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Scientists Turn Fresh Air into Petrol

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

October 24, 2012

I'm creating this page as I fly through the air via London, back from visiting the technology I list as #1 in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing. And no, it isn't the Air Fuel Synthesis company.

I've been receiving a bunch of emails and news link submissions from people telling me about the British company that has produced a "petrol from air" technology that is poised to solve the energy crisis while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

"Yawn", has been my conditioned response to anything that the mainstream press is paying attention to. It might as well be human methane harvesting, as far as I'm concerned, when I think about questions like "Will that work?" (yes), "Would it clean up the air?" (yes), "Does it defy known laws of physics?" (no), but most importantly: "Can it be done cost-effectively?" (definitely not any time soon).

As a rule of thumb, if the mainstream gives it a thumbs up, it is well within the comfort zone of the corrupt Powers That Be, who control the presstitute media.

My guess was that it would just be another minorly incremental solution offered by mainstream thinking and after reading one of the reports, I see that my first impressions were correct. My primary reason for taking time out of covering the truly radical and transformative technologies is so that you all will stop emailing me links to this silly stuff.

I don't get too excited about something unless the mainstream media and science don't like it.

There are two reasons for this. One is that one of our guiding purposes is to help fledgling exotic free energy technologies get to market. If the mainstream is paying attention to something, then usually mainstream will also fork out the resources to bring it the distance. The second is that typically the most breakthrough technologies that will make the biggest difference in providing affordable, distributed power, are not going to be liked by the powers that be, who seem to have a policy to squash any such thing, primarily through ignoring it or ridiculing it, or worse.

This technology is a good example of the "one step ahead" class of technologies in the quotation at the bottom of our web pages: "He who is one step ahead is a genius. He who is two steps ahead is a crackpot." It's the stuff way out beyond the "one step ahead" kinds of developments that we like to cover.

Yes, this "Air Fuel Synthesis" company technology does fit the classification of "Free Energy" as we define it, inasmuch as nature gives it to us freely but it is not at all "exotic." So please, people, keep that in mind in the future when sending me links. But then again, this story does certainly fit into the tangent of "exotic", so I change my mind yes, I like getting notifications about stuff like this.

No doubt, the name and concept "Air Fuel" strikes the "magic" button in the head, but I knew the second I heard it, and that it was covered in the mainstream press, that it would just be a matter of chemistry, and probably not very practical.

If Mark Dansie is automatically going to give the science a thumbs up, I'm not interested. I have to work for that pie I get to throw in his face when we validate that it really works. This "Air Fuel Synthesis" tech is interesting, but not pie worthy for either of us. We have to start on opposite ends of the spectrum for it to be really interesting. Right?

On the encouraging side, from the vantage point of promoting the more exotic modalities, this gives us another example of a "real" free energy technology that might at first blush sound like a fanciful notion, but upon closer inspection scientists can relate to, no problem and that it's just that some of the "exotic" modalities we cover take them longer to wrap their heads around, but are no less real or solid than any other.

We ought to post a sign at the top of our websites: "Laws of Physics Breakers Welcome."

The technology I just visited is squared away to place a very large pie in Mark's face. It will make scientists crap their pants, at first for not believing it, and then for not thinking of it first, centuries ago, it is so flippin' simple.

Also on the positive side, I would highly recommend the website as masterfully done, in content, organization, social media, and visual presentation. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a more well-laid-out website of a free energy technology. Webmasters, inventors, and businesses, bookmark that site as a model to pattern. Kudos to WinMarketing who designed it.

The following report is from the

: Air Fuel Synthesis in Stockton-on-Tees has produced five litres of petrol since August when it switched on a small refinery that manufactures gasoline from carbon dioxide and water vapour.

: The company hopes that within two years, it will build a larger, commercial-scale plant capable of producing a ton of petrol a day. It also plans to produce green aviation fuel to make airline travel more carbon-neutral.

: Tim Fox, head of energy and the environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London, said: "It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. They are doing it and I've been up there myself and seen it. The innovation is that they have made it happen as a process. It's a small pilot plant capturing air and extracting CO2 from it based on well known principles. It uses well-known and well-established components but what is exciting is that they have put the whole thing together and shown that it can work."

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Official Websites

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How It Works

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Gas Made from Air and Water!


Researchers refine cleaner gasoline from air and water (YouTube / SourceFed Oct 22, 2012)

In the News

: "After the positive coverage following the recent IMechE CO2 air capture conference and the features on the front page of the Independent we have been inundated here at AFS with requests for media interviews and comments from social media forums. We have seen coverage across the world from leading national media including specialist scientific and engineering journals." (AFSFuels website October