view a demo device but it never happened.

They [Faraday Labs] were saying this in 2002, I tried to make appointments [but to no avail].

Akoil Testatika Replication

Akoil Testatika Replication ( forum discussion on this topic)

Comment from AKOIL to a party on the Overunity website re the Swiss Testatika

"we produced the prototype of this electric power station but we

improved it and did its size smaller."

VHG did not work as claimed

On Sept. 16, 2006, Ivan Kruglak forwarded the following report from Sergei, noting that the information is about 1 year old.

I saw some so-called vortical thermal installations ala Potapov and Co.

Any of them does not provide excess heat, if measurements has been

done correctly. About molecular or "secret fuel less engine"

I believe it is possible to tell the same.

The last year I contacted the big military factory in Kovrov city

where it was planned to release VHG and Potapov's "molecular engines".

They have told to me that this devices does not work as was claimed

and they are not going to deceive consumers and by that to spoil the

factory reputation. Approximately one year ago I have kept the contents

of their site concerning this engine. You can compare a picture from

site of Akoil with pictures from the enclosed file, it's the same IMO.

Izhevsk city is located approx 1000 km from Moscow on the East.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that the idea of

reception of excess energy from the low-grade heat energy of an

environment is correct and physically consistent, the question as

always consists in a way of technical realization.

Similar to Griggs?

''On Sept. 17, 2006, James Dunn, CEO of the Center for Technology

Commercialization wrote:''

I believe that this technology was thoroughly investigated by Gene

Mallove about 4-5 yrs. ago, and found to be useful for heating, but

marginal as to being O/U, or other excess energy claims. (Gene bought

several Potopov units in Rusia and tested them in his NH lab.) Similar

to Griggs and other vortex type devices.

''On Sept. 18, 2006, New Energy Congress member, Congress:Member:Kenneth M. Rauen wrote:"

The Potopov and Griggs machines are very different

from the solid state electronics that is the highlight

of this issue I don't understand how they got

connected other than it appears that the same group

experimented with a mechanically driven fluid device a

while ago, called the VHG.

Griggs' Hydrosonic Pump was not completely validated.

Gene Mallove and Jed Rothwell did do a quick-and-dirty

measurement at Griggs' facility in Georgia, but when a

unit was purchased and brought to Gene's facility, Ed

Wall and I were not able to measure its performance

under better conditions. The unit Gene received was

improperly built, and the unit was never corrected

before Gene closed down his lab. Grigg's people sent

a 110 hp pump attached to a 75 hp motor! Needless to

say, it only ran for 3 minutes and shook the building

before the motor overloads tripped. Investigation of

the overload tripping identified the mismatch. 110 hp

was the power draw, not the power produced! The rate

of water temperature rise was scary, too! It was not

steady state conditions, so the accuracy is not

defendable and I won't quote the brief numbers Ed and

I obtained.


Image:AKOIL logo hj85.jpg

Quoting from compilation received on Sept. 15, 2006.

: "AKOIL LLC was registered in Izhevsk (Udmurt Republic) in 2001. The company was organized with the purpose of new energy-saving and nonpolluting technologies research and introduction for the obtaining of cheap thermal and electrical energy. Its founder and General Director is Kochurov Alexander. The first year was devoted to investigation works in this sphere. The markets of energy-saving technologies in Russia and western countries were investigated.

Image:Faraday labs generator 300.jpg

: "In 2002 the active searches of energy-saving technologies brought A. Kochurov to the vortex heat generator (VHG) of the first generation, generating cheap thermal energy and hot water. Heat generators have the coefficient of energy conversion (electrical – mechanical – thermal), which is much more than 100%. After the introduction of VHG into the market of energy-saving technologies we understood that this market is so huge, and that it demands more perfect technologies.

: "In 2005 we established the concern "AKOIL-Energy", which combines all organizations of "AKOIL", which are occupied with new technologies jointly with our partners from all over the world. We made the powerful structure, combining Russian scientists and inventors, who creates real practical developments, which don't have analogs in the world. We help to finance their developments and after this we apply these technologies in our manufacture.

: "The parameters of plants made according to new technologies exceed several times the parameters of the plants made on the basis of traditional technologies. But these plants are produced either individually or as small batches. Official barrier doesn't give them possibility to enter the market.

: "During the last year the situation on the market of energy-saving technologies has been radically changed.

: "LLC "AKOIL-Energy" has started active work on the development of design documentation for the whole family of vortex heat generators of new generation of different power, for the newest types of electric power stations, operating according to the new laws of physics and chemistry, without consumption of any type of fuel, and also for the production of other equipment, which doesn't have analogs any where else in the world.

: "The production of equipment and sale systems are simultaneously organized in many cities of the Russian Federation and foreign countries and are constantly expanded. “AKOIL?? company success was noted by the gold medal at the V international exhibition “The city of XXI century?? in Izhevsk in May 25-28, 2004. At the present time the demand for VHG and electric power stations is estimated as 100 000 units per month, and our manufacture aims at the output of such quantity of equipment. The range of needs is extensive – from small owner-occupied dwellings to multi-storey houses and industrial enterprises workshops. We will try to give cheap electric energy and heat to every inhabitant of the world."

In the News

Image:121030 Sterling-on-CMN Regina full sq 95x95.jpg
Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies > Sterling Allan on GaiamTV with Regina Meredith - Tonight, October 30, at 7 pm Eastern, GaiamTV > Open Minds (watch) will air the first of two interviews Sterling did with Regina, from Conscious Media Network talking about the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies and the societal ramifications of these things coming forward as well as the spiritual transformation required to merit their full emergence. ( October 30, 2012)

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Russian Generator - compilation (archived at Sept. 16, 2006)

Archive copy of Faraday Labs listing at eBay - "Free Energy Power Generator 100 kW", Approximately US $265,530.76. (archived at July 3, 2006)


Company requests that requests be in Russian, for expedited response.


Zipcode: 426008, Russia, Udmurtia, Izhevsk city, Azina str., 2.

Office telephone/fax: (+7 3412) 910-830

telephone: (+7 3412) 910-254

email: [], []


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