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Directory:Acetone:Ray's Ford Escort

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1994 Ford Escort wagon on acetone

'Ray's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'

1994 Ford Escort wagon...1.9 L, 160,00 miles on engine.


Sept. 11, 2005

I have added a mechanical filter to the PCV line, which catches a lot of "goo" before it gets to the throttle body. That has only been in place since fall of 2004.

Ratio...about 2.5 - 3.0 oz per 45 litres (made my own excel chart based on the best part of the curve)

Full tank w/o acetone approximates 180 miles (US car in Canada)

Full tank with acetone approximates 250 miles.

Tried the test with and without, three times,....same approximate results. Still sceptical!!!

Tried a regularity run down the 401 (Ontario), without,... filled up and added the acetone, came back the same miles at same average rate (110 kph) ...mileage verified about an 80 mile gain per tank full.

Took it in for the emissions test (August 26) passed hands down. I did NOT change oil, oil filter, spark plugs or put in any additives.

I did change the airfilter, but it was only two months old anyway. I did not run the car to heat up the cat converter, just drove it into the shop. The shop took it in very quickly so there was little time for the cat to cool.

Exhaust pipe is totally clean, spark plugs are slightly coated with a greyish coating. A noticeable improvement in acceleration, tho at 88 factory hp, it still doesn't push you back in the seat. Acceleration seems to come on quicker, with pressing the peddle.

Starting is almost instantaneous, even when the car has been sitting for a month unused.

Get peculiar looks from others at the gas station when I pull over from the pump and add the acetone. BTW, I stick with Sunoco low test, (they use Canadian oil to extract I've heard)

Totally happy with the results, many thanx to the originator of the article...will try it next on the six cylinder Beemer



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