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'Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance in Sentra '96'


April 15, 2005

Added 3oz to my tank yesterday, let it sit overnight. Today I drove ~40 miles definate increase in performance. Minimal pressure on the accelerator pedal to maintain 70 mph. I´m thinking the torque has improved though just a gut feeling. My 96 Sentra with 164,000 miles averages 37-40 mpg. When I returned from my trip the fuel gauge had not moved. Just starting this journey will keep everyone posted.~

Last evening filled the tank and took 10.09 gals. Odometer reading 436.9 results 43.3 mpg. Driving included one trip of 200+ miles the balance city miles. AC was used for about half of the miles travelled. Roads for the most part were level here in Florida some "hills" in Ga.

This having used 87 octane, before I had to use 89 octane to get any reasonable performance from the car. The performance aspect is what impresses me the most.

Prior to Acetone, I advanced the timing by what amount don´t know, just trying to get some performance increase. This is the reason for the 89 octane fuel. I do things the old fashioned way, namely tune by ear and drive a while. That´s the way you did it in the 60´s or at least the way I was taught.

I have 2 hdd mags on the fuel line just past the fuel filter and 2 on the air plenum. Did this help? Maybe don´t really know didn´t take before and after readings.

As it stands now, the engine is super smooth doesn´t seem to struggle as much as before. Torque or pulling power has increased as added weight in the car makes no difference. Before all this I was constantly changing gears in city, from 3rd to 4th just to maintain 40 mph. Now the car can recover from 35 mph in 5th gear. I have actually lugged it to 25 mph in 5th but there´s quite a lot of rattle. All you old hands will know what I´m talking about. Remember the old 235ci 6 banger chevys? The things would pull down a tree they had so much torque.

In summary, performance increase actually pleasant little car to drive. Mileage increase always a plus. Acetone works for me.

March 5, 2006 Update

Have continued to use Acetone for almost one year. The Sentra now has 187,000 miles on the odometer.

Initially added 3oz per 10gal to every tank full, now add to 3rd or 4th tank @ 2oz per 10gal. Engine performance is still good and consistently get 37-40 mpg without AC. With AC 34-36 mpg. Still amazed at the increase in mileage per tank, before Acetone would never get more than 28 mpg.

My gut impression is the valves and piston tops have been cleaned of carbon buildup allowing more efficient combustion. Also, the catalytic converter is now cleaned of buildup from years of inefficient engine operation. The exhaust smells “clean? even without Acetone added.

Another performance issue is the oil retains lubricity. The oil is changed twice yearly and is not as black with metal from internal wear. The cam and tappet area are very clean compared to before.

I have encouraged many to try Acetone and met with some skepticism. Finally some are seeing the results of using Acetone and have started using it in their vehicles.

Acetone works for me!

May 16, 2008 Update

I finally had to retire the Nissan Sentra after 213,000+ miles. The transmission just couldn't take any more. However, the engine was still strong thanks to Acetone averaging 34 to 40 mpg. Simply amazing is all I can say.

My 2007 Sonata replaced the Sentra last July. Initally ran two tanks of fuel without Acetone to get a base mpg at 28. Have added 2oz per 15 gals since, last mileage check was this past week at 34.5 mpg.

A lot of the naysayers are now starting to ask questions about Acetone with gas fast approaching $4.00/gal. I just direct them to your website.

Simply amazing is all I can say!

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