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Directory:AE Wind Turbine Plans

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This page is established to provide a place for feedback and input regarding AE Wind Turbine Plans. Plans may be purchased from their site for $30.00. Purchase enables full access to their site for updates.

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DanB from

Context: Dan presents instructions on his site of how to build wind turbines from scratch (see OS:Wind:ForceField).

Sept. 7, 2004

"Interesting page... I've never seen that one before! They look interesting, but they do look rather complicated. One of the machines also features a friction drive to the alternator, which is not a very good idea in my opinion. While the page is interesting, and I suspect the plans may be quite good and detailed... I wonder if one has ever been built, there are no pictures of finished machines.

"I've not created 'plans' yet - I've documented my own projects, and I think for a clever person there is more than enough information on my pages to duplicate one. Actually - I know that to be true, because lots of folks have! Part of the goal of my plans is to keep things as simple as possible without compromising performance too much. When something fails - or I get a "new" idea - I post that on our site. At this time - over the last 2 years I've built - or helped other folks build about 13 machines (#12 and #13 are still on my workbench :-) )

"From helping other build I get a pretty good idea about the things folks have problems doing, or understanding...

"From raising these machines in our community - I get a decent idea about how they work, what needs changed etc. So far, there have been no serious failures... (knock on wood!). Its hard to say how good a design is - I think it takes years for a wind turbine to really prove itself.

"They may survive 1 year... or a 100 mile per hour wind - but what really takes its toll is time I think. I'll feel very good if I see these machines lasting 5 - 10 or more years.

"In my opinion, the very best plans out there right now are Hugh Piggotts Axial Flux Wind Turbine Plans - my own designs are inspired very much by his ideas there. My goal was to perhaps simplify his ideas a bit more - and to build a somewhat larger machine, but the basic design is the same."

- OS:Wind:ForceField

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