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Directory:Aero-Nitro Power Injector

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Image:AeroNitroPowerInjector300x300 byKevn.jpg

Philippian inventor, Victor G. Ayco, is selling an “aero-nitro power injector” which he says enhances engine performance, reduces emissions, provides stronger engine power, and saves on fuel.

The device is encased in a stainless steel cylinder five inches long and two inches in diameter, designed to be attached to the intake manifold of any diesel or gas engine.

Also known as "Aerogas Power injector", the device uses a chemical catalyst, which Ayco declines to identify, calling it a trade secret, the gadget allegedly converts unwanted carbons and other volatile elements present in the atmosphere into combustible gaseous form. Activated chemically during fuel and air intake, the catalyst in invention, which is not spent, allegedly harnesses the air’s potential elements and increases the burning efficiency of fuel in the combustion chamber.

Ayco says his gadget is not bulky and is easy to install without having to alter the engine as it can just be attached to the engine air intake manifold, making it suitable to most types of stationary and mobile combustion engines. The gadget can also last six to eight years and can be recharged for additional use.

Where it gets more edgy is that Ayco says that two important substances used in his gas-saving gadget are carbon and hydrogen derived from limestone. Rephrasing Einstein’s relativity theory, Ayco say: “from matter we can produce energy.”

Ayco’s invention is said to be making brisk sales in urban communities seeking to reduce air pollution.

Official Website - Sales page at


The unit is priced at P9,000 (Philippine Pesos or ~$220 Canadian) and includes a 10-year warranty as well as a money back satisfaction guarantee. Shipping is another $30 Canadian or so, minimum.




Burns excess fuel and converts it into engine maximum power.

No detonation most destruction in internal combustion engine.

No carbon monoxide to prolong engine overheating

No detonation or carbon in combustion to prolong engine change oil up to 2 year

Cuts down maintenance cost by 50%.

Minimizes the frequency of tune-ups.


Image:Aerogas power injector 170.jpg
Fuel Efficiency

Applicable to gas and diesel fed and stationary engine.

Independent Testing

It is alleged that tests done by government agencies, including the departments of energy, science and technology and environment and natural resources, show that Ayco’s invention can increase engine power by 35 to 60 percent, mileage by two to four kilometers to a liter, and engine life span by six to 10 years.

The tests also show that the gadget can cut down maintenance costs by up to 50 percent, can prolong life span of spark plugs and glow plugs, can decrease frequency of tune-ups and oil changes, and can reduce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions by 99.5 percent.


Philippine Patent #5966

Patented on Dec. 11, 1985, the device has been marketed only recently through Energy Philippines Inc., a private firm, which Ayco co-owns with other partners.

Abstract: - The construction of a fuel economizer to be connected to an internal combustion engine comprising an outer cylindrical chamber consisting of an outer cylinder provided with a top cap and a bottom cap welded and connected thereto, said bottom cap being provided with a plurality of perforations and a tube having one end extended inwardly and connected to the top cap and the other end being provided with a regulatory valve and a hose leading to the intake manifold of the carburetor towards the internal combustion chamber of the engine an inner cylindrical chamber disposed within said outer cylindrical chamber consisting of an inner cylinder having at least one hole disposed substantially on the middle portion thereof and is also being provided with an upper cap and lower cap welded and connected thereto, said upper cap is fixedly connected to the inwardly extended end of said tube, and a gauge being saturated with chemical mixture such as lime and a weak acidic liquid solution placed inside said inner cylindrical chamber and which has to be dried first before final completion.


Company: Energy Philippines Inc.

Manila, Philippines

Inventor: Victor G. Ayco
Image:Aerogas Power Injector 200.jpg

In the News

Einstein provides vital clue for inventor - (Business Inquirer Sept. 14, 2008)

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Other Coverage

$25 Aerogas Power Injector claims fuel and efficiency increase - The gadget also increases engine power by a maximum of 25 horsepower and increases torque by a maximum of 1,000 RPM (revolutions per minute). (KeeleyNet Sept 21, 2008)


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Victor G. Ayco


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