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An inventor named Drew and his significant other, "Natalie"/Sentenio present some magnet motor prototypes, but none of them are shown running without human input.

Major new age woo woo dreamer stuff, but nothing significant to show yet?


Part 1 -- The Engine Design

Doesn't show it running without holding the stator by hand, which can inadvertently introduce human power.


"Magnetic Power!" Part 1 (The Engine Design) - ...This is a quick throw together Video. (just for your viewing pleasure) A little editing but not a lot, its not meant to be professional, but just to show you we are on the right track with creating Magnetic Motion Devices. This is the Engine we are creating now. We should be done with this stage within a week. Simply putting the final touches. ...this is only the beginning... The design is really simple once you understand the true nature of Zero Point and what drives force. Our learning model is DNA and life force. (YouTube Feb. 16, 2009)

Quoting from

"These Videos and all the ones to come represent part of work. The Quest for Sustainable solutions. My beloved and I gave our self to the service of the highest good. We held space for our friend while he worked on creation a Magnetic engine and a generator. We beleive upon departing he had had succeeded… More will be uploaded for your proof and the postively undeniables.. Please stay tuned, seed and tell others."

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Part 2 -- Stator Added

Doesn't show it running.


"Magnetic Power!" Part2 - (YouTube February 18, 2009)

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Part 3 -- Pyramid Arangement Bio

Doesn't accelerate, but has to be pushed by hand.


"Magnetic Power!" Part3 - "Now we have discovered the way the magnets will power the engine and we are moving to the next phase which a generator.. Why not create a Magnetic Engine that Also is a generator. So what you see here is a Pyramid with a spinner in the center. In the next few days it will get wrapped with Magnetic Wire Coil. We will display this As it comes. Continuing the Quest for Free Energy. Which is teaching us Some much about so many things. (YouTube March 02, 2009)

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Part 4 -- Generator Construction

Does not show it running.


"Magnetic Power!" Part 4 (GENE- Generating Engine 1) - (YouTube March 08, 2009)


Official Websites - site listed in the video

MMD 09 Successes (Magnetic Motion Device ~Free Energy)'''



Profile: Drew & Natalie

On May 29, 2009 6:36 AM Mountain time, Sentenio wrote:

We have seen that the device will work and we know that the Tesla and Hamel info now available to us will create the next phase. But this is only one aspect of what I do. I build intentional communities and eco homes off the grid. I am looking for someone who can complete the project and present a working model. Thank you for placing this page up. Its an honor to see this work. What we are working on now should prove to be the final truth. I will keep you updated. I am a supporter, adviser and otherwise sustainable site planner.

I will be loading the new video in the next week.

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Quoting from Feb. 16, 2009

My Mission: is to positively change the world by providing a path (system) and tools to those that commit to Sustainable Living.

This is the Future and what we will leave for all generations. It is for the highest good. As an uncomfortable as it may seem. Go for it! If you have a magnetic engine and you need support drop us a line. If your working for solution and falling short or beyond then please please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We have been there and know where to get you the help you need NOW. Blessings to you and your highest good.

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Quoting from

AEON.PI.PHLO is a larger acronym that Means: All Expanding Oneness Now - Purest Intent - Peace Harmony and Unconditioned Love.

I am a personal soul healer, Life Coach and Ecological Consultant. Teaching one to become best friends with their being by tapping into the Living Library and learning to trust freely. Freedom, due to Free Will, is your spiritual nature.

Sovereignty is the ability to exercise that Freedom. We can teach you this and more.

I look forward to being of service to you. No longer can we live in the excuse of "things will never change." I know too many people that are changing... When will you step up.? The Master Key is Individuality. Applying with diligence and Follow through., When your an individual you can no longer be divided. Especially amongst yourself. Learn What it means to be the Miracle you have been Expecting. Make your choice for your future today. - site listed in YouTube account


Aeon & Natalie

Smueville, Oklahoma, USA - YouTube contact link.