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[April Fools] Airship Company To Enter LSA Market - "The five-gallon fuel capacity proved the limiting factor," said our source. "That turned out to be just enough fuel to make two or three full turns, and required spending the rest of a flight just drifting with the wind. (April 1, 2009)

Aeroscraft ML866 Milestone - A spectacular new type of aircraft is one step closer to take-off with the announcement that the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has accepted the type certification application for the Aeroscraft model Aeros ML866. (Gizmag April 8, 2008)

Aeroscraft ML866: the ultimate corporate aircraft - Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft will be launched at the NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in September, 2007 in Atlanta. It offers 120 knots top speed, 5,000 square feet of interior compartment, helicopter like vertical takeoff and landing capability and independence from congested airports . (GizMag Aug. 7, 2007)

Image:MobyAir popsci 95x95.jpg

Would you Fly on this? - The Aeroscraft dwarfs the largest commercial airliners, takes off and lands straight up and down. It is not a Blimp, but requires propulsion to augment its helium lift. It's a sort of flying Queen Mary II. (Popular Science Oct. 22, 2006)

Image:Aeroscraft 95x95.jpg
Directory:Fuel Efficiency > Aeroscraft — Rebirth of The Blimp - Californian-based Aeros has a developed a modern blimp with a quiet, electric prop-motor combination, requiring only half of the fuel of a jet with similar carrying capacity. Passenger and freight models planned. Runway infrastructure not required. (TreeHugger)


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